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Re: Feedback on the changes made


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It's pretty good so far. The layout, the colors used...


The placing of the stats was a little unconventional, though, since it's usually done in a horizontal manner at the bottom or top of forums. The quick reply button's missing too, if anything (unless I somehow missed it somewhere), but the imageshack was a stroke of genius (I think).


Let's just say most people should be at least satisfied with the changes made.

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What do you mean by you can't open the full page reply, kct?


Well, in some places where the Internet connection is really slow (like on uni), it will take a really long time to open just a page, and sometimes trying to open another page will be futile, since sometimes it does load and sometimes it does not load.


No worries, it's a minor issue.

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Oh, I'm pretty sure you know this already, but most of the links in the Getting Started section simply routes back to the main page.


Yup those are still being modified and I've been once again caught up in a little whirlwind of activities. I tried to work on it last night but I dozed off at the computer. I'll see if I can get things ready by the end of the week.

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