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Pokémon: Mobile Trainers


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A woman with dark purple hair stood barefoot atop the cool sand as the sun began to raise on Cianwood City. The sea gently pushed its waves toward her, feeling the cool breeze get close, but fall back as the pattern repeated. The woman thought she'd seen a large blue creature far off in the ocean, but it was only a split second as it submerged itself. "Mantine..." She thought inquisitively, failing to get a closer look. "Those don't show up close to Cianwood often..."   The coastal town was the westernmost in the region of Johto, split off from the rest. Due to its strange location, it wasn't a popular destination, but a Safari Zone was currently in construction. Only trainers, who the woman felt were just annoying tourists, came to battle at their Gym. 

"Felicia!" The woman heard a grumbling voice from the beach house directly behind her. "I need your help with this!" Felicia was snapped back into reality. She didn't have a Pokémon to call her own, one that would give her a chance to finally leave this town to explore the world. All she did with her life was help her father's Shuckle juice business...

"Coming dad!" She ran up rickety wooden stairs, sliding open a screen door to see four red shells lined up with her father, Kirk, holding a woven basket filled to the brim with Grepa berries. Only found in the Hoenn region, Kirk grew the imported berries to give the juice a special enticing flavor. While it wasn't a super successful business, it paid the bills for the two business partners. "Can you take those jars to the pharmacy? Looks like our teammates made juice quickly last night!" He chuckled, sliding a berry into one of the shell's holes. Felicia rarely saw the Shuckle's soft yellow bodies inside of the shells, but the four Pokémon were friendly enough.

Grasping the jars two at a time, Felicia managed to fit 12 in the back of their pickup truck, driving the vehicle down a dirt path near them. Cianwood was far from a bustling location, but that meant most of the locals knew each other, with Felicia returning waves while into the cities' main area. Since they didn't have a Pokémart, all supplies were managed through the local pharmacy, just a few buildings away from the massive Gym that towered over them. "Hey Felicia! Great to-wow! That's gotta be a new record." A kind old woman, the owner of the Cianwood City Pharmacy, awed at the jars. "Heh. Yeah... They're really putting in the work, aren't they?" Helping get the juice into the market, the owner began to make more small talk.

"Did you hear you arrived yesterday?" The lady asked. Assuming it was another trainer, Felicia didn't care much. "No, who?" Putting the last jar on a nearby shelf, the lady responded. "Professor Elm is at the Pokémon Center. Apparently someone is getting their first Pokémon!" The purple haired woman was shocked to hear this. Not only did they almost never have people become trainers in Cianwood, but when they did, Elm would normally send one of his assistants. "THE Professor? Well, I gotta go see that." Running out the door, Felicia headed to the Center.

She had never become a trainer, opting to stay in town to help with the business once her mother had passed away, but she always liked seeing the three special Pokémon offered. The Pokémon Center, even more hi-tech than the Gym, had its glass doors slid open as Felicia walked inside. Thankfully, she'd arrived just in time. Elm, along with the resident Nurse Joy, stood in the middle of the main lobby. The Professor clipped open his briefcase to reveal three Pokéballs inside. Standing across from them was someone she thought she'd seen in Cianwood before, but wasn't 100 percent sure...

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"Booyah!" Viria cheered as she was in her room, her mother had given her a piece of news that she was incredibly happy to hear "You mean it right?!" She asked with a big grin on her face "THE professor is here?" She practically had stars in her eyes as she leaned forward and looked up at her mother. 

Kianna let out a soft giggle and nodded, patting her daughter on the head softly "Would I ever lie to you?" She asked "Of course I mean it" She assured her child, cuasuing Viria to let out another loud cheer. "Alright!" The young one said loudly, walking past her mother, only to be pulled back. "But~ while you go meet the professor" The mother handed her a list and some money "Go and get these from the shops, oh! and stop by to get some shuckle juice for your mother would you?". Viria pouted before nodding "You got it mom!" She said.

