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Re: Wats the money for?

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Beer of course!!!


Nah... I don't really know, since there isn't anyting in the shop. It will probably have a more respectable role once the main RP storyline is established. Until then, just stash it under your mattress.

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You only earn money from posting in the role playing forums, in the OOC boards, you don't earn anything. The pilot academy does not count as a rp board.


You'll need at least $1020 before you can deposit anything in the bank, $1000 is the minimum amount that you need and $20 is the admin fee

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Yup, Sieg got it right. You'll be able to purchase MW upgrades with the money. As for the bank feature, it has not much of a purpose yet. We're still working on the functionality. However, since it's a bank afterall, it does give you interest for placing your money there

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