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We have members from all over the world. It's a great thing. My dream is to one day have us meet up.


But I gess we got to start small, maybe with a gathering in Singapore for those living here. I'm not being biased but Singapore is so small that anyone from here can easily meet up. We could always meet up at some anime convention or just hold our own mini-event


Anyway, it's just a thought and who know what might happen along the way

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Hmmm, its a nice idea. Although I don't know if there are many members that come from the Philippines, it would be nice to all meet up, even if its just by country.


BTW, how do you guys chat in IRC? The last time I used IRC was more then 3 years ago, sheesh! Could anyone teach me how, so I could join the gatherings? hehe...

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Ray: both of you will be coming in the 20ish? hope it's not anywhere between the 13th to 16th. How long will you both be staying?


pan pacific will be where my school grad night will be xP... on the dec 5th, but it's too ex.. (S$95!) for me to go, rather buy other stuff with that money

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Keri and myself are going on holiday to singapore in december we are staying at the pan pacific hotel in marina square.


Wed love to meet you guys if your anywhere close.


Also if you guys want to meet in the UK at any point well sort out rooms and youd be more than welcome. 


That's great!


If you need to I could try to arrange to pick you guys up from the airport, provided you don't come during our finals


Let's hope you have a date set. *keeps fingers crossed*



And if wind could come in Dec as well it'll be even better!



At any rate, let me know in advance in case my gf and I decide to run off for a vacation

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