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Yahoo News: Coordinators?


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It's kinda scary when ya think about it though.  I mean, in theory, it's all real cool, but for all we know, it's another Bloody Valentine waiting to happen.  I mean, in theory.  Not, like...uhh...yeah, I hope you get what I'm saying.


Though, yeah, it is pretty cool.  But, it would be kinda piss off other people, because then we aren't as good as all these gene modified kids too.  Kinda...yeah.

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War =/= Bloody Valentine

War = Mass Death


Well, I think that such a technological breakthrough should be used to a certain extent. I mean if your baby might have birth defects such as cleft lips, hole in the heart etc, why not spare the kid a hard time and genetically remove such hereditary traits.


It would be very very useful to treat genetic diseases. Many illnesses are genetically linked and if we can find the right genes and manipulate them, life would be so much better.

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A Coordinator, by the series' definition, is someone whose genetic makeup was altered prior to birth in order to remove weaknesses and improve/develop strengths. Seed mode is not necessary for someone to be called a Coordinator. In fact, a Natural can Seed mode, given the right motivations, as shown in the original series.

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Bloody Valentine? probably headed more towards "Gattaca".


I agree, what happened in Gattaca would happen. And it's not a pleasant situation.


Of course there are perks from making your child smart using genetic engineering.


But is it right? We are kind of playing God. And what about the expectations the child have of themselves, being "products" that had been tempered with?


Those have not watched Gattaca should really watch it.


And Jude Law is cute

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There was a TV show on once that dealt with this kind of thing; though I can't remember the name of it for the life of me.  It was like a futuristic version of Law and Order (or the 208 other court shows they have out now  ), and one of the episodes dealt with 'designer babies'.  The parents of a child sued their doctor because he never told them that the child they 'chose' would be homosexual.  In the end, the doctor lost, but he was only fined $1.00, so it was a happy ending 


I'll try and figure out the name of the show, but I doubt that I'll find it 

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