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Muwhahaha I got a Wii


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Yeah, managed to get one this morning after pestering my manager about the Pre-sells that two people neglected to get. I walked in today, bought it walked out with a grin on my face. Dropped 270.14 US on the nifty console, I'll post a pic of me holding it later after work tonight.

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I don't keep tabs on other countries' tax laws. Over here in the Philippines, taxes on merchandise and other consumer goods are generally already part of the listed price - you don't have to estimate how much more you have to pay, and thus don't need to bring extra cash 'just in case'.


On a lighter note, I'm switching the thread title. Sorry Wilhelm, but I can't resist being funny about the Wii.

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Graphics are so-so, its more like a touched up game cube with HD capability. Only thing cool about it is the remote and how its motion guided. Funny thing is twilight princess came out for Wii, before the GC version. Nintendo gives no love to their GC =(


I'm going to buy a 360 after X-mas, and perhaps try to get Gears of War, and save up for Halo 3. Playstation 3, I wont get it for at least the middle of 2007, when all the bugs get worked out of it. Right now, I've been getting complaints from customers, about console overheating, fan noise, frame-rate issues. Sony really screwed up their launch in the US. Retailers are only getting half of waht they were promised. My store, had to refund half our pre-sells due to Sony's mishaps.


But which brings me to another thing, next year, Playstation 3 + Gundam Crossfire would make me extremely happy. Come on the first gundam game where the beam saber/heat hawk cuts mobile suits apart like paper. 

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