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Juan Miguel Mendoza


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Player name: JM Mendoza

Character number: 01

Faction: ORB




Full name:Juan Miguel Mendoza

Nickname: normal: J. M./Mickey

               Bi-polar: Yami- JM/Mickey

Age: 20


Race: natural

Occupation: graphic designer

Birthplace: Philippines

Citizenship: ORB

Personality: JM has a complex personality basically because he has bi-polar disorder. The word "bipolar" means JM keep switching between two opposite "poles" of extreme mood.Think of mood as a range of feelings and emotions, with depression at one end and mania at the other.

Everyone has good days and bad days, happy moods and sad moods. Bipolar disorder gives JM severely exaggerated, abnormal versions of these feelings. It comes and goes, but it's a lifelong disease.


JM when normal is a friendly, humorous, gentle guy. He likes to listen to mellow chill-out music wherever he goes on his MP3 player. He likes to hang around with his friends. He likes to play driving simulators and Mech related games. When JM's disorder manifests itself he can become either a depressed loner or a dark brooding psychopath.


His friends love him just the same... Well almost... Unless he turns psycho on them...


He takes medicine to suppress most of the symptoms of his disorder and to curb his psychopathic tendencies




Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 240 lbs

Hair Colour and Style: black with red highlights/ spiky hair do

Eye Colour: black

Identifying Marks: one prosthetic ear( he ripped of one of his ears when he wasn't aware of his condition yet, and had not started to take medicine) Scar on his left wrist( From attempted suicide. Same time as when he ripped his ear off)

Skin Tone: tan

Build: chubby but  muscular

Clothing: This is what JM usually wears when he is normal:


             civilian:Likes to wear orange and or blue t-shirts, Baggy jeans, Beanie(color matches shirt),   

                     white rubber shoes.

             formal: clean cut ORB uniform, glasses


             This is what JM prefers to wear when he is suffering from his sickness:


             civilian: Black shirt, Khaki denim cargo shorts. Black low-cut chucks with red flames

             formal( when off duty)l: ORB uniform bottoms(pants) with black t-shirt with the inscription

             "Fock off or Die!!!"emblazoned in red at the front and back of his shirt.

Handiness: right handed




Mother: Ruby Mendoza

Father: Rolando Mendoza Jr.

Siblings: Juan Paolo Mendoza

Wife/Girlfriend: n/a


Personal History:

When he was still a child his family migrated from the Philippines after a terrorist incident which almost took out his family. The train they were on while they were going on vacation derailed, Tossing them around like ragdolls inside the train compartment. There were a lot of casualties caused by that attack. His family made it out with only minor injuries. The same cannot be said for JM. JM, unfortunately, suffered brain damage which coupled with the shock because of the incident resulted to his condition, the bipolar disorder.


Upon waking from a 3-month medically induced coma, to help his brain heal,  his family migrated to ORB which they thought was the most peaceful place they could raise the traumatized JM. His family after migrating to ORB became quite well off due to the success of their catering business.


JM grew up normally at first, finishing primary and secondary school like any normal kid would. He had a close group of friends, classmates from primary school. But upon entering college he began manifesting  increasingly worse cases of dramatic mood swings, which was the symptom of his disorder. He was immediately sent to the hospital after his suicide attempt where he lost one of his ears after he tore it off because of the unfathomable depression that accompanied his disorder. After 2 operation to save his life doctors Told his parents that they could not reattach his ear, thus doctors gave JM a prosthetic ear. While he was in the hospital recovering, he was then diagnosed to have bipolar disorder. Because their was no cure as of yet for bipolar disorder he was advised to take medication to suppress the symptoms and to curb his psychotic tendencies.


His condition did not deter his friends from staying with him. "Through thick or thin we would still be here for you." said one of his friends. "Even if you turn psycho, that wouldn't keep me from hanging out with you." said another.


