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Microscope - Advent Cosmic Era


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Kira and Cagalli switch places
More grunt MS usage
More impact from aliens

UC rehashes mecha designs




Independent factions/people

Space Whales

First Cosmic War

Ronin Groups


(Event) February 28, CE 60.
Seven years after the assassination of George Glen, a young man named Raymond Hermes arrives in Orb and is welcomed into the Athha household as a guest by Uzumi Nara Athha and his  five year old son, Kira. Hermes, 13, is in truth the clone of George Glenn, the first coordinator, a fact know only to Uzumi and his closest comrades. (Good)


(Event) September CE60, Prince Kira Athha is sent to the PLANT- located Copernicus school to begin his studies along with bodyguard Dorntrold Kisaka. Raymond Hermes accompanies, benefitting from both traditional education as well as Dorntrold's tutelage as he prepares to become Kira's personal bodyguard. (Good)


(Event) July CE 61: A delayed scientific expedition funded by the Kingdom of Scandinavia returns from Jupiter aboard the Tsiolkovsky-class Jupitris. The cargo bay of the Jupitris contains, among other things, a solid block of ice encasing what is denominated Evidence 02 - the carcass of an unknown, massive creature thought to be of the same species as the Evidence 01 fossil. Evidence 02 was apparently found encrusted in an ice asteroid, where it was painstakingly extracted by the science team before resuming their course for Earth. With the Jupitris now stationed in orbit, the Kingdom's brightest minds debate what should be done with Evidence 02. As always, many voices demand a non-invasive, ethical study of the creature, but some unorthodox voices within the scientific community begin to grow louder. They propose extracting the creature's genetic material to create an exact duplicate of it, or experimenting with the use of alien DNA in human embryos. (Bad)


(Event) CE 62: The Kingdom of Scandinavia becomes a nexus of influential scientist, philosophers, and businessmen who seek to further discover the truths behind the Evidence 02 which has affectionately been labeled the “Whale Lord”. With government permission a clandestine operation begins to perform genetic research. The people involved almost form a Cult-like affiliation with the process and there is no publicity about the endeavor. What is known is that the kingdom is successful in obtained lost research about artificial wombs which it secretly hopes to apply to their new project . (Bad)

(Event) May CE67: Rondo Mina Sahaku contacts a lead engineer within the Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty's military design bureau and convinces her that data on ZAFT's wonder weapons of tomorrow will be paramount to ensure Orb's sovereignty in the future. The engineer, born and raised in Orb, hands over data on the YMF-01M Proto MISH, a new kind of weapon classified as a 'Mobile Suit'. After Mina's return to the Sahaku estate with this information, her brother Gina transfers the data to Morgenröte, Orb's national munitions company, and commissions Erica Simmons, their best engineer, to secretly design a Mobile Suit capable of surpassing the MISH, the Proto MISH's speculated successor. Simmons begins work on Project 1001, codename 'High Swan'. (Good)DDDAC9ED-9CAB-4591-93DA-F5151FF1AC22.thumb.jpeg.3adb02808b6ccdb89b6b5342e12a3b2a.jpeg


(Event) CE 68: Having worked closely with ZAFT for weapons development and being one of the most tolerant coordinator countries on earth; Orb enters into an alliance with the newly independent ZAFT. The earth alliance is unnerved by this action and a harsh “Cold War” build up begins in the Omni controlled areas surrounding the region. (Good)

(Event) February CE 68: Erica Simmons is now able to stage a test for the latest iteration of Project 1001: the ZO-00MS Hochschwann. She pits Mina at the lead of a MISH and GINN squad against Gina in the Hochschwann. While Gina defeats the OPFOR MS with ease, the brutal acceleration and G-forces of his machine prove too much for his body, forcing him to land in a secluded island and await rescue. An Orb Heli rushes the Sahaku twin to a Hospital MISH; however, with all other MS totaled in the mock battle, the Hochschwann can't be reached in time by friendly forces and is promptly hijacked by a blonde youth, who escapes unseen to the United States of South America aboard a cargo ship. Unbeknownst to Orb, their prototype has been stolen by none other than the Lightning Countess: Seis Marquesa, USSA's star cosmonaut and jet fighter pilot. (Good)



(Event) March 16th, CE69: The ZAFT-Orb League (Also referred to as Zorb) makes the first official strike against the Earth Alliance by attacking Japan with their new mobile suits, ZAFT’s GINN and Orb’s M0 Tray. The Sahaku twins lead the charge in mysterious MS called Eagel and Falcun, causing chaos and bloodshed within the country. The Republic of East Asia, with no mobile suits of their own, call for the Earth Alliance to create new technology to combat the threat. (Bad)

