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The chosen path


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Janus looked in the mirror trying to fix the collar of his uniform, his white uniform. This one at least fits at the shoulders. Too bad this collar… Janus finally gave up and left his quarters, looking at some documents. Janus realized that he was setting a bad example, but it would be worse for him to be late.


About 30 minutes later Janus was sitting into the cockpit of a BABI. The new white flight suit was a little itchy to Janus.  It wasn’t his but Gibraltar Command was kind enough to let him test fly one so Janus could adapt to the Earth’s gravity. While running through the setup Janus looked up at the comm. to see the base commander, “Sir, thank you for letting me borrow a BABI. I don’t have a squad yet but I need to adapt to the gravity as soon as possible and command hasn’t sent me a mobile suit yet.”


“Its fine Commander Trine. We are happy to help and will be working your team hard once it arrives. For your test, you will have a few minutes to adapt to atmospheric flight in the BABI. When you are ready we will launch 5 dud missiles for you to intercept.”


“Alright then.” Janus moved the BABI slowly forward out of the hanger. “Janus Trine, BABI taking off” Janus pulled the throttle up, lifting his BABI into the air. Getting the BABI floating a couple of meters off the ground Janus made one last check to make sure he was not about to burn anyone. Seeing he was clear, Janus pushed the throttle to lift the BABI into the air at a good speed.


Several minutes later Janus opened the comm. line to his base. “Sir, launch the missiles. I think I got the hang of this machine.” Janus immediately saw his cockpit light up as he was locked on to and additional beepers were going off as Janus spotted missiles coming at him. Switching his machine into is flight mode, firing his machine cannons and missiles, scoring a couple of hits on the missiles.


As Janus pitched his machine down he realized that the other three missiles were going for another target. It had never occurred to Janus that there would be a wrinkle in the training. Janus quickly switched to mobile suit mode and aimed his beam rifle, trying to get a lock on the missiles. Finally Janus just fired off a barrage of laser blasts trying to intercept the missiles. Janus was disappointed to find out looking at the scoring HUD that he had only tagged one missile. Not good enough yet. Most likely should of used the Chest Cannon and try to intercept those things. I’ll watch the footage later. “Base command, this is Trine. I am returning. Please have a copy of the footage sent to my quarters when it is ready.”


Moments later Janus guided the BABI back into its hanger. Janus removed his helmet and just sighed, sitting in the cockpit. Janus climbed out to be met by one of techs, going over some of the stats.



OOC: I am just doing this to get my character onto base per my assignment. Anyone in my squad feel free to get in this thread and start RPing by introducing yourselves to your commander. This was also so I can be slightly competent at the atmospheric battles.

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