JM tried to live a life similar to that of a normal person. He did take his medicine but it only suppressed his condition and did not cure it. So sometimes JM would turn all dark and moody, sometimes quiet and paranoid, without warning. To his friends this meant nothing and they continued to hang out with him. Whenever he changes his friends called him Yami-JM or Yami-mickey jokingly. Jm had a hard time finding new friends because of others ignorance of his condition. The one's he did have he keeps close. "Finding friends that accept me for who I am and what I have, it's like finding a gem along the beach." JM said


He started taking up mixed martial arts during high school. He has blackbelts in 2 martial arts, namely Taekwondo and Judo.He started to take Taekwondo classes since his 2nd year in primary school. JM took Judo after he earned his black belt in taekwondo. When asked why he changed martial arts JM responds with a quote from his favorite action movie. "Never stick to one style. Keep an open mind." JM earned his blackbelt in Judo during his 2nd year in high school. After attaining blackbelts in both his chosen martial arts he alternately attends the weekly  practice sessions of both martial arts to keep his skills sharp. During his senior year at high school he was inspired to take up mixed martial arts after watching this kind of competition on TV.Presently JM fights in mixed martial arts gyms which serves as a way for him to vent out his anger whenever his darker side manifests itself. When he returned to the gym the gym's management was at first reluctant to allow him to fight again because of his mental condition but after his doctors assured the management that with his medication JM was perfectly normal, the gym allowed him to fight again. The gym's management then assured all the members that JM's condition was of no threat to the safety of the other fighters. At first they had their doubts but after sometime they treated JM like anybody else.


During idle moments he spends a lot of time in mech simulators in the arcades with his friends. He and his friends also make a habit of peeking at the mobile suits in ORB military installations. These casual merry-makings spurred his subsequent interest in mobile suits. He also discovered that he had a talent for controlling the virtual Mobile weapons on the said simulators when he beat 4 reservist mobile suit pilots in the said game. The pilots commented that the said game had a very accurate representation of Orb's Mobile weapons, their control systems and their real world performance. The group of pilots then commented that JM had excellent eye-hand coordination and reflexes that are better than a regular pilots. They jokingly said that they would be glad to have him on their mobile suit team, if he only was in the military. Unknowingly they planted the seed of inspiration in JM to join the military.


After graduation he pursued to become a graphics artist, most of the time creating car and mobile suit themed designs, due to his fascination of Orb's mobile suits. After much soul searching he figured that he would join the ORB military so he can pursue his passion for mobile suits.


He is now enlisted in the ORB military. as a leading private.



Notes about JM's personal life.



The first thing JM is scared of are Janitor fish( The fish that have suckers on their mouths). JM's fear of this kind of fish started when he was 4 years old when he was standing beside the aquarium in their house when their pet fish, a foot long janitor fish, jumped from the aquarium and landing on JM's shoulder. The janitor fish then clung on JM's neck with it's sucker. To make a long story short, he faints whenever a janitor fish would go near him and or brought near him.


The second thing JM is terrified of... Is having to talk to a woman about romantic stuff. JM just couldn't do it. If JM would try to talk romantically with a woman, he would choke on his tongue the quickly changed topic. Even when he turns Yami-mickey he still wouldn't talk to a girl about his feelings.


JM also loves dogs.  JM has 4 pet dogs, 3 great Danes and one rottweiler. He is also a licensed dog breeder.


Since JM works as a graphic designer he is detail oriented. You can almost say he's a perfectionist. He doesn't leave a job until it is completely and satisfactorily done


Because of his job as a graphic artist and a dog breeder JM has earned enough money to modify his two automobiles given to him by his parents: His first car is a white Japanese pickup truck (his pickup truck's real-life counterpart is the 2006 Toyota Hilux Vigo),which he named "unit Zero" and a blue Japanese rally car (real life counterpart: Subaru Impreza WRX STI), which he named "unit Zero- Two". Both of his vehicles are heavily modified for increased performance and style. Let's just say if JM's cars where in the real world it would have been mistaken for the cars in the move "the fast and the furious", with heavily modified engines, insanely big turbo's, custom made suspension, custom interior, insane sound systems, and a lot of one-off parts and body kits.


JM can be best described in 2 words "Car Nut". His love for cars caused his love for mecha. He claims that Mobile suits are like extremely large cars in humanoid form. He says that their weapons are the coolest accessories in existence.


Jm prefers hand to hand combat due to his background in martial arts but he is also equally adept in the use of tonfa batons (night stick). When on patrol JM usually carries an automatic handgun in a holster on his belt and two metal tonfa batons beside his handgun.

