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Found 6 results

  1. A GRAND BEGINNING! A woman with dark purple hair stood barefoot atop the cool sand as the sun began to raise on Cianwood City. The sea gently pushed its waves toward her, feeling the cool breeze get close, but fall back as the pattern repeated. The woman thought she'd seen a large blue creature far off in the ocean, but it was only a split second as it submerged itself. "Mantine..." She thought inquisitively, failing to get a closer look. "Those don't show up close to Cianwood often..." The coastal town was the westernmost in the region of Johto, split off from the rest. Due to its strange location, it wasn't a popular destination, but a Safari Zone was currently in construction. Only trainers, who the woman felt were just annoying tourists, came to battle at their Gym. "Felicia!" The woman heard a grumbling voice from the beach house directly behind her. "I need your help with this!" Felicia was snapped back into reality. She didn't have a Pokémon to call her own, one that would give her a chance to finally leave this town to explore the world. All she did with her life was help her father's Shuckle juice business... "Coming dad!" She ran up rickety wooden stairs, sliding open a screen door to see four red shells lined up with her father, Kirk, holding a woven basket filled to the brim with Grepa berries. Only found in the Hoenn region, Kirk grew the imported berries to give the juice a special enticing flavor. While it wasn't a super successful business, it paid the bills for the two business partners. "Can you take those jars to the pharmacy? Looks like our teammates made juice quickly last night!" He chuckled, sliding a berry into one of the shell's holes. Felicia rarely saw the Shuckle's soft yellow bodies inside of the shells, but the four Pokémon were friendly enough. Grasping the jars two at a time, Felicia managed to fit 12 in the back of their pickup truck, driving the vehicle down a dirt path near them. Cianwood was far from a bustling location, but that meant most of the locals knew each other, with Felicia returning waves while into the cities' main area. Since they didn't have a Pokémart, all supplies were managed through the local pharmacy, just a few buildings away from the massive Gym that towered over them. "Hey Felicia! Great to-wow! That's gotta be a new record." A kind old woman, the owner of the Cianwood City Pharmacy, awed at the jars. "Heh. Yeah... They're really putting in the work, aren't they?" Helping get the juice into the market, the owner began to make more small talk. "Did you hear you arrived yesterday?" The lady asked. Assuming it was another trainer, Felicia didn't care much. "No, who?" Putting the last jar on a nearby shelf, the lady responded. "Professor Elm is at the Pokémon Center. Apparently someone is getting their first Pokémon!" The purple haired woman was shocked to hear this. Not only did they almost never have people become trainers in Cianwood, but when they did, Elm would normally send one of his assistants. "THE Professor? Well, I gotta go see that." Running out the door, Felicia headed to the Center. She had never become a trainer, opting to stay in town to help with the business once her mother had passed away, but she always liked seeing the three special Pokémon offered. The Pokémon Center, even more hi-tech than the Gym, had its glass doors slid open as Felicia walked inside. Thankfully, she'd arrived just in time. Elm, along with the resident Nurse Joy, stood in the middle of the main lobby. The Professor clipped open his briefcase to reveal three Pokéballs inside. Standing across from them was someone she thought she'd seen in Cianwood before, but wasn't 100 percent sure...
  2. Arenal


