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  1. Alright, I got fed up after a while of waiting, and left the site for a good long time. That "hey, we're still alive" e-mail got me back here. And now I'm back in full swing. Sorry for not being actively about lately. I was actually about to quit RPing indefinitely. But... "I just can't quit you Advent Destiny!"
  2. --Looks at his piloting license.-- Yeah, it's not good enough... Need more of these things, or better ones. Possibly laminated and shiny looking.
  3. Dimitri loaded himself onto the ship, carrying his deck on his arm, and visor over his eyes. He wasn't uniformed, instead wearing more casual dress: Tee-shirt, overshirt, and jeans. Inconspicuous was the name of the game. A uniform would compromise that. But he was mostly distracted due to all the data he was receiving. So he immediately sat himself down into the first seat he could get, to get a better grip of the data. Concentrating on walking and data collecting at the same time was more likely to get him to run into a mobile suit foot than a proper seat. His lips were moving slightly, mouthing out his possible courses of action, his right hand poised over the keyboard. "Mission files, strike locations, member files, operation procedures, contract info, registration data... Hell yeah..." His fingers became a blur over the keyboard, a single hand capable of typing over 60 words per minute. It'd taken a good lot of practice to pull a stunt like that. But now he was going to get exactly what he needed to help ensure their anonymity. A couple of minutes later, he had a few things he had to do with the ship itself. The video communication window that opened up covered a few corners of the cargo hold, right in front of Xavi's eyes. Instead of Dimitri's face, it displayed a black screen with the text "no image available" in light gray letters. "Commander, I've obtained some information on Alliso that will help ensure anonymity. Vehicle identification chip numbers. If the ship's number is changed according to these numbers, we can be more reckless in our approach in regards to identity. We'll need to alert Celostratus to the chip modification if we do. And the change will be illegal under any and all government laws, as it's basically identity theft, on a military scale. This whole op is full of illegal anyway, so I don't think you'll have any problems with this. Still, I'll await approval before changing the ship's registration code. I can also change the code on the mobile suit in the cargo hold." "Also, the information on the base is still limited, but I should be able to get more information once we're inside the base. Outside access is denied through wireless channels, so I'll have to plug in directly to their network. Once in I can manipulate their security and make things a bit easier on us. Call it a cliche stealth action movie move, but we'll likely want to knock out a few soldiers and take uniforms. Makes moving about easier, right? Don't want to light the place up unless things go south of acceptable. Since we'll need an escape plan, I've brought a network virus. We'll load up the tech, only what's necessary, and I'll activate the virus. The network will crash, chaos will ensue, and we'll make a break for the cargo ship under cover fire form the suit in the cargo bay, possibly even the obtained mobile suit if it's operational. From the descriptions of tech, we'll need one truck to carry the weapons, and one for the suit if it's down. Transport equipment should be nearby. We'll hotwire and load up." "Any additional thoughts? Aside from 'You're so fired after this op'?"
