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Caerai Tantumori


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Full name: Caerai Tantumori

Nickname: Cae

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: Coordinator

Occupation: Gundam Suit Maintance for the FREE Forces.

Birthplace: Kusanagi

Citizenship: Orb Union

Personality: Caerai is a tormented youth; he's a pacifist that hates war. In this sense he's a contradiction, he hates war so much he's got his own personal vendetta against it. He would start a war to stop a war. He is loyal to his friends, however sometimes will appear distant and thoughtful. He is extremely intelligent and likes his space. In this sense Caerai is a loner growing up he had very few close friends. Caerai chose to form relationships only with those he felt had something special, a spark that only he could see. Once Caerai picks out his friends he will stand by them forever.


Caerai is very good at reading people, while some find this unnerving it's a personal trait he himself has came to love. He believes the eyes of a person will tell him everything he needs to know about them, when talking Caerai will always maintain eye contact. Despite being kind, he is ready to manipulate people to get his own way, while he regrets doing this but it's became an addiction for him. From the moment Caerai found out he could do it, he's been twisting people around his little finger. 




Height: Five foot Five.

Weight: 63KGs

Hair Colour and Style: Caerai's hair is currently Brown. His hair is long and ends just before his shoulders, his fringe is swept down one side of his face revealing both his eyes and stopping just before his collar bone.

Eye Colour: Crystal Blue.

Identifying Marks: Caerai has a birth mark on his lower back near the start of his ail bone; it is a light brown in colour and takes the shape of an abstract crescent moon

Skin Tone: Caerai has very pale skin, almost white.

Build: Caerai has a very slight build. Looking at him you would be unable to distinguish any obvious sign of muscle.

Clothing: Casually Caerai wears blue jeans which flare out at the bottom, his shoes are black, and his shirt is tight and black. Caerai is a man that loves coats, he has many of them which he changes almost daily, and his favorite is a white coat with only one the left sleeve. The Coat is made out of cotton and was a gift from someone very special.


At work Caerai wears the standard issue overalls for maintained of Gundam Suits. Caerai does not polite the suits and only performs routine maintained.

Handiness: Ambidextrous




Mother: Erisa {Unknown} (Presumed Deceased)

Father: Mekia Tantumori (Location Unknown)

Siblings: None.

Wife/Girlfriend: Caliena (Currently Living Together)


Personal History:


Caerai was born in the 67th year of the Cosmic Era. His mother vanished as soon as he finished breastfeeding, every time Caerai asked about her his father would simply tell him she left. Caerai was left to speculate on the nature of his mothers disappearance Caerai has had a pretty normal life, at the age of five he began his education; quickly his intelligence set him apart from the other kids, causing him to become bullied and an outsider. He tried his hardest to fit in, wearing the newest fashions, playing the new games, however nothing was ever enough. At the age of six Caerai was placed in an accelerated learning program two years above his peers, he was quickly dropped back as the older students launched a volley of psychological abuse in his general direction. Now back in his own age group the students, jealous of his abilities, were even crueler Caerai quickly became very cynical about the nature of existence.


The next few years were hard for Caerai, constant beatings, psychological abuse, he cried himself to sleep most nights, and his father confronted the principal who told him a group of students had accused his son of starting the fights. Both Mekia and Caerai knew this wasn't true but they lacked one critical thing, proof. Forcing the school to call in a psychologist to confront Caerai, Mekia set aside a day to park outside the school and catch the students in the act. He failed to catch the students.


When Caerai turned eleven he met a unique girl called Caliena, the quickly became friends and Caerai opened up a little. He began looking at the beauty in life and quickly developed his first childhood crush. Caliena luckily felt the same and by the time of their 13th birthday they began dating. Taking her on their first dates to the movies they cuddled and began bonding. Over the next few years, through love and devotion Caliena fixed the trauma that had started to take over Caerai from his childhood. Suffering from Night Terrors, and other signs of serious trauma he was a mess. Luckily for Caerai Caliena, out of love for Caerai, began the long tiresome process of repairing the damage that had been done over these years.


Returning home on his 14th birthday Caerai found a note on the fridge reading "Gone out for milk, Love Dad." Caerai sat down to his studies waiting for his father to arrive home, hours passed with still no sign of him. Caerai finally went to bed, the next morning he checked his fathers room, the bed was made, however the closet door was open, and inside Caerai noticed something, well actually he noticed the lack of anything, and all his fathers’ clothes were gone. Running down stairs and calling Caliena for comfort he wondered what happened to his father. Caliena told him not to worry, and that they would talk at school.


Arriving at school he quickly found Caliena, she had no idea what happened, however invited Caerai to stay with her and her parents. Living with Caliena Caerai saw a side of beauty in life that made him sad; he'd never known a mother. Caliena's mother treated him well, though her father Taeko gave him the cold shoulder, he spent many hours speculating exactly why this was, he never felt like he was good enough for Caliena, he assumed Taeko thought the same.


After about a year Caliena's Father sat down with Caerai, they started talking, Caerai apologised knowing that Taeko thought he he wasn't good enough for Caliena. "Look, I know i'm not a natural! But I love your daughter, I make her happy!" It was these words that defined the relationship between Taeko and Caerai, years of tension below the surface was about the erupt when Taeko looked at him and said "At least my daughter is happy, that is what matters."


Caerai fought the urge to smile as Taeko left the room. After he left he just sat there, thinking. This was the beauty in life that he'd missed out on, the gift of love and acceptance. Caerai started to learn what it meant to have family, what it meant to be loved and cared for. After time he became part of the fmaily, after they finished school Caerai took a job maintaining the Free Forces Gundam Suits. He never wished to fight, he thought that, if he managed to tune the suits well enough, no one would have to die.


After getting the job Caerai managed to secure a small one bedroom studio flat for himself and Caliena, they moved out, and that is where they live today.


OOC: Improvements made, sorry about the name -blush-


Changed small details about Caliena.

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First off I'd like to ask you to change your surname, we do not allow canon name references in your name regardless if you're not a relative. So the name Yamato has to be changed I'm afraid.


I think your profile is quite good, though you should expand a little more on his life with his girlfriend's family, perhaps a little about how they felt about him or what made their life so beautiful.

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No worries about the name, and one little thing; I'm having a little bit of confusion about Caliena's age, is she a woman or a girl? When you say your character meets her it says she is a woman but you mention them going out which makes me assume they're roughly the same age. Also you mention they go out at 13 which re-enforces this idea, but later you say she has motherly instincts and nurtures him; something I doubt a 13 year old would be able to do so yea... confusion.

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Perhaps Caerai is taking an internship of sorts.  He would be a military technician in training, and thus, not officially a soldier until he completes his internship at whichever place takes him.  That way, he can still do the job he wants, and not count as a military soldier, at least until such a time as the FREE Forces accept more soldiers.

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Caerei, a mobile suit technician would be considered military personnel as he has access to military grounds and inside information. Currently, the FREE Forces are closed so as to let the other factions fill up.


If you would like to remain as an Orb citizen, you would have to change your job to fit a civilian role, away from the military, and just wait until we open our applications for the military again.


Or you could change your profile to fit another nation who has spaces for a technician (e.g, EA )

Or, you could join SoF

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Caerai Tantumori is a native citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is a certified Mobile Suit Technician in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Junior Technician, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Alvielle Torren



Welcome to the FREE Forces, Caerai, if you're still around, that is.


You'll only be handling around with the basic mobile suits due to your age and inexperience.


Ready to RP!

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