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Re: Gundam Seed: Federation vs ZAFT

Kokoru Himura

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I've heard lots about this game, but never that it was coming to the US, if its anywhere near as enjoyable as I found Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tommorow to be, then it should be a good game, and the addition of SEED Destiny units will be awesome.  Now, I'm off to scour the interweb for more info about its release date 

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Bugger, if its only coming to America soon, then that means we probably won't see it over here for a few more years.  Unless it's a real hit, then it'ss come out here in the next couple of years instead.


Macca, please prove me wrong.

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SPOILER-Well, it's a review, but you might not want to read this.  If you don't, then...well, don't scroll down, okay?


First of all, this game is awesomely wickedness fighting.  At least, I think so.  You get about...most suits that are good have about four.  Each suit has a cost to respawn it, and it's subtracted from a team health bar (the cost to respawn).  So, pretty much, you take out the other team's health bar before they take you out.  Or, if you have to destroy a target, like a boss, then you take out the target instead.


Each character has about 9-10 stages, and a special bonus stage that you have to earn (refer to www.cheatcc.com to find out about it).  In each of these stages, you face a battle that (usually) has occurred in the series, though sometimes you get ones you've never seen before.


The suits themselves are about...over twenty to choose from, possibly over thirty, ranging from the earliest GINNs to the Freedom suit itself.  In VS mode, there is also the ability to select the METEOR unit docked with Freedom or Justice, and the Skygrasper, as well as the Mobile Armour that Mu uses.


When you get down to the nitty gritty fighting, you have health, as all games have, boost, which regulates how much you can boost, a bar which determines when you can use SEED mode, the team health bar in the top corner, and in most cases a timer, where you must finish the mission before the timer runs out.  Boost, amount of time for SEED mode to be available and amount of SEED mode can all be changed in the options.


More battle stuff...


You get a ranged weapon, a melee weapon, and special melee and ranged attacks (I haven't worked out how to block...though I've done it before...).  Sometimes, you charge your ranged attacks to use a special attack that's more powerful.  For example, Freedom can fire it's two shoulder mounted cannons, but using the charge up, you can use the HiMAT systewm (on one opponent only, sadly...)


SEED mode allows you to fly faster, recover faster, shoot faster, and chain longer melee combos.  It's useful, but it's not the most crash hot thing in the world.  That pretty much described what it did.


You can choose from over twenty pilots, allowing for a lot of variation; you can make Athrun pilot Freedom (grins manically), or Kira pilot a GINN.  It's up to you.  Each pilot has their own storyline, and battle cries and stuff.  Sadly, there aren't a lot of FMV sequences in it.  Also, the pilots are only from SEED and SEED Destiny, not from any Astray side spinoffs.


When you complete enough storylines, you can unlock all the Impulses, Saviour (which is ranked on par with Freedom), ZAKUs, as well as main characters from SEED Destiny.  Their storylines are more reflective of the SEED storyline, but I can't understand it anyway; it's in Jap.


The game is quite good-in my opinion, it's done a good job with graphics, sound, gameplays alright, above average, and storyline, can't give a rating 'cause I don't understand it.  I'd say about




It's a good game, I liked it better than Never Ending Tommorrow.  And I dunno the storylines yet...


Unfortunately, OPA, it wouldn't be here for awhile...mine's in Jap.

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Meh, it doesn't matter to me if it ever comes over. Just go get Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam. Same game, except it's UC suits instead of Seed suits.


Macbeth: Blocking shots is accomplished by having your mobile suit positioned jusr right so that the shot hits the shield, rather than you. However, given the control scheme for these games, it's more a factor of luck than anything else.

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I tried it once, but it's too super-powery for me. I like realistic mecha games, like Mechwarrior. I've played Titans vs. AEUG, and an earlier game (Forgotten War? It's the one set in an alternate One-Year War where Christina Mackenzie's a real 'babe') and that's about my compromise point.


I love killing Gundams with my GM.

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