  4. "Damnit..." Dimitri cursed under his breath as they were dismissed. An oversight had caused him this much pain already within the organization. If this mission failed, it was his head. And now a team of newbies was introduced into the mix as well. The back-up would be a great help, but this was his mistake that he needed to fix. Now he had more objectives than he cared for. Primary mission was to secure the requested goods. Second was to obtain even more technology. But if a single teammate died, or if it was discovered that the Soldiers were the ones responsible, it'd be a failure in his mind. Dimitri needed to save face with this situation so he could more easily obtain redemption. Even if the mission went perfectly, he'd still have debts to pay to the organization. Life sucked. "Get ready immediately." He growled at Houston's suggestion of taking a tour. There was no way that Dimitri was going to be in a good mood during this. As soon as he was out the door, he went off towards his quarters, knowing he'd need his own equipment. Something more powerful than his laptop. ------X------X------X------ Dimitri ran his hand over a two foot long box, straight up black and icy cold to the touch. Taking a deep breath, he flipped the lid off and picked up what looked like a short keyboard. The underside had a loop on the left side, and a gauntlet on the right. Slipping the thing over his left hand, he flexed his fingers, getting a feel for the thing again. It was called a "deck", a computer contained in a keyboard, strapped to the arm for easy transport. No monitor. Instead, a wire ran from one side to a visor, projecting the images on the HUD. Dimitri already had the visor on, a gray band running over his eyes. And as soon as it was plugged into the deck, the HUD that was projected over the image of the world around him lit up with simple-looking text rather than a processor-slaying graphical interface. RAM: Green Interfacing: Green Programs: Barrier, Green. Cloak, Green. Torch, Green. Jackhammer, Green. Seeker, Green. Smoke, Green. Decoy, Green. Absolution, Green. Status: All Green |-|4(|< 7|-|3 |>|_4|\|37 ------X------X------X------ Dimitri made his way towards the hanger with his digital battle gear. This was already looking bleak. Seeker was already at work, several copies of the program running about to collect all his data. Six windows obscured his vision, presenting him with coding and text regarding the mission. Hell, he could probably access Alliso's bank accounts by now. The mission area was harder to deal with. Security on the digital scale was insane. It'd be easier to bypass security once he got to the mission area and didn't have to deal with the outside access filters. He immediately made his way towards the hangar, his face a perfect expression of stoicism, despite his frustration and fear. For the good of The Family...
  5. "I accepted a mission?" Dimitri had a look that bordered on "bullshit", but immediately opened up his laptop, typing up a storm until he got what he needed. Unfortunately, it wasn't good. It'd probably get him into a whole shit-load of trouble. Xavi wasn't so dumb that this problem would be overlooked with some sooth talking. Worse yet, there was nothing Dimitri could have done outside of staying off his computer that would have prevented this. "It seems an unforeseen interfacing error is to count for this one. Unfortunately, when my computer became linked to the network containing all the mission statements, we accepted a mission without even knowing we had. Despite the accidental nature of this occurrence, I'll take full responsibility." He quickly had diagnosed the problem, and had just now figured out how to put it. "The computer that I linked to in the server had an automated form filling program installed. When I looked over the unsigned contract data, the forms got filled out, and only required your permission to go through to processing. However, your permission, and administrative access... Are the same thing to a computer considering you have full admin access to the network... As does my laptop..." Immediately, he began to pull up all of the mission data he could without crowding the window too much. "It's a technology heist. A mercenary cell is trying to get their hands on some experimental technology at a ZAFT research lab. We're to get it for them. Four pieces, one of them is a Mobile Suit, a modified YFX-600R GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type. The other three targets are weapon systems. We'll get an additional reward for any extra we bring to them as well." "Unfortunately, the client is Meddiggo... Fortunately, the Soldiers don't have to put their names on this one. There is no statement of confidentiality. If we cover ourselves up to seem as members of his mercenary group, the blame will fall to them pretty quick, and with little to no investigation. I suggest being somewhat reckless with our approach. That's Meddiggo's style." Dimitri seemed rather cool of someone with the wrath of Xavi facing him. It was something he picked up from the family, you can be nervous all you want, just don't let it stop you. Toughen up, and fix your mistakes, otherwise you'll lose even more respect. "I don't have the right to ask your forgiveness, sir. But I am deeply sorry."
  6. Added data on the mercenary unit.
  7. Yeah, no prob... But you seem to be involved in a lot of battles at the moment. If somebody else wants in, I'll probably give it to them out of fairness.
  8. Number of Competitors: 2 Battlefield: Underdeveloped facility. Partly underground, this area was a former factory, abandoned after being half-way completed. Stalagmites and stalactites are in the deepest sections of the facility still, while most rooms are filled with robotics equipment, construction supplies, and unstable structures. Battle Type: Free-For-All Restrictions: Any non-player-custom non-gundam unit. Referee: Seeking.