May-July CE 69: The USSA makes a backroom deal with the Atlantic Federation under the impression that the AF is betraying the EA, when in reality the EA orchestrated it. In exchange for data on the Hochschwann and other stolen technology, the USSA receives enough funds to continue remaining independent. After a few months, the “G-Project” led by Duane Halberton produces 2 cutting edge mobile suits, the GAT-01G Guide Gundam and the GAT-02A Artillery Gundam. Their pilots, Mu La Flaga and Rena Imelia are sent out to war as other Gundam mobile suits are created in the Eurasian Federation, Republic of East Asia, and South African Union. (Good)

(Event) January CE 69: Yuna Roma Seiran flees Orb to defect to the Earth Alliance. Hoping to get a political pardon in exchange for information on Orb, he realizes he has nothing of merit and is immediately imprisoned by the Alliance. (Good)

(Event) CE 69: Combat Coordinator Gai Murakumo, in seeing the forthcoming escalation of the conflict between the Earth Alliance and the United Earth Sphere Freedom Treaty, breaks free of his Earth Alliance conditioning and defects to the USSA where he forms the mercenary group Basalisco under the assumed alias of Snake Eye

(Event) October CE 69: After the creation of Basilisco in the USSA, a new mercenary outfit is founded in the South African Union. Secretarybird Defense, established by Dante Gordigniani and Elsa Weiss, initially fields captured and modified GINNs, however, their skill soon catches the eye of the South African Union's Directorate of Mobile Suit design. Secretarybird is loaned the GAT-03M Mongoose Gundam to push the limits of the machine and help in its development. For this purpose, Dante sets his sights on Snake Eye, a promising target who should be just good enough to deliver what the SAU is looking for... (Bad)

(Event) December CE 69:
Bleeding Argentina
Secretarybird launches a preemptive strike on Basilisco forces at their base in Tierra del Fuego. The multi-day battle bleeds eastwards across the Argentinian border, alerting USSA leadership, which sends a contingent of prototype Cicero mobile suits to intervene. The Ciceros are quickly dispatched by the Mongoose gundam, which proves to be the deciding factor in the protracted battle. In the end, Basilisco is wiped out and its leader is presumed KIA. (Bad)

(Event) CE 70, after a brief cooling period in the initial skirmishes, the Plants and Orb legitimize their pact and become The United Earth-Sphere Freedom Treaty, welcoming in representatives from the Kingdom of Scandanavia. Their military branch, still known as the ZAFT-Orb League, is overseen by Patrick Zala, with Ezalia Joule working in tandem with Erika Simmons as head of R&D

(Event) CE 70: An attack on the Eurasian Satellite Artemis decimates the military base once thought invincible. Amongst the wreckage an entrepreneuristic group of scrap dealers known as the Junk Guild discover a damaged but operational prototype mobile suit.  The Junk Tech Lowe Guele takes the mobile suit and in turns causes his faction to go on the run using his newly discovered Gundam for “good deeds” along the way. (Good)

(Event) CE 70: With the growing hostilities around the world, the Kingdom of Scandinavia begins to deploy their reserve forces for training. Amongst their troops are a number of dark, almost bronze skinned, recruits with white hair; all with similar features. These recruits sparsely speak with anyone besides the others that look like them and seem young barely old enough to serve. Despite any awkwardness they work tremendously well with each other and are able to out perform all other reservists. Perhaps the most alarming quality amongst all of them is the tendency for violence and aggression. There even begins to circulate rumors of similar looking individuals appearing in both the OMNI enforcers and ZAFT forces. (Bad)

(Event) October 31st CE 70: With the creation of UESFT, the conflict later known as the “First Cosmic War” becomes official. Violence spreads across the planet and the colonies as over 100,000 people die on the very first day, also later referred to as “Halloween Hell”. The fighting is most brutal in Central America as the Earth Alliance and USSA fight for control of the western hemisphere. The Archangel, head by Duane Halberton along with Murrue Ramius as XO, is made the flagship of the assault that includes La Flaga and Imelia. The Eastern Hemisphere doesn’t fare much better for the EA and UESFT due to the influx of smaller groups like Secretarybird. Yzak Joule and Nicol  Amalfi are sent to the European Front as the 8th Revolution Team, consisting of orange MS, are sent to the Asian Front (Bad)