Viria grabbed her bag and then hopped out of her house, looking out to sea and smiling wide, before running over to the shops, sliding to a halt before bumping into some people and laughing nervously "Aha.. oops" She said, before waving and then going over to the different stores and such, she herself was pretty popular, being the only daughter of the kind and well mannered Kianna. "You certainly seem excited about something" The old lady at the pharmacy said, Viria nodded and grinned a little wider "Yeah.. Mom said I should go and meet with the professor today" Viria seemed rather proud of the fact, and after getting everything she needed, she went straight to the pokemon center, and looked around at everything in there.. she was amazed, gleefully hopping around, yet containing herself from squealing in excitement.. she smiled, as she approached the professor, she was the first one here too.. but not for long.

As Felicia walked inside, Viria would turn her head and wave, it was rare to see her with such a wide smile, she ushered her over and stood with baited breath as the professor opened the case, revealing the prizes inside..

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The girl waved at Felicia, surprising the Shuckle saleswoman, but she still responded by waving back. She watched as the new trainer stared at the three Pokéballs in the briefcase, only for Professor Elm to grab each of them. “Viria, right? This is your first step to become a Pokémon Trainer!” Tossing the capsules into the sky, a blur of white light emerged from each, revealing three vastly different creatures. “These are the starting Pokémon I give to trainers all over the region. I thought that, since Cianwood trainers are so rare, I’d personally introduce them.”



“To! Totodile!”

The three small creatures looked up at their possible companion with joy as Elm talked more about the types of Pokémon. “Now, Chikorita would give you a resistance against the Cianwood City Gym Leader here, but I shouldn’t assume too much.” Elm put his hand on the back of his head, rubbing it. While the Gym Challenge was popular for new trainers, it wasn’t a requirement. “Oh! Here’s your Pokédex as well!”

The professor handed Viria the blue electronic encyclopedia, already programmed with the three Pokémon’s data.


CHIKORITA, THE LEAF POKÉMON. In battle, Chikorita waves its leaf around to keep the foe at bay. However, a sweet fragrance also wafts from the leaf, becalming the battling Pokémon and creating a cozy atmosphere all around. This Pokémon currently knows Tackle and Razor Leaf.

CYNDAQUIL, THE FIRE MOUSE POKÉMON. The fire that spouts from its back burns hottest when it is angry. The flaring flames intimidate foes. This Pokémon currently knows Ember and Smokescreen.

TOTODILE, THE BIG JAW POKÉMON. It is small but rough and tough. It won't hesitate to take a bite out of anything that moves. This Pokémon currently knows Water Gun and Bite.

Felicia’s eyes widened at the Pokémon, wondering which one Viria would choose. In her mind, all the them would be equally good partners, but as Professor Elm said, it depended on what goals the new trainer had in mind. A mental image popped up, picturing her ordering a Shuckle to use harden. The saleswoman sighed, only for a distant memory to come out...

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Viria went wide eyed as she saw the three pokemon, sure.. she's seen some before, but none like these, they were all so cute and cuddly! But at the same time.. she was nervous, her choice here would set her on a path that would change her life "Whoa..." She said, and once again after being handed the pokedex, she looked through it, smiling as she looked at all of the entries on it, but.. there was already one that was calling out to her, one that she knew was the one. 

Viria crouched down in front of the blue reptile, smiling a little and then patting it on the head "Hey, little guy.. you wanna come with me?" She asked, lifting it up as she got an affirming roar from the creature, she grinned and then stood up, keeping it close "I choose Totodile". Viria seemed over the moon with her new partner, which was shown by her hugging the Totodile rather close to her chest, and quietly whispering to it and snickering with it.. "I never thought I'd have a pokemon of my own one day" she said, still smiling like a kid in a candy shop, she then turned to her friend, Felicia.. excited to see what she would choose.

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Felicia felt the new trainer had made an excellent choice as Viria picked up the scaled Pokémon. The Totodile was already beaming with joy, with him already feeling the love of his new partner. The trainer then looked at the Shuckle juice saleswoman, almost implying that she'd also be picking a Pokémon today. "Me? Oh no." Felicia responded. "I actually just came here to watch. I missed my opportunity to get a starter years ago." Professor Elm returned the remaining two creatures, putting the balls back inside his messy briefcase. "It's never too late to go on a journey. You don't have to have a-" At this point, the acclaimed Professor was interrupted by a burly man bursting through the Center's doors.


