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Lowell Baskerville


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Full name: Lowell Baskerville

Faction: ZAFT

Rank: Commander/Green Coat

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Height: 6’0’’

Weight: 197 lbs

Eyes: Green

Hair: Brown/White

Skin: White

Handiness: Left



A rational and tactically-minded man possessing a quiet confidence, Lowell is a good fit for his role as the leader of Wolf Squadron. However, despite his natural prowess for military command, Lowell is only a member of ZAFT by virtue of his inclination for helping others and his belief in his personal ideals. While he despises and eschews the idea of killing as a necessity, Lowell also recognizes the reality of war and all that comes with it, willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary in order to keep his people safe. As a result, Lowell is a worrier on and off the clock, with his mind frequently stuck on the future and the challenges it brings with it.


Strengths and weaknesses

Tactical—Lowell is able to think several steps ahead and is never without a plan B, allowing him to change course on the fly.

Worrier—As a flip-side to his tactical mindset, Lowell is always inherently aware of the dangers the future brings with it and often spends too much time dwelling on it.

Leader—While not your typical boisterous leader, Lowell’s quiet confidence is a rallying point for his squadron, who are always certain that their leader can keep a level head on the battlefield.

Reluctant Soldier—Lowell joined ZAFT as a way to help his fellow coordinators, not as a means to do combat with Naturals. As a result, he begrudges having to lethally dispatch his opponents and doing so weighs heavily on his conscience.


A slender man of average-to-tall stature, Lowell does not put as much emphasis on his physique as he does on his mental faculties. His constant worrying often leaves him with a tired look and as a result, those who aren’t familiar with him mistakenly believe him to be sickly. His hair has begun to grey prematurely, with a white patch forming at the front section of his hair.

Depending on the situation, Lowell switches between the standard ZAFT space uniform and the green fatigues utilized by ZAFT forces on the ground, citing their comfort over the formal-feeling space variant. When not in uniform, he tends to stick with his favoured knee-length gray coat, skinny slacks, and boots.



The middle child in family of five, Lowell was born and raised in October 3 to parents Vanessa and Keter Baskerville, a pair of clinical psychologists. All three of the Baskerville children displayed an academic aptitude so often found in Coordinators but Lowell in particular seemed to share his parent’s knack for understanding and analyzing others. With these talents , Lowell was set to enter the workforce as an elementary school teacher after years of study when the Tragedy at Copernicus and the subsequent Bloody Valentine Incident marked an irreversible change on the PLANTS and on Lowell, whose two brothers were caught in the attack on Junius 7. By their loss, the course of Lowell’s life was forever changed.

Enlisting with ZAFT, Lowell Baskerville was initially sent to Earth as infantry but was quickly shuffled into the Mobile Suit division after displaying a degree of talent in the simulators. He was reassigned to the Eurasian Front and took part in the Battle of Suez as a BuCUE pilot under the charge of Andrew Waltfeld. Lowell’s prowess during the battle saw him reassigned once more to the Atlantic Front, where a number of successful operations predicated on his leadership abilities led to him being placed in charge of his own squadron of GINNs, affectionately nicknamed Wolf Squadron for their tight-knit structure and synergy. Wolf Squadron soon returned to space where it remained on standby for the Le Creuset team at the battle of Heliopolis. Now, with word of ORB’s growing military might, Wolf Squadron is being tasked with a new mission…





Post the names of the player-controlled characters that your character has killed and link to the thread that the event happened.


Role plays

For the Homeland


Coliseum battles

List the Coliseum battles that your character participated in.


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