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Greetings, I am a meat popcicle!


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Not yet (>< but it's still butt frickin cold out),


Forgive me if I get some facts wrong as I am relatively new to "Gundam Seed", but I am acute in Rping and forum etiquette. I'm sure my college spoiled brain will catch on to the plot soon enough. It works like lightning you know, One brilliant flash and it's gone.


^ ^ b Odessa



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Welcome! Don't worry about being unfamiliar with Gundam Seed, just ask any of us if you have any questions at all.


I would suggest familiarizing yourself with the rules and storyline of the site, if you haven't already, as they would be the best place to start. But feel free to post, PM or hang out with us on the chat room for anything at all (and we do mean anything, just look over at Pointless)!


See you around!


~ Rad

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