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Hello there. Looks like another interesting Gundam RP forum here, and since I've been told by Shadow Reaper that there are some of my old friends here, I thought I would join and see what's going on. Hope to get along well with everyone and be able to RP properly this time. Cheers.

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Welcome! It's always good to see new faces (or usernames, as the case may be).


Please read up on all the background info (links conveniently located at the navigation box on your left) to get you better aquainted with the setting of Advent. If proper role-playing is what you're looking for, you've come to the right place, my friend.

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I thought u were all busy and wouldnt come bak for a yearrrrr =((((




we missed u!.


unless...Ive got the wrong person O_O but that shana ish avv's such an important trademark lol

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