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[Registration] Destiny League Season 1[Closed]


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Destiny League


Teams of three compete in a round-robin league. Each match consists of three 1v1 battles between the respective players. The best out of three wins the match and earns three points for their team, the loosing team earns none. Should the event a draw occurs then a final battle shall be played 1v1 between selected members in both teams.


Each team is allowed to submit a team line-up consisting four members. Before each match, the team captains are to inform the referee of their three combatants as well as the order which the players will battle. The fourth player would be allowed to substitute the combatants in any rounds. There is no limit to the number of substitutions made. However, any damages to the substitute's mobile weapon would be carry over to the next round. If the substitute is incapacitated in the previous round, the team would then have no substitute to fall upon.



If you are interested to take part in the first season of the Destiny League, please submit your team's roster in this thread.


The champion team will be awarded $40,000 and the runners-up will receive $10,000.

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Zoids franchise logo (1999-2003) © 1983-2006 TOMY © ShoPro - TV Tokyo[/align]


Draco Der Konigstiger Doernitz

Takumi The Wanderer Sawada

Bob Rastah Green Smoker Sinclair

Joe Blue Bloggs

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Gonna throw in my team...


Cannonball Blitz

fireminerva... Takashi Kitsune (Team Leader)

kyuubi... Ryan A Kyubos

Dimitri... HAX

Godric... Godric (He's on a bit of a hiatus, so he'll have to be our reserve member if he's not back soon)

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Fuku, if our team was named that, I'd have to kill myself

So. Ignore the semi-effortless name lol


Team: No-Name

Current Roster:


Asahi - Kodess Messer (Team Leader)

Keiji - Janos Thyme

Xen - Xen Oso

Jase -Jason Yulling

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