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Gender: Female

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Purple

Skin: Light-Skinned

Handiness: Right-Handed

Hometown: Cianwood City

Region: Johto

Relatives: Kirk (Father)

Trainer Class: Unknown



Extroverted and friendly, Felicia strives to become something greater, taking any path that's necessary to reach her goals. However, since she's still unsure what her goals actually are, she can come across as somewhat reckless with her decision making. Her love for different types of juices can also get in the way as well, making her somewhat bubbly when her friend's goals need to be prioritized. Nevertheless, she's a very thankfully and loyal ally to both her friends and her Pokémon.


Felicia wears a black T-Shirt with white jeans and sneakers. Her blue purse, which can only hold a new necessary items, is always kept by her side. Her matching purple hair and eyes complement her eyeliner and beauty mark well, but she's still got average looks


Felicia has lived her entire life in Cianwood City, getting to know practically every citizen in town. Growing up, it was expected of her to be a part of the Shuckle Juice business her parents ran. Originally, she kept declining their offer, hoping that someday she could go on her own journey. Unfortunately, her mother had passed away, causing the woman to change her plans in order to help her father. There was always a part of her that wanted to branch out though, and one day she finally got her opportunity...







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