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[Destiny League S01] Zoids vs Psycho


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[OOC: I'd like each team leader to do a roll call and then have the leaders either post here or PM me a confirmed list.  I'd rather not start a match if we are still 'absent' on a few people. 


EDIT: I received the confirmed list for the Psycho Soldiers.  Still waiting on Team Zoids.


Kaizer: Mignon Beart - M1 Astray

DragonDaimyo: Samantha Winson - M1 Astray

Wilhelm: Kula Diamond - M1 Astray (Substituting for Winders/Athena Asamiya)

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[OOC: Both team rosters have been confirmed.  I cleaned up the thread so we can restart this...hopefully with better results.  So, please, report OOC here with your Character Name and chosen Mobile Weapon.  Once I confirm that we have three combatants per team ready, I'll let everyone post introductions before I start the match.]

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[OOC: I confirm TWO combatants for the Psycho Soldiers and the minimum THREE for Team Zoids.  Almost there.  Just to let you know, I think it'd be best if we simply do the rounds one at a time, meaning two combatants would go head to head first and then the next round starts after the first finishes.  Let me know what you think.]

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[OOC:  Okay, sweet.


I would think it'd be easier to carry out one fight at a time since this is three 1v1 matches.  I may consider opening another two threads so we can have three fights occur simultaneously.


Please let me know what you think.


Also, please double-check and make sure your reported team members are indeed present and active.  (e.g. Aures and evo_Sieg have been no-shows recently and konig already posted at the 'Leave' thread) ]

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[OOC: Three fights in a single thread can be looked after fairly quickly, so long as everyone knows who their opponents are.  Thats how I've been doing the TNT v ABC match, and it seems to have been working ((a little quicker when we don't have everyone worry about a posting order, and just focus on their respective matches)).  Also, all Psycho Soldiers members are present and accounted for, we're just getting the mothballs out of our Astrays ]

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