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  1. Alright, I got fed up after a while of waiting, and left the site for a good long time. That "hey, we're still alive" e-mail got me back here. And now I'm back in full swing. Sorry for not being actively about lately. I was actually about to quit RPing indefinitely. But... "I just can't quit you Advent Destiny!"
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    Piloting license

    --Looks at his piloting license.-- Yeah, it's not good enough... Need more of these things, or better ones. Possibly laminated and shiny looking.
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    Dimitri loaded himself onto the ship, carrying his deck on his arm, and visor over his eyes. He wasn't uniformed, instead wearing more casual dress: Tee-shirt, overshirt, and jeans. Inconspicuous was the name of the game. A uniform would compromise that. But he was mostly distracted due to all the data he was receiving. So he immediately sat himself down into the first seat he could get, to get a better grip of the data. Concentrating on walking and data collecting at the same time was more likely to get him to run into a mobile suit foot than a proper seat. His lips were moving slightly,
  4. "Damnit..." Dimitri cursed under his breath as they were dismissed. An oversight had caused him this much pain already within the organization. If this mission failed, it was his head. And now a team of newbies was introduced into the mix as well. The back-up would be a great help, but this was his mistake that he needed to fix. Now he had more objectives than he cared for. Primary mission was to secure the requested goods. Second was to obtain even more technology. But if a single teammate died, or if it was discovered that the Soldiers were the ones responsible, it'd be a failure in his mind
  5. "I accepted a mission?" Dimitri had a look that bordered on "bullshit", but immediately opened up his laptop, typing up a storm until he got what he needed. Unfortunately, it wasn't good. It'd probably get him into a whole shit-load of trouble. Xavi wasn't so dumb that this problem would be overlooked with some sooth talking. Worse yet, there was nothing Dimitri could have done outside of staying off his computer that would have prevented this. "It seems an unforeseen interfacing error is to count for this one. Unfortunately, when my computer became linked to the network containing all the
  6. Dimitri

    [NPC] Meddiggo

    Added data on the mercenary unit.
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    Random Battle

    Yeah, no prob... But you seem to be involved in a lot of battles at the moment. If somebody else wants in, I'll probably give it to them out of fairness.
  8. Dimitri

    Random Battle

    Number of Competitors: 2 Battlefield: Underdeveloped facility. Partly underground, this area was a former factory, abandoned after being half-way completed. Stalagmites and stalactites are in the deepest sections of the facility still, while most rooms are filled with robotics equipment, construction supplies, and unstable structures. Battle Type: Free-For-All Restrictions: Any non-player-custom non-gundam unit. Referee: Seeking.
  9. Six chimes came out to greet Dimitri's ears, along with a light blue message that read "You have 1 new mail." Frantically, he minimized his windows, revealing a desktop for the ALTIMIT OS that he ran on the machine. It wasn't a very popular OS because of it's out-dated state, but that meant viruses had a lot of problems dealing with the system itself, so even if he caught one, it'd likely do nothing. Add in a little self-updating, and it was as smooth as the popular systems. Operating system pride aside, he opened up the mail window and got a very simple message. He had to get his scrawny ass
  10. Player Player name: |-| /-\ >< Character number: 2 (NPC) Faction: Independent Warlord General Full name: Franklin Spencer Nickname: Meddiggo Age: 39 Gender: Male Race: Coordinator Occupation: Warlord Birthplace: Rio De Janiero Citizenship: Revoked Personality: Enigmatic, Meddiggo has covered up much of his past, and his identity in order to better execute his own role as a leader of a mercenary group more closely related to terrorism than legitimate mercenary work.From what people have seen of Meddiggo, they are convinced he is somewhat of a megalomaniac from his aspir
  11. Dimitri rushed back and forth, not especially looking where he was going, instead glued to the data he was getting. It would be his first mission, and he was nervous to all hell. Though he'd been able to take on the soldier mannerism rather quickly, it didn't make up for the fact that he had no experience what so ever in an actual mobile suit. Just simulators, and mostly arcade ones at that. The simulations never prepared a person for the one thing that would make or break a soldier; the psychological effect of going off to battle, the panic of being under fire, the moral-wrenching first kille
  12. Dimitri


    Forgive me sir, unexpected hiatus.
  13. Happy Birthday Val! --Salute-- I bought you a Gundam, but I eated it...
  14. Oh. Forgive me then. Didn't realize that it had already been given out.
  15. Name: Dimitri Shirokov Faction: Soldiers of Fire Rank (in faction): Recruit Referrer: darkphoenix / Valiant Reference battle: See below Announcement: http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,1421.0.html I was one of the original members in the prototype pilot academy. The threads got moved, so I don't have a link to give for the PA thread.
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