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Re: How fast have you gone?


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200Kph and I'm gonna tell you a story that really happened to me.


It was anight time probably already midnight, not much traffic. I wasnt driving but my friend was, and I was at the front seat and 2 other people were at the back.  Our car was a brand new Mazda 3, owned by my frend. And we were speeding along the highway. Well there are speed regulations, but most of the police dont care about it that much. And as we sped along the road at breack-neck speed, and as we changed lane to his left, he lost control of the car. Then the car veered too much to the left, so he countered more to the right which would be a terrible mistake. When he turned the wheel to the right, the car started to tip over. And as it tipped over, the car rolled for three times and the windows were shattering everywere. Inside we were thrown from all sides, but good thing I had my seat-belt strapped to me, so the only thing that I was hitting violently was the roof. Luckly the car ended up still upright on four wheels. My injuries were a cut on the head (I was bleeding from my head when I came out of the car) and a brocken wrist. My driver frind had a broken shoulder and also a bleeding head and had some chest pains. The others on the back were really not that bad, only dazed.


Then other cars saw the wreckage and stopped to check us out, if we were alright. Well most of them had cellphones, and started calling for an ambulance. After a few more munites we were heading to the hospital. After a brief check up and some bandages, we were allowed to go home.


For my friend driver, even though he was not put in jail or on probation, He lost his car. And I tell you, the car was a total wreck if you only saw it. So thats one of my death defyng stunts that happened to me while over speeding. And so, what did we learn from my experience?

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130kph.. in a pick-up truck! well, its a new 2006 Toyota hilux, with the common-rail diesel engine so it was very much capable of doing so. It was on the expressway, albeit during the wee-hours of the morning.



I'm absolutely crying for the Mazda 3. Its a freaggin brand-new Mazda 3! Jeebus!


Good thing you guys were alright.

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Hmm, could that Proton Wira, albeit installed with the mighty GTO's TTV6, be able to get up to 320kph? If my math is correct thats 200mph, even Corvette Z06s, Lamborghini Murcielagos and the like couldn't get to 200mph that easily, if I'm correct.


Don't misunderstand me as a pessimist, I'm a Mitsubishi GTO fanboy myself, hehe...

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