(Event) March 16th CE 71: The UESFT colony Heliopolis is attacked by the Earth Alliance due to receiving information that a new multi environmental battleship called the “Mundi” is being housed there. In the attempt to steal the ship, most of the Mundi’s crew and CGUE pilots are killed, including Dearka Elsman. Its Captain, Rau Le Creuset, orders a full scale retreat with the surviving crew and any civilians they could save. The civilians are later sent away as the Mundi meets with the other Le Creuset ships, but one civilian decides to stay onboard the Mundi after proving her piloting skills in a mock battle. Cagalli Musashi, an engineering student, is conscripted into the ranks of the CGUE pilots. The three surviving pilots, Rusty Mackenzie, Athrun Zala, and Kira Athha are impressed with her abilities. (Good)

(Event) March 16th CE 71: Cagalli Musashi meets Rei Ulster, Rau Le Creuset's aide-de-camp, who becomes her first acquaintance aboard the Mundi. The two ladies quickly strike a friendship and Rei gives Cagalli a tour of the ship. Unbeknownst to her, Rei is a hardliner who subscribes to Patrick Zala's ideology, having been orphaned at a very young age by Blue Cosmos, and taken under Rau's wing. Harboring a deep grudge against Naturals, she sets out to manipulate Cagalli and turn her into a vehicle for her vengeance... by any means necessary. (Bad)

(Event) April 1 CE 71: In retaliation for the destruction of Heliopolis, a joint UESFT unit consisting of Orb and ZAFT soldiers, is sent to infiltrate and commandeer the Artemis base. The Wandering Wolf unit, spearheaded by Nathaniel Barondell and Lowell Baskerville, successfully disguise themselves as Earth Alliance soldiers in the first phase of what would late be known as Operation Jokers Wild. (Good)

(Event) May 5 CE 71: In an attempt to deliver a death blow to the Earth Alliance a massive collation attack on Joshua Base commences. The attack is spearheaded by Nathanial Barondell in the Freedom Gundam, and Lowell Baskerville in the Justice Gundam. The Overwhelming combined firepower of the the test units blitz into the base where they discover the Cyclops system. The united forces quickly disengage at the discover but not without a costly retreat. The battle will be considered a bloody stalemate but a strategic loss for the Alliance. It begins a series of events that signify the end of the war. (Good)

(Event) October 24th-31st CE 71: The Battle of Iceland. After a series a strategic mishaps by the Earth Alliance, the faction is pushed into a corner, sending most of their forces to Heaven’s Gate in Iceland. The Archangel, along with a few others, ignore this order and defect to UESFT as they make their final assault along with the Mundi and many other UESFT soldiers. Without the option to use the Cyclops System, the battle takes place nonstop for a single week as the two forces are pushed against each other. During this, the Archangel makes a last ditch effort to destroy the control room, but the ship and its crew are lost in the kamikaze attack. Mu and his wife Rena join up with the Mundi and the Earth Alliance surrenders. With Rei Ulster personally putting a bullet in Muruta Azrael’s head, Blue Cosmos is effectively finished as well. 
For not getting in UESFT’s way, the USSA is given the western world and pledges loyalty to UESFT as they quickly take control of the rest of the planet and space. Patrick Zala rises to become the leader of the Earth Sphere and the First Cosmic War comes to a close. However, Logos begins planting agents throughout the new world government, hoping to someday start another conflict… (Bad)

(Event) November CE 71: With the battle of Iceland resolved, the remaining Earth Forces shatter into disarray. In a move to deny the UESFT resources many military units desert overnight and form private military companies. With key Blue Cosmos agents destroying vital enlistment records there’s no reliable way to dispute the legitimacy of such organizations. Decentralized and seemingly without hierarchy, these “Ronin” groups plant the seeds for future resistance, with many Blue Cosmos leaders at the helm of the various commands. There remains many sparks of conflict in the following the War though nothing substantial for some time. (Bad)

(Event) November 21st CE 71: OMNI Remnants seize the EAS *Inquisidor*, a modified Agamemnon-Class ship that served as the testbed for the Eurasian Federation's Mirage Colloid System. In an ironic twist of fate, the remnants are led by Morgan Chevalier in the GAT-07S Shroud Gundam, the MS the Mirage Colloid System ended up being installed on. Chevalier and his forces disappear with the *Inquisidor*. They would go on to form the eponymous Ronin, the organization that gave all subsequent defector PMCs its name. Ronin becomes the most infamous and elusive PMC in the entire Earth Sphere, making heavy use of the Mirage Colloid for its mobile headquarters and signature MS. (Bad)

