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Change of character

Ray Katsuki

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Heya guys


Sorry about all this after getting Ray reactivated but im afraid I wont be using him as I just read T569SSGOKU's bio for his Janus character (which was good btw) and we are more or less clones.  The mask, the swords the dual identitys right down to personality so I am going to step down as Ray and maybe join another faction.


So what factions need people more than others basically?  And also does anyone need a character to tie in with any other one? 


Shame tho im gonna miss Ray, But greener pastures and all that   May even bring back Baynard or Even bronan lol


Any input welcome

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Noooo!!!!! My beloved big brother is being scrapped 


Lune & Kyra demand a big brother:


Lune: I think she has bro-con issues (starts thinking of Akiha from Tsukihime, only with less H)

Kyra: Doesn't want Lune to be the eldest sibling (tis a scary position of power) 

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