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  1. Kanto had finished reading the top articles and was resting back in the cockpit when the VoLPHAU finally took off. The shaking of the entire unit is what woke him up and listening to the commanders orders he sat up in his seat and activated the systems to begin a diagnostic check. While it was running the different programs Kanto picked up his assault rifle and pulled the magazine out checking the bullet count, then he cocked back the hammer gazing down the barrel and no seeing any problem. Releasing the hammer a bullet slid into place and Kanto tucked the rifle back to the side and he did the same with his side arm. The diagnostic check came back all green and then the pilots voice came over the radio. Listening to the situation unfold Kanto thought to himself for a moment about what could happen. As the first missile rocked the transport it surprised Kanto a bit he didn't expect them to get hit so easily and as soon as the Wullf gave clearance Kanto disengaged the tethers from his Zaku and slid out the back of the transport. As soon as his Zaku cleared the VoLPHAU Kanto kicked on his boosters and began to fly in the direction of the rally point to slow his decent and give him some momentum as he neared the ground he skirted across the sand and eventually kicked off his boosters and began having his Zaku run towards rally point. Kanto reached around with his Zaku and pulled out the beam assault rifle just in case they were engaged by enemy mobile weapons during transit.
  2. Kanto paused for a moment while sitting the the abyss's cockpit looking down at the blood on his hands. Flash Back - Kanto sat In the mess hall next to a pilot he had befriended on the long trip out to the resource satellite. Kanto, quite as usual listened to his new friend explain about how his term of service was going to end during the trip back from this mission and after 3 long years of earth side assignments he would finally be able to see his daughter for the first time. Kanto also listened to how he was assigned the reconstructed Abyss Gundam and the waist of time it was for him to be stationed in Gibraltar. Excusing himself for moment Kanto stood up and made his way over to a vending machine. Reaching his hand out to input his selection Kanto blacked out. Kanto smelt the blood in his nose, he tasted it in his mouth, he felt it trickling down his forehead. Opening his eyes Kanto awoke to a scene out of a horror movie. The room was dark it was being lit the red emergency lights. Gripping his nose he snapped it back into place as he made his way out of the mess hall seeing the man he was talking to seconds ago with his skull crushed in. Looks like Fortune held out again. Reaching the hanger Kanto looked in at the carnage to see his Zaku Warrior with its main camera and part of the left arm crushed by the downed Abyss Gundam. Running past several crew members putting out fires and doing their best to prep the remaining units Kanto jumped up onto Abyss and made his way into the cockpit. As the hatch closed down Kanto hands danced across the controls activating the different systems and running systems checks to make sure nothing was damaged in the explosion. As all systems came back green Kanto activated the the armor and lifted the behemoth up off the ground. The catapult on the side Kanto was on was damaged from the explosion so Kanto loaded himself into the launch bay. This is Kanto Wyeth requesting launch approval for Abyss. What happened to the original pilot? Died in the explosion can I launch or not? Your cleared get out there we have incoming mobile suits. Kanto Wyeth, Abyss, launching. With that Kanto kicked on the boosters and rocketed himself out of the disabled catapult into space the eyes of the Abyss glowing as he entered combat mode.
  3. Grabbing onto his hoist line Kanto went down to the floor of the hanger and walked over to the head mechanic. Giving him a quick salute asked "please equip unit 2 with the Slash Wizard pack for sortie. Thank you." saluting the man again Kanto turned and made his way back towards his unit. Grabbing his hoist line again drew himself back up into the cockpit and sat in his chair. Picking up his digital clipboard began to go through the technical specs of the Zaku then switched it over to news and reviewed some of the events going on in the world. Reading the news he saw few things that interested him some fool didn't think ZAFT could defend the PLANTs and proposed some sort of defense network. Scoffing he moved on tapping a headline that seemed interesting something about a second chairperson being put into power. That's all that we need now an internal power struggle. Wonderful. Feeling his suit get rocked Kanto figured they had attached the pack to confirm his suspicion he flipped his clipboard back over to the tech display and it showed the image of a Slash Zaku Warrior, running a quick diagnostic all systems came back green so he went back to reading the news until the drop operation commenced.