  9. Six chimes came out to greet Dimitri's ears, along with a light blue message that read "You have 1 new mail." Frantically, he minimized his windows, revealing a desktop for the ALTIMIT OS that he ran on the machine. It wasn't a very popular OS because of it's out-dated state, but that meant viruses had a lot of problems dealing with the system itself, so even if he caught one, it'd likely do nothing. Add in a little self-updating, and it was as smooth as the popular systems. Operating system pride aside, he opened up the mail window and got a very simple message. He had to get his scrawny ass over to the commanders office within 5 seconds, or die. Dimitri quite liked the idea of living. He'd try the "see the commander" route first. If that didn't work out, well, game over. The laptop closed up immediately, and he carried it close to his body with both hands as he broke into a run out of the room and towards the commander's office. Sure, he was in a rush, but there was no way he was dropping his dear equipment. He loved it more than anybody else around Celostratus. Except, maybe, for that Dance Dance Revolution machine in the rec room. But Dimitri's mind was absolutely on what the commander had in store for him. And it was only then that he realized his mobile phone was still on his bed, probably with 60 messages from the commander's office. As soon as possible, Dimitri burst through the door into the commander's office, panting for breath and giving a rigid, serious salute, just like he had been taught the first day. "Dimitri Shirokov reporting, SIR!"
  10. Player Player name: |-| /-\ >< Character number: 2 (NPC) Faction: Independent Warlord General Full name: Franklin Spencer Nickname: Meddiggo Age: 39 Gender: Male Race: Coordinator Occupation: Warlord Birthplace: Rio De Janiero Citizenship: Revoked Personality: Enigmatic, Meddiggo has covered up much of his past, and his identity in order to better execute his own role as a leader of a mercenary group more closely related to terrorism than legitimate mercenary work.From what people have seen of Meddiggo, they are convinced he is somewhat of a megalomaniac from his aspirations. However, in all communications he has done, he has been very calm-sounding and in-control of all things around him. Appearance Height: 6'-4" Weight: 182 lbs Hair Colour and Style: Bald Eye Colour: Reddish-brown Identifying Marks: Flaming wolf insignia on his shoulder that matches his Mobile Suit's insignia. Skin Tone: Latin Tan Build: Well-built, former military body. Clothing: Anything heavy-feeling and durable. Handiness: Left-handed Background Mother: Lisia Spencer Father: Salvador Spencer Siblings: None Wife/Girlfriend: None Personal History: Meddiggo, or as he was formerly known, Franklin Spencer, was born of an illegitimate relationship that happened during a one-night-stand in Rio De Janeiro. His poor mother struggled to raise him, and he eventually joined the military in order to get a free college education. His time in the military took him into combat, where he partook in all kinds of military maneuvers. Franklin had an especially strong bond to piloting mobile suits, and was finally stationed with the 16th Mobile Striker Force. In his time there, he earned several badges for bravery, skill, and dedication, and had an exemplary mission record. When the war ended, he felt rather disheartened, not being able go get back into the piloting he so desired to do, at least not in any serious combat sense. He felt invincible inside his mobile suit, and when he was taken out, felt completely vulnerable to the world. Less than a year after the war ended, he convinced a squadron of pilots to defect with him, and form a mercenary group. As Meddiggo, he and the Mercenary group "La Allianza de Libertad Solidas", also known as "Alliso", began to take their own missions, not getting any missions from clients, seeing as how the war was over. They weren't big enough to run protection for corporations, so instead, they turned to the next best thing in their book; theft. The group of defects had resorted to attacking convoys and stealing funding in order to keep going, since gong back to South America meant a sever punishment none were willing to face. Meddiggo has declared that his main goal is to spark the fires of war again, so that they may feel the rush of battle and fulfill their purpose. Alliso Alliso, also known as "La Allianza de Libertad Solidas", is a mercenary group made up primarily of deserters from the South American military force. Most of the group are disgruntled mobile suit pilots who find the height of their existence to be on the battlefield. Headed by a man called "Meddiggo", they've become more of a rouge piracy group rather than a mercenary troop. Their leader has little skill in attracting jobs, and the deserters cannot simply go back to their homeland, so they've turned to more criminal means of self-preservation. They attack supply routes and smaller military bases, aiming to