"Chuck! You startled me..." The peeved Professor glared at the Fighting type Gym Leader with annoyance, watching as he let out a fit of laughter. "Haha! Calm down Elm! We don't get new trainers 'round these parts much." He got closer to the Totodile, staring intently. "Hmmm... He looks like a real fighter! Come with me to the Gym!" Elm grasped his briefcase as he looked shunned. "What? She hasn't even signed up for the Pokémon League yet!" Chuck ignored him as the nudged the three outside of the Center. With the Gym being close by, the group were hurried inside of the complex. The battlefield was quite large, modelled after a standard dojo as a fighting mat laid across it. 

"Nothing will get in the way of our Pokémon. Just the way I like it!" Standing with Professor Elm on the sidelines, Felicia couldn't believe how quick Chuck wanted to test the brand new trainer. The shock had also still not let off as she tried to keep her cool. After all, one of the most famous people in the entire region. "So, you've never done a Pokémon battle, right?" The Professor asked calmly. "I-uh... Well, I've used my father's Shuckle a couple times, but I wouldn't call that type of Pokémon fun to battle with. They're only juice creators anyways..." Elm nodded at the woman's honesty. "I think we're in for a real treat here."



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Chuck let out a hardy howl as he grabbed a single Fast Ball, tossing the orange capsule out. “Tyrogue! Let’s go!” From a burst of white energy came a small humanoid Pokémon, posing for the few audience members it had. “Tyyyyyyrogue!” It yelled, giving a thumbs up. A referee stood in the center of the battlefield, awaiting the Gym challenger to show their Pokémon.

"..Eh? Eh?!" Viria was pretty surprised with how quickly she was swept up and taken away off to the Gym. Truth be told, she wasn't prepared at all- but the headstrong girl wouldn't back down from a challenge, she was- well, not ready.. but prepared for it. She was still carrying Totodile in her arms when her opponents Pokémon was revealed, she looked extremely excited about the whole ordeal, she looked down at Totodile and smiled. "Alright, your turn" She said, before having the Pokémon stand on her hands as she boosted him up into the Arena.

"Go, Totodile!"

The referee held up two flags in the air. “This Gym Battle will be a one-on-one match. Knocking out the other Pokémon will win the battle. The home player will start first. BEGIN!” Chuck got into a fighting pose, putting his arms out. “Alright Tyrogue. Use Focus Energy!” The Pokémon responded by creating an orange aura around its body. Viria was surprised at how quick the match started, never the less she didn't let it phase her too much. "Totodile! Use bite!" She called out, not wanting to give her opponent time to buff up. The blue Pokémon let out a small roar in affirmation as he began to rush forward to chomp down on Tyrogue.

“Dodge it!” The Tyrogue’s eyes were closed, only opening once the Totodile got too close for comfort. The Scuffle Pokémon jumped directly upward, causing the bite attack to miss. “Now. Dizzy Punch!” The fighter let loose a barrage of confusing looking punches below him toward the starter. "Oh no!" Viria said, covering her mouth for a bit before calling out "Totodile, water gun above you!", hoping to shoot it out of the sky, or at the very least give her and her partner time to think. Totodile looked straight up and charged its attacked to fire at the enemy!

Tyrogue didn’t have any time to react, getting hit directly by the blast of water. The Pokémon was knocked to the left side as Chuck showed concern. “Not bad...” Chuck uttered. “Your reaction was fast, along with your Totodile.” The Tyrogue still stood tall though after the attack. “Tyrogue, use Low Kick!” The fighter lowered itself to sweep its leg underneath the blue Pokémon’s massive jaw.

"Booyah!" Viria cheered proudly, alongside her Totodile, but that small victory was undercut as she had to quickly react to the attack. "U-Uh.. Dodge it Totodile!" She commanded, the Pokémon went to jump but it was too late. Connecting with the blow, Tyrogue knocked the water Pokémon off of its feet. “Oh no...” Felicia kept her eyes on the Totodile as the damage was done, but even she with her minimal battle knowledge she knew this battle wasn’t over. The starter had a strive to battle and the power to do so...

