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I would like to know if you prefer the old chat or the new chat. This would only apply to members who tried the v0.1 chat.


The old chat was basically an IRC channel with a Java applet on the site to allow members without an IRC client to access the chat. That was not so feasible since a member would need to have a browser that is capable of running Java.


The new chat is a lighter load on both the server and your browsers. However, we are limited by the functionalities. It's a far cry from the old chat, where we had EightBall and the other bot functions available to us.


So I'll like to know which chat is preferred and I'll see what I can do about it.

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I'm kinda in the same thought process as liubei. I miss eightball and /spin, but this new chat is certainly not bad. (I kinda like the two different chat room setup.) We just need more people using it more often. Dead chats don't really invite new members to check it out very often.

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