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Team Cannonball Blitz


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See the Subject Line.


Okay, so that's a little obvious but I wanted to know if anyone would like to start up a new Coliseum team.  At this point I don't really have many expectations for anyone who wants to join aside from that they can't already be on another team and they should be serious about this.


To be honest "newbs" are welcome and encouraged.  It would be awesome to hone our skills together.

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Hey, I'm in...


My team kinda failed to get off the ground because I got busy. But things are looking pretty good for the winter season. Already got snow! In an area that gets maybe 2 inches a year, we got 4 in one day, and another 2 about two days later. It felt good!


And now back on subject...


Yeah, I'm game! Been itching to get back in the pilot's seat!

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Sure I will join. I have to finish me and Blatts match witb Evo_sieg, but after that I am totally active and free. That, and I have been looking for a team for a while now, that's not to restrictive on mobile suit choices, but isn't too proish.


This is just what I am looking for!

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I was the first SoF recruit buddy, so I've got myself a pretty little bio sitting up in the character library.


How about

Team Ramrod (joking)

Team Beatdown

Suicide Kings


Cannonball Blitz

Torrens Plumbum (Hopefully Latin for "Burning Lead")

Machina Schola (More Mix-n-Match Latin, "Elite Machine Soldiers")

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I posted the three of u, kyuubi, Dimitri, and myself, under the team name of Cannonball Blitz.


Kyuubi I didn't know that you wanted your pilot's name to be so I left it as TBA, I hope that my posting won't have created any problems for anyone.  If it has I'm sure I'll find out about it soon enough.


Also, we need to nominate a leader and accept a fourth member if we can find anyone else who wants to join.


And just on a side note, do we need to talk about tactics and combat styles at all or should we just see how things work out?

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Okay, I moded your name under our registration post.  Also I didn't want to nominate myself, at least not right away hehe.


Hmmmm what kind of combat styles do you guys like to use?  Melee, balanced, or ranged fighting?  Also what kind of MS: ground based, flight types, GUNDAMs?


Oh and we also need a fourth member so if you know of anyone...

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