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Keiran Larris


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Full name: Keiran Larris

Faction: Orb

Rank: Private first class

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 189

Eyes: Pink

Hair: Black Naturally, Dyed white

Skin: light skinned

Handiness: right handed


Keiran is a generally kind person, but that is offset by how hard it is to get past a rough, rude exterior that protects himself from harm, he cares deeply about his comrades.

Strengths and weaknesses

Coordinator – Being a coordinator allows keiran to be above average in terms of learning capability and adaptability, though he tends to leave this part of him rather wasted, as he does not spend as much time researching anything or studying up, as much as he does thinking of ways to improve what gear he has.

Focused - Once Keiran finds something to fixate on, he focuses on it until he considers whatever goal he has as completed, he does have a tendency to hyper fixate on things directed to himself

Self Conscious - Keiran is extremely self conscious, an issue which also extends to piloting, he tries his best not to drag the team down, which leads to him spending unhealthy amounts of time training in simulations or doing mock battles

Slow to trust - Keiran has a hard time trusting.. and respecting people who he meets for the first time, coming off as stand offish and quite rude; but once people prove they are worthy of said trust and respect, he does not hesitate to show both of these.

Fear of the dark - A childish fear, but one that Keiran has none the less, he hates the dark, as it makes him think of being sucked out of an airlock left to choke in space- though despite that.. he still wants to go to space... just safely.


Keiran is very particular about his appearance, he had gotten into the habit of dyeing his hair white at an early age, after seeing a cool cartoon character do so, and had been doing it since then. After a certain event in his life, he had also started to put on make up or face paint before going out to help himself remain calm; though he is not all vanity, as he takes good care of his body so that he would not slow any of his teammates down. 


Keiran was a first generation Coordinator, but unlike some of his fellows.. his family was not particularly rich or influential, he was born the way he was because of a favor his older than average father had cashed in to a close family friend, He had always been a bright mind, intelligent too.. but he was also rather Lazy, and couldn't find any interest in things.. it was because of this that he found out he was a coordinator, as his mother had said it was a waste to have him be one when he failed in his classes after not paying much attention. 

Though Keiran understood his family didn't resent him, so he decided to focus a bit more in class and did get good grades- though not a top scorer. 

He had found his true passion after seeing an old cartoon of a fighter pilot, zipping through space and bravely taking down his enemies, he wondered how a guy could be so fearless when the threat of being sucked out into the cold nothingness constantly loomed over him, this had sufficiently inspired him to want to join the military, but instead of being a fighter pilot, he trained to become a mobile suit pilot instead.

He quickly found himself excelling in this field, though only after a few grueling moments of dragging his team down through his over zealousness and glory seeking. He learned to temper this side of him and became an effective pilot. 

From here he was bounced around a few divisions before joining a special operations team, where he excelled and was proven to be an excellent piece for the team he was in, though word is.. he's being transferred to a new team. 

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