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Re: "Exotic" Food


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Was looking through the Everything about SG thread when I got the idea for this.


What are some of the food that you have at where you live that YOU eat but you think someone else on the site living in another country wouldn't?


First up, there's shark fin! It's a delicacy which is served at almost every wedding dinner.


And there's durian, a fruit, which is smelly to many people.

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...Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want to eat any of the stuff mentioned so far.


Where I live we get foods from all sorts of cultures, but I don't eat anything 'exotic' myself...Does SPAM count?  I think where I live is pretty much the SPAM epicenter of the world.  You can get SPAM musabi at movie theaters and even a SPAM breakfast at McDonald's!


(I wonder if I just gave away too much regarding where I live? )

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Now, I hate to top off all that you said, but in some Asian cultures, a very popular dish is slightly cooked walrus...erm...manhood. I had been watching a special about odd foods, and found that this "log" was served with two "rolls".


Personally, I did not eat for a week after the fact.

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