“Tyrogue, finish it with Dizzy Punch!” The fighter ran towards the Totodile, glowing fists in tow. Viria bit her lip after seeing Totodile get knocked off the ground, but fortunately.. the Pokémon pulled itself up bravely, giving Viria a much needed uplift "Alright.. Totodile! Jump over it with Water Gun!" She called out. An affirming roar from the Totodile was soon accompanied with it looking down and jumping up, using Water Gun to get up and out of the Tyrogue's range.

“Rogue?” The fighting type just barely missed the water type, watching as it was now the one wide open for attack. “Hmmm. This trainers got a real knack for battling...” Chuck thought. Elm on the other hand, smiled. He personally bred the starting Pokémon, so seeing one become such a good fighter made him proud. "Now lets finish it with a Bite!" Viria said excitedly, Her Totodile nodded and opened its mouth as it started falling down onto its opponent, ready to chomp down once it was in range.

The Big Jaw Pokémon clamped upon Chuck’s Tyrogue, holding it by the head. “Tyrogue! Shake it off!” He yelled out with concern. Obeying his orders, the fighter shook and pulled, but the biter wasn’t letting go. Eventually, Tyrogue lost its energy, collapsing onto the fighting mat. 

“I... I can’t believe it!” Chuck’s entire expression was pure shock as the referee raised a flag toward Viria. “Tyrogue is unable to battle. Totodile is the winner!” Chuck responded to his loss by returning his Pokémon, with Totodile having nothing to hold onto as the white light pulled Tyrogue back. Felicia and Elm ran to the new trainer, pelting her with congratulatory statements.

"We won?" Viria asked?.. it all happened so quickly, she was in a daze, after Felicia and Elm ran over, she snapped out of it and then smiled "We won! Totodile!~ we won!" The Pokémon went over and jumped into her arms, she gave him a loving squeeze, she couldn't help but blush a little as she was praised "A-Aw shucks.. I'm sure it's just beginners luck" she said, but the happiness and hype was all over her face, and Totodile's.

Chuck had left to go to the back room of the Dojo, coming back shortly after with a few items. “To be honest, I wasn’t expecting you to win, only for this to be a test.” He held a tiny case in his hand, opening it to reveal a shiny Storm Badge in the top right corner.”What?! This was official?!” Elm exclaimed, taking a step back. The martial artist simply nodded. “It was once I saw the strength between her and her Pokémon. I can’t let their talent go to waste!”

In his other hand was a small button with an inferred bulb at the end of it. Pointing the contraption at her Pokédex, the device blinked a few times. “Check that out. Your Totodile won’t be able to learn it, but I’m sure others will in the future. Use it wisely though. It can only be used a single time.” Opening the Pokédex, Viria saw “TR07 - Low Kick” upon the screen.

Viria held Totodile up and kissed it on the snout, the Pokemon playfully tried to hide its big face underneath its hands, Viria couldn't help but smile and laugh but.. that smile turned into amazement as she saw the badge presented to her "No way.. I get to keep this?!" She was just as surprised as the professor, but after hearing Chuck's praise and comments.. she couldn't refuse, she gently took the case and showed it off to Totodile, whispering about how they won. 

“I guess I better train some more. Come back whenever you want! Tyrogue and I would love a rematch!” As the Gym Leader left the three, Elm to would say his goodbyes. “I have to catch my ferry. Heard from the Grepavine that you’ll be leaving tomorrow for Olivine. I hope your journey goes well.” Walking to the front doors, he looked back to Felicia. “I hope you can find your true calling as well.” Leaving the two behind, thoughts raced all over Felicia’s head, causing her to make a split second decision.

“Hey Viria... C-Could I go with you on your journey?”

"Oooooh.." Viria said as she heard the explanation about Low Kick, nodding along and soaking up the information like a sponge, she smiled a little proudly at chuck "Heh, we'll get stronger too!" She said as chuck left.. She marveled at the badge until Felicia turned to her, she had a great big smile "Heck yeah! Let's do it!" Felicia got extremely excited, not only did she make a new friend, but this could be an opportunity to start her new life. “Sweet! We got some time to kill before tomorrow...” She stated, an idea popping into her head.