acquire money, equipment, and even more soldiers for their crew. Alliso members are few in number, only about fifty of them remaining to this day, but each one is fiercely loyal. They all seek the common goal of starting, and prolonging, another war, so that they may all rise again as the soldiers they once were. To that effect, a bounty has been placed on their organization, with their leader worth nearly half a million to those who can capture him alive. A dead leader is worth only 80% of the living bounty. He is rather enigmatic, since nobody outside Alliso has seen his face, and they are therefore unable to identify him. In all transmissions he's been in, his image has been covered in black, save for a red tattoo of a flaming wolf, as well as red circles where eyeglasses would be. The transmissions seem to be prerecorded, and physically taped from a computer screen with a camcorder, making them impossible to trace. Each member of Alliso is a very capable pilot, and have plenty of experience on the battlefield. They all seem to share a trait in recklessness, which seems to stem from their desire for combat. Each of their suits are standard issue, though the weaponry upon them has been changed out with stronger weapons they've successfully raided from military bases. Favoring guerrilla tactics, they'll do pretty much anything in order to take down their targets, even if it means taking unnecessary risks. Overall, Alliso is a dangerous unit and should be handled with the utmost caution. All Alliso members have an insignia on their mobile suits that matches the tattoo their leader has.
  11. Dimitri rushed back and forth, not especially looking where he was going, instead glued to the data he was getting. It would be his first mission, and he was nervous to all hell. Though he'd been able to take on the soldier mannerism rather quickly, it didn't make up for the fact that he had no experience what so ever in an actual mobile suit. Just simulators, and mostly arcade ones at that. The simulations never prepared a person for the one thing that would make or break a soldier; the psychological effect of going off to battle, the panic of being under fire, the moral-wrenching first killed enemy... A hacker had no place being on a battlefield, and neither did a former retail salesman. But he had authorization to pilot, the Soldiers needed pilots, being shorthanded in the moment. So he was coming in, called in for a mission. The possibility of dying was a very scary prospect. Far more scary than balancing a laptop, running through the halls, and dodging other mercenaries along the way. That was just coordination and reflexes. It did eventually bring him into the briefing room, where he didn't see the two people doing something. Instead, he took the first seat he could, and got to crunching data a lot quicker. His entire being was frantic and uncoordinated-looking, and his fingers had become a blur over the keyboard. A person like Dimitri needed every last piece of data he could get, as soon as he could get it. And yes, he was getting mission data before he was supposed to. "...Dear lord..." Came a low mutter from his mouth, muffled lightly by his pre-occupation of chewing on the end of a toothpick.
  12. Forgive me sir, unexpected hiatus.
  13. Happy Birthday Val! --Salute-- I bought you a Gundam, but I eated it...
  14. Oh. Forgive me then. Didn't realize that it had already been given out.
  15. Name: Dimitri Shirokov Faction: Soldiers of Fire Rank (in faction): Recruit Referrer: darkphoenix / Valiant Reference battle: See below Announcement: http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,1421.0.html I was one of the original members in the prototype pilot academy. The threads got moved, so I don't have a link to give for the PA thread.
  16. I'm a variable type. Got a hole in our defense? Give me a DOM. Need speed? Murasame baby. A banana phone? Can't help you there, but I'm working on it. Anyway, now that the team is back to 4, shouldn't we take out the (Recruiting) tag?
  17. It's Copenhagen Syndrome. (I state this because searching for the K variant leads nowhere.) Which quickly summed up is a person: Who is oppressed by his/her superior(s), yet maintains loyalty to this oppressor out of their own compulsion. I think that might describe her as she is now. The syndrome you're after might be "Stockholm" syndrome. That one is when a person becomes emotionally attached to their abductors, and feels sympathy for their cause. Sometimes even going so far as to join in that cause. And for fun, the syndrome I learned today: Lima Syndrome A counter to Stockholm syndrome, so to speak. It's when the abductors become emotionally attached to / sympathetic towards those they have captured. Regardless, it matters not why she chooses to stay, since she's a PC. It's not even a part of the mission technically. Val, if custom tech is conveniently disabled for this mission, and I write up an NPC bio for our client, are we all good to go?