    Name: Scott “Scooter” Clayson Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hazel Hair: Green, shoulder-length when down Skin: Tanned (he spends most of his time outside) Hometown: Scarlet City (later Diglett Village) Region: Jhoto Relatives: Various in Scarlet City and Diglett Village Trainer Class: Bug Catching Man Personality: Preferring to be called Scooter, he is fairly a responsible person and has a knack for fitting his way into most conversations. He tends to ignore social cues, but Scooter often finds a way to get others to relate to him. As long as the topic of bug pokemon doesn’t come up, Scooter is just a normal person who likes conversation. He’s down to earth and likes to fix things himself rather than paying someone else to do it. This gives him the ability to repair things with a toolset he keeps on hand. He’s uninterested in anything other than platonic relationships as he already has a crush on someone from back home. Scooter also has a habit of inserting his Metapod into unusual situations whenever possible. Using it to prop up his tent, hold a door open, prop up a tire, as a paperweight, you name it. Metapod seems to enjoy all the activity so no one can really complain. He is also salty when people mistake his age thanks to his appearance and can pout when he’s mistaken as a kid. Appearance: Shorter than most people his age, Scooter is only 5’3”. He tries to grow a beard but all he has is a decent goatee. Without this facial hair he’s often mistaken as a teenager so he tries to keep this image whenever possible. Scooter often wears a black long sleeve shirt under a white tee and a grey vest, depending on the weather. He wears brown pants and black hiking boots. His backpack is tan with multiple zipper pouches and drawings all over it. Scooter’s forest green hair is often tied back in a ponytail and a pink scrunchy. History: Scooter is from a family of well off ground-type pokemon trainers. Originally from Scarlet City, he has cousins in Diglett Village that he moved in with after leaving home at 12. When Scooter was a child, he disliked getting dirty, or even going outside. This changed when he met his cousin Maggy who dragged him outside after he moved in with her family (after a major change in family leadership). He was convinced to leave the cleanliness of the indoors because his cousin was cute and had a way to make him feel like his opinions mattered, as well as being really excited to show him her village. After enough time, Scooter found the outdoors exciting, in particular the bug pokemon around the village. From a bookworm to earthworm, Scooter found his calling amongst the forest creatures. It was during this time he befriended a Caterpie who after about a year evolved into a Metapod. It’s remained a Metapod since, and hasn’t evolved beyond that for years. Scooter is determined that Metapod will evolve when it’s ready, but everyone else but Maggy tells him to give it up. Scooter is determined to prove them wrong. He set off from Diglett Village to travel the world to help Metapod grow, as well as to learn more about gadgets and discover new bug type pokemon.
  3. FrostyFoster


    Richter Gender: Male Eyes: Red Hair: Red Skin: Light-Skinned Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Castelia City Region: Unova Relatives: Various Trainer Class: Rich Boy PERSONALITY Stuck up and loud, Richter makes sure that he can get what he wants with the money and influence he has. However, while he treats the common folk poorly, his Pokémon get to see a kind demeanor from the boy. His strive for success on his own right has changed him recently, giving him a new drive for winning no matter what. APPEARANCE Dressed for success, Richter always wears a specially made suit and tie. His bright red red is normally a head turner along with his brightly colored eyes. He commonly carries a snooty smirk on his face, along with his own backpack for the very first time. HISTORY Born into a wealthy family, Richter lived a pampered life inside a lavish penthouse in Castelia City. Almost since birth, he'd stare outside of the skyscraper, waiting for the day to become a Pokémon Trainer. Eventually, his time came to receive a Pokédex and a starter. but his parents continued to spoil him, giving him butlers and other personnel to accompany him on his journey to collect Unova's Gym Badges. Completely ahead of anyone else, his rich advantage allowed him to beat all 8 gyms with ease, even participating in the Pokémon League. At some point, he released his starter, although it is unknown why. With an array of Pokémon to choose, he only picked three as he set sights on another region. Johto. LIST OF POKEMON: (Multiple other Pokémon that are currently unknown) ITEMS: Pokédex
  4. JohnSeever