It wasn’t long before the two were in her father’s pickup truck, driving away from the coast toward the mountains. Felicia knew they wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Safari Zone’s construction, but near it would be the only place Viria could catch a Pokémon that wasn’t a water type. “My Pokégear doesn’t have data on Pokémon, but it has lots of other cool uses, like a map telling me where some could be...” Parking the truck, there were only two places in front of them that could even have some wild Pokémon. One was a cliff side leading to a small batch of trees, while the side of the mountain had a small entrance into Cliff Cave, a dank rocky area. “So... where should we go?”

Viria smiled as she went with her new friend, she even introduced her to her mom, who graciously blessed them with some sandwiches to eat along the way, Viria was nomming and munching on one as they stopped "Hmmm.." she said "Let's go over to the forest, My mom said there were a lot of Zubats in caves.. and they're kinda scary" she spoke with a stuffed mouth, swallowing and feeding the left over sandwich to Totodile, who was now lovingly nicknamed "Mako".

“Good call.” Felicia didn’t want to deal with the Poison Pokémon today, or rather ANY day. As they both got out of the car, they found themselves within an array of tiny trees, but not a single Pokémon in sight. “We must be too loud- wait.” Bringing Viria with Mako behind a bush nearby, she noticed a single Ledyba waltz up a tree’s stem, likely looking for some honey. The Five Star Pokémon had a positive demeanor while it tried to find lunch. However, Felicia glanced at a Spearow nearby, sleeping atop a branch. It was obvious that attempting to catch one would startle the other, causing it to run...

Viria thought about it... pretty hard, Mako even mimicked her motion, which she felt was kind of cute. "Hey.. why don't we try out that Pokédex thing? Help us figure out which one is better?" Viria wasn't quite sure.. she liked both them! One was super duper cute, and the other one looked nice and cool.

The Pokédex gave information on both Pokémon quickly. 

LEDYBA, THE FIVE STAR POKÉMON. It is very timid. It will be afraid to move if it is alone. But it will be active if it is in a group. 

SPEAROW, THE TINY BIRD POKÉMON. Very protective of its territory, it flaps its short wings busily to dart around at high speed.

Unfortunately, the Pokédex wouldn’t give out the moves or abilities of Pokémon unless they were caught. The Ledyba climbed slightly higher as the Spearow snored. Viria smiled and knew what she wanted right away "Alright.. Let's go get that Spearow." She grinned and then pulled out one of her Poké Balls, standing back a little so she could get a better throw "Hup!" She tossed the Poké ball at the sleeping Spearow.

Conking the bird on the head, the Spearow was absorbed by the Poké Ball, dropping onto the dead branches underneath the tree. “Wow, that was easy.” Felicia uttered, only for the Pokémon to brake out of the Poké Ball. The flying type looked around in anger as it left the container. “Spearow. Spear!” Its eyes locked with Viria’s, flipping its wings as he came toward the two friends.

"Eh?! Ehhh?!" Viria was surprised as the Spearow escaped the Poké Ball , and thus began it's attack on them "M-Mako! Use Water Gun!" She said, Mako roared and then sprayed water onto the Flying Type. Spearow took the bulk of the attack well, although being drenched made the Pokémon ever angrier. By this point, the Ledyba was long gone, likely scared from the bird’s screeches. White streaks surrounded the Spearow, sending its entire body onto the poor water Pokémon.

"Gah! Mako! get up quick!" She said "Lets mix it up... uhh, try using Bite on it!" Viria said, Mako would then get up, despite being hurt- he was still determined to do well. Spearow didn’t have enough time to react as the counterattack hit it. The powerful jaws, much like with Chuck’s Tyrogue, hold the bird Pokémon tightly. This time though, there isn’t much resistance. Its right wing, now caught between the Spearow’s body and Totodile’s jaw, gives it no way to get out of the predicament.

"Perfect! Mako, Bite again!" Viria said, as she went over and grabbed another Poké Ball, Mako held onto the wild Pokémon, Viria fumbled the Poké Ball a bit cause of her nerves, She got ready to throw it as Mako went for another chomp. “Spear...ow...” The strength of Mako’s second Bite did its job at weakening the Pokémon, falling onto the ground with swirls in its eyes. “Throw it now before it can escape!” Felicia yelled, realizing the prime opportunity for a catch.

