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Madame and Monsieur, Bonsoir

Ryou Misaki

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A pleasure to meet you all. I'm gonna try to attempt to RP on the site, hopefully I'll succeed without making any mistakes. I've Watched both Gundam SEED, and Destiny. Watched Gundam Wing and the Endless Waltz, liked the wings on the suit.


I'm gonna have to request for a moderator or Administrator of the site to add me on msn messenger if it's possible before I make my char. Or even a experienced member in case, I'm not going to bite unless you tick me off somehow.


Onto the basics!


Name: Mario or just call me Mio...even calling me Ryou ( My char which is soon to be made ) Is fine if you don't want to remember anything.

Age: 17

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Favorite Food: Strawberries and Cherries though I like pizza itself

Favorite Color: Red as Blood

Favorite Book: Count of Monte Cristo

Favorite Movie: The Lion King ( I'm a sucker for Disney, Scar is great )

Favorite TV Show: House M.D.

Favorite Gundam Character: Shinn Asuka ( Red eyes and a emotional brat that owned Kira...Yes! ) 


Anyhow, if anybody has any more questions for me or has a problem. Don't be afraid to ask me or send me a simple private message, until then. Ciao!

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Aww! You've started already? Would you like a cookie or something?  Oh, you are reading the full one and not the abridged copy, right? Just making sure.

*Pets head* And, by the way, I do pity you whether you like it or not since you are so... immature...

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*Grumbles to self* How we're friends I still don't get...


Oh well, people probably assume we're flaming one another or something. Sorry to say we're good friends so just ignore our rambles towards one another, don't wanna be reported already before I even started =.=;


Now look what you're doing to me..people are gonna assume I'm some jerk. >__>

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Heya, welcome and all that.


Is this your first RP?


And if you need help, you can PM me if you'd like, or you can use the Shoutbox for quick questions.  (I don't use IM programs as much, nowadays.)


Anyways, enjoy your stay and be sure to read the rules and guidelines. 

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It's not my first RP in general, I've done several other anime's and some being just general ( School type ) but this is my first Gundam Based RPG, there was a another one but that was short lived so I'm going to include it.


Is it alright if I ask you some questions Lilubei? ( if I can call you that )


Don't wnat to seem bothersome about it really, just a few questions and thats all. Though is a pity you don't use msn messenger ~_~


But can't complain; What is done is done.

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Welcome Shinn lover.


You've made yourself an enemy of mine without even trying XD *glares*


but welcome to AdventDestiny  ;D


*Sweatdrop*So much Shinn hating these days. I just like his red eyes and gundam.. >>;



Well, I'll have to try to change that status of mine to you *feels intimidated already*


Thanks for the welcomes!

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haha I didnt mean it in an intimidating way more of a friendly warning to inform you of where you are in my books already joking I hold nothing against people liking people I hate. Like Shinn and Stellar. Afterall, it's everyone's got their own opinion

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I hope to roleplay with all of you


Once I get accepted that is


Though I'm afraid most of you will be my enemy considering, ah well if Kira can work with Naturals then we can work around the same thing.


Glad to be accepted and happy to be here.

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