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Needing some help, please?


I have a question, I uploaded a partially filled-up character profile yesterday and I tried to modify it today and I get this message:



An Error Has Occurred!

You are not allowed to access this section



Some help please? Does it mean I cannot modify my character application?



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Umm, I guess I'll stick this here because it involves the "Character Profile" section.


Can someone please explain what the difference is between the "Character Library" and "Normal Topics" section?  Is the "Character Library" only for approved characters?  I'm sorry if this is mentioned somewhere but I can't find where this is stated.


Also, while reading some character bios of some moderators, I've noticed that some mention a single main character rule, can someone clarify this?  I thought that we were allowed more than one character (other than NPC's).


Oh, and I'm allowed to reply in the "Character Library," right?  I want to make some comments on what I think of some of the characters.  There are some really interesting backgrounds.

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Comments and constructive criticism is allowed in the character library, just try not to go overboard on the comments, we don't want the profile threads to go off topic now, do we  .  Also, characters that have been approved by Valiant or another high ranking admin, like Winders, will be moved to the character library thread.  Post your character application in the normal section, and it will be reviewed and commented on by members of the site.  Once we find no major grammatical errors or storyline inconsistencies, it will be approved.


We are still working on the multiple character thing right now, so it will be a short while before multiple characters are allowed (though Valiant knows that some of us are impatient about that kinda thing; I had 6 characters going on the old site, and there were still members with more people then me  ).  Finally, NPCs do not count towards your character total, as anyone can use them during an RP if they notify you and you give the ok. Also, other people may think your NPC to be an interesting character, and may ask later on to use it as a main character of their own (once again, they need your permission).


Hope that clarifies everything, and if not, feel free to ask 

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Here is the news update that introduced the site's character approval process, which included the introduction of the Character Library.


To add to what Kaizer has said about multiple characters, and quoting the Rules:

You are allowed to have as many characters as you wish as long as you have a character bio for each of them.

However, I would recommend you to start off with one and develop the character before starting another.


Valiant informally upgraded this recommendation to a requirement (through the chat room, if I recall correctly). Eventually, multiple characters per member will be officially allowed, but for now, everyone is restricted to having one character.


As you may infer, some rules currently in effect have been posted as updates, while still others were simply made known by word of mouth, either as answers to questions like these, or discussed in the chat room. Unfortunately, the guides have yet to be updated to reflect these current rules, so your confusion is quite understandable.

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It'd help if you actually read the stickies.  Go to the Role Play section and then into the Characters section.  There will be several stickies there for character profile guidelines and a required template.  Once you've read through those, just click 'New Topic' and create your profile thread.

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