"You got it!" Viria said, tossing the Poké Ball at the Spearow as Mako pulled away, Viria held her breath as she watched the Poké Ball twitch...

Twitch Twitch Twitch Ding

It was official. Viria had just caught her first Pokémon. The ball laid still atop the dirt, almost as if it was waiting for its new master. "We caught it? We caught it!" Viria said, hugging Mako and her friend "We Caught our first Pokémon together!" Seeing both a Gym Battle and a Pokémon caught in a single day felt slightly overwhelming to Felicia, but there was a sense of rushing blood from her. All of it felt reinvigorating.


Taking Viria back to the Pokémon Center, her Pokédex had not only taught her the moves and ability of the new Spearow (Peck, Leer, Aerial Ace and Keen Eye) but also the fact that it was female. As the pickup truck slowed to a halt, Felicia watched the sun begin to set. “Wow, that was a good day. I guess I’ll meet you at the ferry tomorrow?”

Viria was hyped up the whole day after that, excitedly taking care of the Spearow after having it healed at the Pokémon Center. She leaned back and smiled as she sat in the truck with her "Yeah!" she said with a bright big smile, which was how she usually looked apparently "I can't wait to go on this adventure with you, Felicia."



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It was easy for Felicia to fall into slumber after the day that she had, but the thought of having to do another day of hauling Shuckle juice into the same old store made her fell even more tired. Before she knew it, the sunrise peaked through her windowsill, surprisingly before the chirps of any bird Pokémon. Checking her Pokégear, she knew it wasn't long before the ferry out of town would go. "Awwwww." She sighed while grabbing her purse. The saleswoman had promised her new friend that she'd be joining her, not thinking about the consequences from her father.

To her surprise, a single Luxury Ball sat on the middle of their dining table, along with a small note.


I went on a hike with the Shuckle. I heard about your adventure yesterday with the new trainer and the Gym Battle with Chuck. It made me realize that it was time to let my baby finally go on a journey. Don't worry, I will manage with the Shuckle. I've let for you a Pokémon your mother had caught before she passed. I'd contemplated trading it, due to its rarity, but I feel your mother would've wanted you to have it.

I love you dearly,


The note shocked Felicia, almost to the point of tears, but her father's willingness to allow her to try something new brought a sense of happiness. Taking the Poké Ball, she clicked the the single button with curiosity. From the white light appeared a blueish-black Pokémon donning four red feather. "Sneasel?" The clawed creature seemed to be almost confused with the purple haired girl in front of her. Felicia crouched down to its level. "So... Sneasel..." She uttered, unfamiliar with the Pokémon. "I guess I'm your new trainer now..." Reaching for the Sneasel's head, it quickly backed away, immediately telling Felicia the personality of her new Pokémon.


A few hours had passed since, with Felicia stopping by the Pokémon Center to register and get more information about Sneasel. The female Pokémon had an ability called pickpocket, which the Nurse knew nothing about, and had the moves Ice Shard and Fury Swipes. To her, it seemed as if the rare Pokémon would be a good battler, but Felicia wondered if that's even what the Dark Type would WANT to do. Picking up some Poké Balls shortly after, she sat in one of the few seats left on the small ferry. Only about a dozen other passengers were on the boat, but still no Viria...

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Viria and her mother had a nice.. long talk about what was going to happen.. of course the daughter was.. well, sad.. in the absence of her father, Viria's mother did everything for her she took care of her, raised her, and taught her everything she knew about.. everything, and now.. it was time for Viria to spread her wings and go on her own journey, the usually tough and cool looking girl was currently holding back tears as she was "Lectured" by her mother. 

"Oh.. who am I kidding?" The mother couldn't help but shed a few tears as well, hugging her only daughter tight and running her fingers through her hair "I'm going to miss you so, so much Viria.. so you better be a great trainer, that way I can see you on TV all the time, okay?" She let out a small chuckle while trying to lighten the mood of both her and her daughter.

