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Re: D Elsman


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Well hey all. Not sure your position on Cannon characters or if Dearka has already been taken, so I signed up with his last name just to be safe.


Anyways I'm from Seed RPG and I normally play as Dearka so I've got a decent handle on his character. If not I can make up my own, I guess I can do that pretty well hopefully.


But to the point, hey everyone and its a pleasure to be here, and it will be even better to get to know all of you!

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Welcome back, Dearka! Glad to see you made the transition. Right now, the stand is that no characters must be related to any of the canon characters (not even mere acquaintances). If you click the storyline link in the navigation box on the left, you'll be able to read up on the setting of this new RP site.


Welcome again!


~ Rad aka Radon Antila

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Yay, Dearka's here too, I think thats almost everybody who's anybody, and since nobodies don't exist that means we have almost everybody    Yeah, I'm talking in a roundabout way today, too much algebra and not enough sleep makes Kaizer something something.......


I'm Kai Zergas from SEED RPG (and Lilium, Maria, etc.... etc...) by the way 

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Hey thanks everyone for the welcome and welcomes back!


On complete side notes, Its good to see you Jan, Ellie, and Stratos, my old comrades folk.

Unfortunately I don't think we will have the luxury of partnership in this new one. Oh well, stay friends in OOC eh?


Anyways, I'm sure I will be able to keep up in this new one, although my Language Arts is dropping so I need to work pretty hard now, not to mention work with my girlfriend on her math.


Currently, I've had constant and current access to a computer, but I don't get alot of time at once, so I can only be on for like half an hour to an hour at a time.


But back on topic, its great to be here, and I hope I can keep up with all these new and old members.

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