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Uhm, Hey~? -waves-


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Hey every one at AdventDestiny~  Imma Picup, a girl despite my uh, 'masculine' name xD.  Any ways...




I don't know what to say o_o;  I've done plenty of introductions on other forums, but I just don't know what to say right now >>;


Well let's see.  I've role played a lot a few years ago, but I stopped suddenly because where I role played, I started to lose interest in the topic that I normally did.  I've recently jumped back into the Gundam Seed/Destiny band-wagon ish.  While talking with some one Deviantart, I was able to find this place, and I decided to check it out.


And with a few debates with myself, and creating my character - well, here I am basically xD




Yeah, I still have no clue on what else to say, so I'll just cut this introduction short xD


You'll see me running around the forums without an avatar and siggeh for a while because Graphics have never been my thing, and I'll probably over use 'keyboard' emotions (xD o-o;, o_o; etc.) because... I dunno, I just do o_O;


Like right now! >>; -coughs-


Well, I hope to talk to every one more and see you around and stuff? o_o;


-scuttles off to post 'in progress' character because I still can't decide what Faction to join-

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*Waves back*Keyboard emoticons are the bestest things ever o-o


Have fun in the forum and let me be the first to say; Hello! Hope we can be good friends..( if you're ZAFT *glare* )


Naw, I'd still be a friend xD


Have fun in the forums and just read the rules and you'd be fine throughout the place. ^---^

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Greetings! If you want an avatar and such, you could probably ask one of our resident photoshoppers if they'd be willing to help out. I believe Ryo Kazunine has stated that he'd make them if asked, and the one he made for Brad seems pretty good.


As for factions, well, I'm a bit of a biased party *cough*SerpentTail*cough*, so I can't really speak objectively.


At any rate, welcome and enjoy your stay.

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Hello and welcome to AD


Faction-wise like daimyo above i'm a lil biased as well but do join Soldiers of fire since we're a lil short on numbers compared to the other "major" factions.


oh well... what ever your choice is do enjoy your stay here^^

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Hey hey, glad to see another new user on. I daresay the roleplay hasn't really kicked off yet with the main storyline, but just mix around with us. I'm glad there's another female here, as usual. Gets a little too drab with having a masculine majority (despite your masculine name). 


Anyway, welcome to AD! Do try to join factions to balance them out for a more fun-filled role playing experience with everyone!

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=D Thanks for the warm welcomes every one~ Really appreciate them xD


Any ways, with the Faction, it's probably still going to flop around for a bit, but I'm still not done my character.  But I'm juggling around between Orb and ZAFT (-is shot'd by non-Orb and Zaft members-)


Serpent Tail seemed actually really awesome to me, but I couldn't think of a character that would fit... >>;

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Don't worry about it.  Just do what you feel like doing in terms of which faction you wish to join.


Be sure to check the rules and guidelines if you haven't done so already.


@ava/sig: As mentioned, you could easily request for 'em in the Arts Corner.  (or do what I do and just hack job something up with MS Paint :O )

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