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What Pet Do You Have?

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I have fish, two tanks and a pond worth of fish. In the front I have goldfish, 1 Butterfly tail, 2 Fantails and 3 Comets (I'm going to invest in some new gold fish soon); the second tank has one Bristle Nosed Catfish, three Neon Tetras, one Swordtail, one Guppy and two Yellow Platies or something (I forget what name)


The pond is a tad harder to remember, but I have a couple of gold fish in there; most noteworthy of which is a Black Moor who has turned gold ._.

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N/ How you post a picture?!!


There's an Imageshack feature at the bottom of the screen when you create a post.  Upload the image and then use the http://tags in your post. (I don't remember if it does it automatically but it's basically [ img]pictureURL[ /img] without the spaces)


Anyways...got two turtles because we're watching over them while my sister and her friend (the owner) are living on campus in college.  Once they get an apartment next year, they should take 'em off our hands.  (Cleaning the tank is a major b*tch >_> )

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