    Lee Full Name: Lee Jalahafi Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Caucasian Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Pewter City Region: Kanto Relatives: Jayson - Father, Joyce - Mother Trainer Class: PERSONALITY: An easygoing man; Lee uses his mind first before he resorts to force to solve a problem. Moreover, it takes a lot to get Lee upset, and instead tries to find another way to deal with this. Loyalty is very important to Lee, and has a loyalty that is fierce when it comes to his family and friends, since he will defend them until the end. One of the most important aspects to him, is his friendship with people and he is even loyal to those who are innocent in these troubled times. Lee enjoys going to the Opera now and then, attending dinners, and is infallibly elegant when it comes manners. A charming person, he has a smile that is disarming, and is a well-mannered individual thanks to his parents and grandparents. He has a sweet caring nature that is the root to his personality, and he draws upon this nature all the time. Lee is a caregiver, helping those who are in trouble, and being there for those who are being hurt. He is always out helping those who are in need, both as himself and as The Shadow. This can be a flaw, as he does things for people and usually is taken advantage of, but he does it because he knows the world needs someone who can help those who need it. He is only human and he can feel what people feel and the pain they maybe in. APPEARANCE Lee wears a navy blue long sleeve jacket with a light blue shit under that. a pair of brown khaki's and a pair of simple black shoes. His brown hair is short while his brown eyes are framed by a pair of wire framed glasses that loop over his ears. A brown belt holds up his pants and a pouch is hanging from the belt and wrapped around the right thigh that appears to be a carrying case and a notebook can be seen sticking out of the pouch. HISTORY: Born in a small village, and raised in an area of Kanto where there is an abundance of forest and mountains, Lee learned how to survive and navigate these areas. He grew up to loving parents who were in professional careers of their own. His mother was the local nurse, similar to a nurse Joy, and his father was a teacher at the local high school. Both of his parents had a Pokemon, his dad had a Bulbasaur and his mother had a Geodude. As Lee grew up, both of his parents saw that he was unique compared to the other children and after being tested, found out he had some minor psychic ability. However, this ability was not even enough for most to find out about and so it was kept within the family. His parents think that this is what caused him to venture into the mountains and forest around the village, and while exploring a cave, he came upon a Gastly, which scared him, however, he was able to capture the Gastly, and now known as Shadow, and the two have been together since. As Lee grew up, the two of them helped each other out and made frequent trips to the mountains for days on end. From this, Lee learned much about how to navigate and survive in the mountains and the forests for days on end and has learned how to survive in forests. Lee wants to be a Pokemon Researcher like Oak, Elm and the other Professors around the world. LIST OF POKEMON: Shadow - A Gastly that Lee has had since he was 9 years old ITEMS: Notebook, Pokedex
  5. FrostyFoster


    Felicia Gender: Female Eyes: Purple Hair: Purple Skin: Light-Skinned Handiness: Right-Handed Hometown: Cianwood City Region: Johto Relatives: Kirk (Father) Trainer Class: Unknown PERSONALITY Extroverted and friendly, Felicia strives to become something greater, taking any path that's necessary to reach her goals. However, since she's still unsure what her goals actually are, she can come across as somewhat reckless with her decision making. Her love for different types of juices can also get in the way as well, making her somewhat bubbly when her friend's goals need to be prioritized. Nevertheless, she's a very thankfully and loyal ally to both her friends and her Pokémon. APPEARANCE Felicia wears a black T-Shirt with white jeans and sneakers. Her blue purse, which can only hold a new necessary items, is always kept by her side. Her matching purple hair and eyes complement her eyeliner and beauty mark well, but she's still got average looks HISTORY Felicia has lived her entire life in Cianwood City, getting to know practically every citizen in town. Growing up, it was expected of her to be a part of the Shuckle Juice business her parents ran. Originally, she kept declining their offer, hoping that someday she could go on her own journey. Unfortunately, her mother had passed away, causing the woman to change her plans in order to help her father. There was always a part of her that wanted to branch out though, and one day she finally got her opportunity... LIST OF POKEMON: ITEMS: Pokégear
  6. Pokémon: Mobile Trainers Within the region of Johto, people and Pokémon have lived in harmony for many years. As the two groups have united, Pokémon trainers have made names for themselves with the partners they use. Will you become a household name? This story will allow players to follow their own path to greatness, not just by participating in the Pokémon League, but through other means as well. As a new world combining elements of both the anime and games, this will be a refreshing take on the genre. Included will also be twists and turns pertaining to the mecha genre, keeping in line with the website. This will be an experiment that will hopefully grow as time goes on. PLAYER SPOTS FILLED FELICIA'S POKÉMON Sneasel Type: Dark/Ice Ability: Pickpocket Gender: Female Moveset: Ice Shard, Fury Swipes First met in: Cianwood City VIRIA'S POKÉMON Mako Type: Water Ability: Torrent Gender: Male Moveset: Water Gun, Bite First met in: Cianwood City SPEAROW Type: Normal/Flying Ability: Keen Eyes Gender: Female Moveset: Peck, Leer, Aerial Ace First met in: Cianwood City Cliffside SCOOTER'S POKÉMON Metapod Type: Bug Ability: Shed Skin Gender: Male Moveset: Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Electroweb First met in: Red Rock Isle Yanma Type: Bug/Flying Ability: Speed Boosr Gender: Male Moveset: Wing Attack, Signal Beam, Double Team, Foresight First met in: Red Rock Isle
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