(Event) January 6th CE 72: At a secret facility in the Republic of East Asia, Bruno Azrael oversees the reprogramming of the woman who murdered his relative, Multa Azrael. Presumed dead after the destruction of Heaven's Gate, Rei Ulster and Bruno narrowly escaped with their lives in Bruno's personal aircraft, where he was able to capture her. Now, Rei's memories have been altered: her new identity is that of Flay Allster, the daughter of the Atlantic Federation's late Vice-Minister, George Allster. Through a fake memory of his death, her hatred for Naturals has been channeled towards Coordinators instead. Enhanced to maximize her piloting capabilities and conditioned to obey any and all orders from LOGOS, she is granted the rebuilt GAT-05F Floribunda Gundam and set loose into the world, where she and fellow Extended will form Fleurs-de-Lyse, a new PMC headquartered in Guizhou. (Bad)

(Event) February CE 72
Raymond Hermes, once bodyguard to Kira Athha, disappears from UESFT Territories without a trace. Meanwhile, in the the USSA, A mysterious mercenary group known as Coyote rises to public regard as Robin-Hood-esque figures led by Cross Kelst, a man who shares a resemblance to Hermes, and his number two, a young woman named Meer Campbell, who had been previously brainwashed by UESFT  shadow groups to believe she was Lacus Clyne.

(Event) February CE 72: A former Alliance group calling themselves the Lawless raid Armory One at the plants. Amongst the chaos a young coordinator, Jonathan Locke, steals the nuclear capable Dreadnaught Gundam on behalf of the group. The raid sends shockwaves through the Earth Sphere and a general panic at the sudden availability of N-Jammer Canceller technology. The Crisis triggers a series of escalating events. Many former military groups see this as an opportunity to restore a balance of power between the Earth and the Plants. (Bad)

(Event) CE 84: After four years of traveling through space, the Stargazer Project comes across a gas planet orbited by the same creatures as Evidence 01 and 02, along with the same DNA as the Moby people seen during the 1st Cosmic War. Upon making first contact with the creatures, no vocal response is given, only that they are to immediately return to Earth space. The Stargazer Project’s members are indoctrinated. (Bad)

(Event) October CE 84: Bizarre broadcasts begin overriding normal programming in TV channels all over the Earth, PLANTs and space colonies. These broadcasts vary wildly in content and format, with some containing disturbing imagery, while others feature apparent warnings to the public. Most most eyewitnesses report no psychological or physical trauma, however, some report pain, ringing in the ears, nausea, hearing loss, memory loss, sudden cognitive degeneration, manic episodes and strokes. (Bad)




(Event) CE 85: The husband and wife team of Astronomer Sven Cal Bayan and Engineer Selene McGriff use design documents stolen from project Stargazer to develop the DSSD-02 Edgewalker  to observe the transit of J-Pod as they migrate from Saturn. During Edgewalker's first manned flight, Cal Bayan and McGriff experience a phenomenon later dubbed "The Forest of Dreams" that sees them travel with J-pod 1.7  light years whilst travelling backwards in time 3.36 minutes.


(Event) CE 89: Meeting at the derelict Mendel Colony, members of the cult-like Scandinavian Space Whale Researchers bring Evidence 02 to the colony where they meet with returning members of the Stargazer project. The Stargazers are deemed lost having made no observable reports to earth since their contact at the mysterious gas giant. In secret the two groups convene with hardly a word where one of the lead Moby explorers reaches out to the now thawed creature and places her hand on it. Everyone in attendance prostrates themselves before the now revived Whale Lord. Their God is disgusted by humanity, and it’s hubris at combining their DNAs. She deems a great cleansing is to take place and begins preparations using her minions to facilitate her forthcoming judgment. (Bad)

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United Earth Sphere Freedom Treaty:

Uzumi Nara


Kira Athha

Dorntrold Kisaka

Rondo Mina Sahaku

Rondo Gina Sahaku

Erica Simmons

Patrick Zala

Ezalia Joule

Yzak Joule

Nicol Amalfi

Miguel Aiman

Heine Westenfluss

Rau Le Creuset

Cagalli Musashi

Athrun Zala

Nathaniel Barondell

Lowell Baskerville

Mu La Flaga

Rena Imelia

Lacus Clyne

United States of South America:

Seis Marquesa


Morgan Chevalier

Flay Allister (Rei Ulster)

Cross Kelst

Jonathan Locke

Rusty Shackleford


Dante Gordigniani

Elsa Weiss

Lowe Guele

Yuna Roma Seiran (Imprisoned)

Grounded Cobra

Spinning Bobcat


Mobyus 1

Bruno Azrael



George Glenn

Dearka Elsman

Gai Murakumo/Snake Eye 

Duane Halberton

Murrue Ramius

Murata Azrael

George Allister


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