  4. What you might want to do is set events that span the entire globe and have it were everyone must check up on it give it like 1 week and this will help move the storyline forward. I.E. Junius 7 dropping. It will keep people seperated but the event helps push forward plus some topics will collide bringing the different groups together.
  5. darn here i was thinking i could wave my hand and destroy everything.
  6. sounds like a good deal to me.
  7. Since the Calamity and Abyss have the firepower to destroy more than one mobile suit in a single shot what is the ruling on that are we allowed if so how many. sorry to be a pest just wanted to know.
  8. The only reason the stampeder worked so well is becuase the EA had no idea of its potential and I would garentee if thats all we rely on we will be hit next time.
  9. Having seat in the chair Kanto felt a chill up his spine partly from the coldness of the chair but also the fact that they were finally moving out and doing something. The past few days of idling while he could have been doing something was a small torture for him but now that was over. Listing to the mission briefing it was short and sweet Wullf had a surprise planned for them or at least he was intentionally keeping them in the dark about something. Oh well things could get interesting, hell maybe he will be out there. Glancing at his squad mates he saw that one of them was wearing headphones Kanto shook his head back and forth glad that he wasn't in the same fire squad as them. Standing and saluting his CO's as they exited the room Kanto quickly fallowed suit and made his way back to the dormitory. Packing his already few materials Kanto grabbed his gun belt and strapped it to his waist. Kanto grabbed a few other things some rations extra pairs of socks and underwear and his now half full bottle of So Co he tossed them all in his bag and made his way to the armory post haste. With the limited access he had Kanto signed out a standard issue pistol and also a semi automatic rifle quickly saluting the officer Kanto holstered the pistol and slung the rifle over his shoulder. Walking towards the airstrip two VoLPHAU's were neatly placed on the strip one was being loaded up with two black Zaku's the other was loaded with three olive green one's. Can't complain about his color choice. Kanto said to himself as he walked towards the VoLPHAU that was being loaded with the black units. Walking up the loading ramp Kanto scanned the area not seeing Wullf he walked over to one of th airships personnel. Saluting the officer and after confirming his ID he was handed a headset and a clipboard. Slipping the headset over his head he pressed on the talk button. "This is Foxtrot two to Foxtrot one commander Wullf can you hear me Sir. I'm on frequency 1 1 9 5 0 for this sortie requesting Intel on commanders wizard pack Sir. Intel being requested so as to round our combat capabilities out Sir. We are able to chose our own Wizard packs are we not sir?" Climbing up into the cockpit of his Zaku Kanto loaded his backpack and rifle into the side compartments on either side of the seat.
  10. Plus they would have worked fine if they didn't get boarded.
  11. Well yea but you get the general idea of what im thinkin.
  12. I mean if u really think that but just trying to back a point there are already plans IRL that back my point that america is proposing one is to put anti ballistic missle facilitys in Alaska and the Moon. The best way i belive to do this would be to have several smaller satellites spread out similar to the ones used in Halo 2 if u have ever played it.
  13. Don't get me wrong i in no way mean mounting weapons on PLANT's themselves i mean creating satellites around the PLANTS for the soul purpose of fending off and detering any future attacks.
  14. I was curious because its never stated in anything that Valient has posted but after several nuclear attacks has the PLANT's learned a lesson and built some sort of defensive network around the PLANT's to help prevent any future attacks. If so is it a ring design encasing the plants, several satellites in and around the plants, or a few long bar like satellites. Either way the defense network if properly armed can help defend the PLANT's against a variety of attacks from MS to Battle ships and also and futher Nuclear attacks. Now what i propose isn't something revolutionary most of the technology exists today I just want to make sure that the PLANT's aren't leaving themselves open to any unnecessary attacks.
  15. Its ok Goku im here for u. you can cry on my shoulder.
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