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Looks promising, though you could do better with the spell check button.


Another thing that bothered me was:

He started taking up mixed martial arts during high school. He has blackbelts in 2 martial arts, namely Taekwondo and Judo. Presently JM fights in mixed martial arts gyms which serves as a way for him to vent out his anger whenever his darker side manifests itself.


This bothered me because if there were to be anyone willing to take him in, they should at least have word of his condition. Perhaps a little elaboration as to how he managed to get enrolled in one of these gyms would do the trick.


Another suggestion: Ever since Juan contracts this bipolar disorder, how has it affected his life with his family and friends? How has it affected his chances of making friends more easily and whether the disorder poses a big problem to his everyday life would be good additions as well, to make your character seem more in-depth and more 'three-dimensional', as past experiences could perhaps shape the personality he currently has.


I guess that's all I can see for the moment.

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Very interesting. I would like to see how you play out his personality.


Faith, bipolar is genetic. It's not contracted. Also, bipolar patients are generally very able to lead normal lives with very little signs or symptoms of their condition if they take their medication diligently.


Yeah, if you are wondering, it's part of my course of study

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only two things I feel like mentioning:


1) the personality section, while good, is a little hard to read, as it seems too spaced out.  Could you try cleaning it up to look more like the rest of your profile?


2) You mentioned that he took up mixed martial arts in high school.  Having practiced both Karate and Tae Kwon Do to a certain extent, I know that it can take a long time to reach the black belt level in any martial art, unless you take classes on a nearly daily basis.  While I believe that JM could easily achieve black belt status, I just think that it would take a little longer than you stated; perhaps he could have started during his freshman year at school, instead of his senior?


Other than that, I don't see much more to comment on, except that I can't wait to see you RP 

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By the way it's written at the moment, your personal history looks more like a transcript of someone talking rather than an official record. It should be look as though it was a report from a personnel file, or a character review. That means: no 'uhm's, no 'well sort of', no 'oh well', no ellipses unless for dramatic suspense, etc. Most of these are from the addendum, but there's a few in the main history as well.

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First off, the profile still needs to be adjusted to fit the template properly; http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,17.0.html

Go there, copy the coding then replace the information from your currenty profile into the templated version


In his clothing, I do not see why the Orb Military would allow him to wear unofficial uniform when he is in his 'sickness' mood.


He started taking up mixed martial arts during high school. He has blackbelts in 2 martial arts, namely Taekwondo and Judo.He started to take Taekwondo classes since his 2nd year in primary school.

It's contradictory, how can he take Taekwondo if he only starts taking up martial arts during high school?


Also, I don't see how he can earn a blackbelt in TWO martial arts in only 8 years total.


Other than that his history seems fine.


The part about his cars is impossible for someone who works as a GFX artist AND a dog breeder; he'd have to be an artist working for the biggest companies around and a class S dog breeder to earn enough moolah. Especially since he's only 20.

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OK... Made some revisions to the profile to make the character more believable.

Revisions made:

1) Made JM a natural to convey that his parents were not that well off before migrating to ORB.

2)Added that his family became well off in Orb due to their business. Thus enabling them to give JM 2 cars.

3) The money he earned in GFX and dog breeding went to the modification of his cars

4) Added "when off duty" to the clothing portion when he is sick to clarify that he wears his that shirt when he is off duty.


Some explanations regarding the profile:


JM started taking up taekwondo during his second year of primary school. The amount of time it takes to reach black belt in Taekwondo can be as short as 3 years up to 5 years. The time needed to reach blackbelt in Judo is significantly shorter depending on your skill. He took up mixed martial arts when he was in high school. Mixed martial arts is a kind of combat system where you fight using a combination of the martial arts that the fighter already knows. IN JM's case when he took up mixed martial arts he already knew Taekwondo and Judo.

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[align=center]Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Mr. Juan Miguel Mendoza is a naturalized citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Leading Private, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

Representative Rad Rider-Kamakura




Welcome to ORB, neogmkuma.


Feel free to start RPing. Please keep abreast of all the Orb Foundation Week threads, as well as on the discussions in the faction boards.


Another character from the Equatorial Union! I'm starting to think Orb should consider (peacefully) co-opting that nation, given that their people keep migrating to us anyway...

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