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Player Name: Kaizer

Character Number: NPC

Faction: Earth Alliance




Full name: Kyra Relm

Nickname: KD-0084, K-series sYnergy-Reactive Assembly

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Race: 1st Generation Coordinator

Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot

Birthplace: Unknown

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Kyra is quiet, she rarely talks unless it is someone she knows well; this leads to those who know her to find her cute, as they are oblivious to her past. She broods over events that have passed and often regards those around her as ‘idiots’, despite this however, she is extremely proficient in the control of mobile suits and their related electronics but lacks the physical training that an ordinary soldier has. Her memory loss has led to her quiet attitude and she becomes silently angry when issues relating her past are brought up, at times flashbacks occur resulting in Kyra becoming shocked or surprised.




Height: 4’5”

Weight: 90 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Medium-length blue hair that is usually done so that a fringe covers her forehead and two tails are done so that they protrude from the rear of both sides of her head.

Eye Colour: Gold

Identifying Marks: Tatoo of seemingly extraterrestrial design on the top of her right hand

Skin Tone: Pale

Build: Slim, light

Clothing: Kyra will generally wear a set of denim skirt and jacket with a pale green shirt with an outline of a kitten upon it, in addition, she wears a red glove on her right hand to cover up the tattoo on the top of her hand. On duty she can be seen wearing the standard pink Earth Alliance uniform for enlisted officers in addition to a black berret on top of her head with the OMNI Enforcer logo emblazoned upon the crest. However, on occasions, Kyra has been known to don a cat costume, usually through the forceful ‘persuasion’ of her friends.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Unknown

Father: Professor Aidan Relm, later Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark (foster father)

Siblings: Lune Zoldark (foster sister)


Personal History: Kyra’s existence is a tangle of lies and mysteries. She was born in a laboratory on a Februarius City PLANT. Right after she was born she was stripped from her mother, assigned the serial-code KD-0084 and taken for close examination until she was the right age. Prior to her birth however, she was the prime candidate for an experimental procedure that in the future could have become the prime-method of conception of the Coordinator race.


The reason she existed was to test out new gene modifications that further enhanced skill inheritance and increased adaptability. From the moment she was born, tests were taken to ensure she was indeed a ‘coordinator’ before the experiments began. A tattoo was embedded into the skin at the top of her right hand, they were patterns that would grow according to her growth and as such would never loose shape; this was due to the unique nano-bots that lay in each ink-drop; these tattoos functioned like a barcode and would be used to identify her for the rest of her life.


It was after this that she received her ‘name’ K-series sYnergy Reactive Assembly, or Kyra as it became when she was addressed. The lead member of this project, Aidan Helm gave her his surname as she, to him, was a daughter. Her early childhood was one filled with happiness and seclusion, she found solace in the lessons taught to her like any other child and became attached to her ‘father’, who spent the most time with her among the staff.


The success of the experiment would go unknown until she was the age of twelve, her will became mature rather than playful and she obediently followed orders, all for her father’s loyalty. Initially the results of the project could not be seen, her skill with computers was low and she preferred to play games rather than learn. However, within days of her introduction to learning with computers her skill and proficiency with them increased at a remarkable rate; it seemed her genetically modified structure allowed her to learn faster than regular coordinators gene structures would allow.


Not soon after this she was introduced to type of lesson, her old learning regime of programming and operating computers was soon replaced with a new one which involved  the basics in mobile suits. This was done to test the theory of increased learning rates, since the project was purely for the sake of experimentation, combat operations were not trialed. Soon enough it was found that there was the correlation between controlling a mobile suit and actually using in combat was extremely weak; thankfully Kyra wasn't 'bred' to wage war. Despite this however, the project managed to acquire a GINN Trainer and Kyra began to prove the gene-theory right by controlling the aged mobile suit effectively.


She was the unknown hope that would turn the race of coordinators into specialized coordinators such as herself; a small-scale attempt at resurrecting the Destiny plan, which was toppled by the Orb government.


Soon however, her existence as a lab-rat was altered to one of a soldier; the project had become known to those higher up in ZAFT and as a result interest in such a human was so high that her ‘father’ was approached to sell the project to the military. After relentless refusals, Kyra found herself being cared after by special PLANT guardians; of which were officers. She never saw her ‘father’ again after that day.


This sudden lack of parental guidance had her lost, her mental health suffered each day until she finally snapped; escaping the clutches of her ZAFT and making it to Copernicus as a stow-away on a civilian flight. However, shortly after her arrival she was caught and given in to the authorities who promptly carted her off to the Earth Alliance due to lack of a proper government entity that could care for ‘misfits’ such as Kyra.


During her flight to this new entity she was drugged into unconsciousness; unfortunately for her, the lack of exposure to independent thoughts aided the chemicals in dissolving her mind. As a result, when she woke up she had lost almost all of her memories, only bits and pieces of information remained such as the face of her ‘father’, her name and from time to time traces of a memory.


It was when she was dropped off at the Atlantic Federation, where she was ‘adopted’ by Vice Admiral Bian Zoldark, who took pity on the lonely young 14 year old child; however, the bleak and demanding military career he led made it tough raising a child so inevitably she was put through basic training and assigned under her new ‘father’.


It was during her assignment that she met her toughest challenges; she struggled to come to terms with her father’s replacement and she increasingly began to question the strange tattoos on the top of both of her hands. She would spend nights where she would have flashbacks that made no sense, driving her to the brink of insanity at times; as a result of these memories she became quiet and would isolate herself from others.


In an attempt to ease Kyra’s relentless amnesiastic rages, Vice Admiral Zoldark told her of another daughter he had raised; Lune Zoldark, a Lieutenant within the Earth Alliance. The prospect at having an elder sister, whether she be related by blood or not; didn’t really matter to Kyra, resulting in her continual nightmares and flashbacks that shook her seriously.


Nevertheless he re-assigned her from his staff to the ranks of Schatten Dolch, the 13th Black Squadron; now she would be a pilot, little did she know of the gene modifications she carried.

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Ishian just gotta practice on the one you got now; experiment with glow effects, blur effects, overlay, etc. Cause it's good enough already, all you gotta do is jazz it up.


Man maybe I should make my custom title the Eyecandy Ripoff Artist x3

All my characters are based off somethin!


What's loli, Nick kept mentioning it on MSN but I just smiled and nodded, saying 'lol'

BTW Keep on topic you two.


Wilhelm man, you knew I was making this one! Don't feign surprise!!!

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loli = REALLY young anime girls, i.e not over 12/13 OR not over 150cm in height.


I put it both ways because people have been arguing over the definition for ages, which happens to be either. Heck, even a 500-year old vampire is considered loli becuase of her size.

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winders: With a chip that, if I'm not mistaken, will give her an RP reason to become better than most other pilots before she even turns 15. It's that combination that I'm worried might not pass Valiant's scrutiny.


As well, from Valiant's Character Creation Guide itself, (this goes to Kaizer's reply, too):


The age must be realistic. Many newbies tend to use their own age for their character's age. That is reasonable up to the point where you have 15 year olds fighting in war. Maybe if they are not fighting at the frontlines, it is acceptable. To have children bearing arms and fighting at battlefronts is just too unethical.


Kaizer: Actually, your character's the onee-chan. Kyra's her imouto-chan. That ends our Japanese class for today.

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winders: With a chip that, if I'm not mistaken, will give her an RP reason to become better than most other pilots before she even turns 15. It's that combination that I'm worried might not pass Valiant's scrutiny.


Seconded. Might be funny for us, but it is not funny for Valiant (and some of the other admins). Heck, they might even see it as some kind of SEED mode stuff.

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