  18. Ask Tomomi, not me. WE both are the ones pushing for this mission OOCly. Why she'd stick with us is her business. Even if custom weapon systems are down, the primary default weapons still work. And who said it had to be a full on MS raid? Experimental weapon systems are heavily guarded, so an assault is a bad idea. It's be easier to have a coordinated plan to minimize risk for us while we're extracting the required objects. And an MS should be able to carry a weapon, maybe two. This mission would be mostly prep work, as a well-executed pan could make short work of the problems presented by a weapons dev lab. And do remember, we'll have a hostage.
  19. The main point of the mission, in an out of character sense, is in fact to kidnap Tomomi. This was really just the best way I could explain on how to get her kidnapped. After we do, we'll have another in our ranks, since she plans to stick with the Soldiers. I can make the NPC profile if that's all that's needed for him. Once he's made, we can use him as a convenient device to carry out our own missions while maintaining "neutrality". Annnnd... All custom tech isn't working due to errors during testing? (I know there were muti-pilot systems for suits, so that shouldn't be considered custom. Just have the suit itself be a refitted model already in existence?)
  20. Didn't say this was perfect...
  21. Client: "Meddiggo" Mission Synopsis: Acquire classified ZAFT technologies at [Name] Base. Targets: MS Codename "Asher" Weapon Codename "Ginseki" Weapon Codename "Karasu" Weapon Codename "Zero" Secondary Targets: Any other ZAFT technology that can be acquired. Pay: $1,750,000 + Bonuses for any extra procured technology. Mission Details: Recently it has come to my attention that ZAFT has been testing some special equipment at [Name] Base. Though testing there is done secretly, I have been able to acquire some data of their field testing. From that data, I am convinced that this set of equipment could prove quite useful. However, I am short-handed at the moment, and need outside assistance in obtaining this equipment. That's where you come in. I am looking at four pieces of technology in particular. The top priority is the MS I've taken the liberty of naming "Asher". It moves with a grace I've yet to see from another suit. Though it may be the pilot, I've never seen a person able to fly so acrobatically while maintaining a near perfect aim on his target. All I can say is that the suit is larger than most suits, and a smoother, more "human" appearance. There are three weapon systems I desire as well. "Ginseki" is a solid sword made for a mobile suit. Despite this, it seems to be as powerful as any beam sword. "Karasu" is a special weapon system installed on Asher. It takes the form of six long weapon pods, which detach from it's back and fire independently of the suit before returning to their base. "Zero" is an anti-ground missile defense system. It appears to fire straight upwards, then the missile loops about and rains down upon the target. Typical dodge methods don't work on the missiles, as they can pull up before touching the ground and pursue their target further. If possible, try to obtain any other ZAFT technologies you can. You will be rewarded extra based on what else you bring me. OOC Intel: Meddiggo is someone whom I haven't fully decided on his/her character. I was thinking just a rouge warlord looking for an edge in battle. Got any better ideas, shoot. The MS is a 2 seater. Gunner and Pilot. I'm gunning, and Tomomi is going to pilot. This is going to be how we kidnap her. Don't know the name of the base she'll be at, so I just put in [Name]
  22. We need a big first mission to make the world go "ZOMG! IT BE THE SOLDIERZ!", right? Well... I've been talking with Tomomi, and she wants us to kidnap her. How we came to rationalize such a thing was this; We raid a ZAFT tech lab for our client, right? Well, she's a lab rat for a ZAFT base, so I could end up kidnapping her to obtain information about ZAFT's latest testing. Kinda broad and open to improvement, but she really wants me to kidnap her.
  23. Dimitri


    Yeah, but it's waiting on Valiant as well... So until he gets back, the Soldiers are DIW.
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    Yeah... No clue... PM Valiant, and ask his opinion. As a lowly recruit, I have no idea when the Dinner and Dance is going to end. --Glares at slowness in that thread.--
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    Sadly, the Soldiers could do with more manpower. But, we make due. Welcome aboard.
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