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Re: Faction and nation leadership changes


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I would like to congratulate the following members for their promotion to Faction Leaders and Nation Leaders. They have been chosen for their experience and ability in RPing. The allocation to the various posts were based solely on their preference for the affiliation.


Faction Leaders

fireminerva - PLANT Supreme Council Member

DragonDamiyo - Serpent Tail Commander

evo_Sieg - Serpent Tail Vice Commander

darkphoenix - Soldiers of Fire Lieutenant


Nation Leaders

Asahi - Oceania Union

F.A.I.T.H - Equatorial Union

konigstiger - Eurasian Federation

liubei013 - Republic of East Asia

VAL - Kingdom of Scandinavia

Valiant - United States of South America

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No you're not, and that's actually a bit of a problem, since that means your permissions are off. We'll have to take care of that.


All the new faction/nation leaders got a free character slot to make a character for their new faction. Very nice, especially for me, since now I don't have to retire my ZAFT character to make a Serpent Tail one.

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