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  1. OOC: A date? You wish... As more players entered the little game they had all been drawn into, Tomomi sighed and shook her head. She truly and honestly hated everything about battle. It was usually pointless and took more effort then it was worth. Unless someone meant to send her to her grave she didn’t mind a little brutality. She had become accustomed to it. Since the other mobile suits seemed preoccupied with the aerial-born DINN and a Murasame, she decided to pick on the Hound she had marked earlier after the referee had began the battle. She wasn’t all too pleased with the Hound’s course of action it moved forward in the sand. “Stay still so I can win...” Tomomi suddenly aimed her beam rifle directly on the ground before the Hound and took two shots into the sand dune’s center, causing it to burst, rise and engulf the Hound. She activated her thrusters so her GuAIZ would only levitate from the ground to prevent friction and add speed as she rushed the hound, shooting into the drift several times.
  2. Why is it that the earth couldn’t be kept at a constant temperature like the laboratory she called home? Instead the weather had to be moody, shifting from hot to cold, from humid and arid and so forth. And it was never very dependable either. It would rain in one place and then not rain in another! Such a very, very strange and massive ecosystem…and Tomomi hated this particular section of the earth. She remembered that it was known as a desert, a barren place where no flowers nor no hope ever grew. It seemed that this place had a very bland and loveless existence in store for all its entirety. Well, maybe not for the next hour or two… Tomomi had automatically put herself into position, keeping her suit close to the dunes. The sun glared upon the sharp metal armor, causing the suit to shimmer like water. She was bored waiting in the heat and was reading a novel that she had ‘borrowed’ from one of the pilot’s rooms after she had ‘taken a break’ from her duty as a lab rat. When she heard the referee begin to speak through her helmet, she threw the novel unceremoniously onto the cockpit floor, most likely never to pick it up again. It wasn’t until she heard the referee call ‘BEGIN’ that she fired the first few shots at the first contendor to step up to plate. In a way it was as if she had just tagged him, initiating that the chase may begin and he was ‘it’…and about to lose. Before the other pilot could counter her, she immediately withdrew behind a sand dune and then utilized her beam rifle to aim for the legs of the Hound. “This is going to be annoying…”
  3. Competitor: Tomomi Saionji Mobile Weapon: ZGMF-601R w/ MA-M21G beam rifle
  4. Now that I am approved, I shall type something! I'll make it a reserved one for the three of you. Dante and Veicen, you can join in after you've been accepted if you still want to rp.
  5. Janus has a chance depending on the situation. When I say Tomomi dislikes conflict, that means unless someone has a gun to her head, she really dislikes fights because they take so much time and effort. And she usually doesn't battle -- and considering it's peace time -- won't for a while. If anything, she wouldn't mind being friends with your character.
  6. Yes, and now I shall close the people participating since too many can slow it down
  7. I plan to begin RPing as soon as I'm approved, and frankly, I'd have experiences where I would make a thread as a new member and no one would join it, and then not be allowed to join other all ready active threads. Thus, I'd really like to ensure I'll have one person to have a thread with, preferably someone already approved and whose character is apart of ZAFT or a citizen of PLANT. Gender, age, etc. makes no difference to me.
  8. Name: Tomomi Time: every day, currently, I go in and out Timezone: Eastern time, -12 from the forum time
  9. Because I thought it incredibly cute and ironic that a coordinator specifically born to test dangerous weaponry and gundam systems on would actually hate war and fighting in general? I'll add another sentence it with a logical reason though, and correct the spelling errors. EDIT: Ok, fixed anything I thought was wrong, including some grammar issues. Effect vs. Affect and all that jazz.
  10. All right, added an extra paragraph at the end before the Side Note.
  11. Thought I'd officially say hello in your thread Hope to RP with you soon!
  12. Nice to meet you! I've always wanted to see Les Miserables. Do you like any other plays though? And I figured you for a Noir fan the moment I read your character's bio. I'm more of a fan of Madlax myself.
  13. Oh! Yeah. I'll only make one if I have the time and such, and only until August. I want to develop Tomomi
  14. Well, your English is really good. I speak a little Spanish, Italian, and French. And when I say little, I mean I know how to ask permission to use the bathroom, where the nearest hospital is, and that I don't speak the language well. And I chose ZAFT because of what I decided to make my character, which is basically a human test tube. Once I write her history it will become more clear. About second characters, I thought in the rules it said that as long as you're active, you can have as many characters as you want?
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