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Permitiont Request my character to be inactive for a while

Aures Convicio

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Hello everyone


I hope that everybody is doing well.  I am writing this post to request my character to be on a LOA (leave of abstense).  I promise that I will make up something in the story that will make sense for the sudden disaperance, however, the real reason is that for the last 4 months, I have had countless interviews for Attorney's Firms and have been doing a lot of legal writing.  I though that I would be able to balance everything including time for this RP, however given the fact that I have not able to get even to the site, I would like to request a LOA. 


I apologize for the inconvinience that this might create to certain people.  Hoefully I will become active in a couple of more months. 


If you need to contact me, I will pay attention to e-mail and will respond accordingly.  Thank you for your consideration.

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