Viria nodded and squeezed her mother tight "I will! I promise, I'll be the best trainer in the world, You'll see!" She had determination and strength in her voice.. she wanted to make her mother proud, more than anything. 

Her mother smiled and kissed her on the forehead, packing one more thing into her daughters backpack secretly, something she would need later on in her journey.. Viria got dressed and got ready to head out, she had everything she needed. the blonde girl turned to her mother and smiled brightly "I'll be going now.. I love, you mom!" She said before running off to meet with her friend, she was- a little late.. but never the less! she rushed to the port and got to the ferry quickly, upon seeing her friend Viria waved and called out to her "Felicia!" She called out, smiling brightly and accompanied by Mako, who was mimicking her movements and even calling out to Felicia in his own way.

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"There you are! I thought you weren't going to make it in time." Finally seeing the new trainer, Felicia watched as the two sat next to her on a small ferry. She noticed that her Totodile seemed to be getting used to Viria, even mimicking her mannerisms. "Looks like Mako's having a good day!" Felicia stated while petting the Water Type Pokémon. With Viria being the last passenger on board, the boat left the dock at a quick pace. "At least it won't be long until we're in Olivine." She told the trainer while the sound of speedy rotors hummed underneath them.

She had been to Olivine a couple of times over the years, but hadn't done much travelling anywhere else. Thankfully, she knew this knowledge of the city would be useful on their journey, especially the location of the Gym. "I've heard it's a Steel Type Gym, but that's about all I know." She told Viria. "My Pokémon would be toast... oh, wait!" Felicia had completely forgotten about showing her friend the Dark and Ice Type. Pulling out a Luxury Ball, she clicked in the single button, revealing to her friend a Sneasel. "This is my Sneasel. She was my mother's, but now she belongs to me..."

The Sneasel didn't move any closer to Viria, opting to keep its space on the boat as it instead looked through one of the windows. The ferry passed by the occasional Gyarados or Mantine, but the waters were mostly calm and stable. Felicia did notice the Whirl Islands in the distance though, a location that was a death wish to try and reach, even for the most skilled sailors. "Man... Now that would be a challenge..." Muttering to herself, Felicia took a drink of her juice bottle. The rest of the ride was uneventful, pulling into the docks of Olivine next to a gigantic cruise liner.

"Woah..." Felicia balked at the massive boat, noticing "ROYAL UNOVA" plastered across the side of it. She'd personally never seen any ferry the size of that, or even been to the region the ship was from. "I guess there might be a few tourists in town." Deciding to keep Sneasel out, the group of four found themselves in a city much bigger than what they were used to. While there weren't any skyscrapers. the port town was still far different in building design and aesthetics.

"So, we got a couple of options." Felicia exclaimed while pulling out her Pokégear. "The Gym is the obvious one, by they also have plenty of Cafés to try. There's also a... Battle Tower?" She hadn't noticed that on her previous trips, assuming it was new. "It's west of the city, if you're up for training, I guess..." The four strolled through the middle of the city, now far from the docks. What neither of them knew was that someone from that far away region would change their lives forever...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Mako happily accepted the pet's that his friend gave him, he seemed pretty happy all around, being with his trainer and all that. Viria herself smiled innocently "Pffft me? Never" She said "I wouldn't miss this trip for the world". She seemed pretty excited "I haven't actually been on a ferry like this though, just my grandparents fishing boat" She leaned over the railing a little dangerously, with Mako biting the end of her shirt to sort of pull her back away from the water, after awhile she did settle down and sit next to Felicia though, listening as Felicia told her about the gym.. though, she did suddenly brighten up when she mentioned a pokemon.. and she seemed even happier when she saw the pokemon 

"Whoa! that's so cool!" She said, getting up and trying to pet it- only to pout as it backed up from her though it didn't affect her much, she regaled her friend with the story that her mother told her about how her great grandfather sailed all the way to the whirl islands and back to prove his worth to his lover, though she didn't really think it was real, it was still something cool to talk about.. and it was her favorite story to listen to growing up as well 

When the large ship arrived in front of them.. she marveled at it "Whoa..." She said "That's way.. way bigger than any ship ive ever been on.." she said, nodding to felicia's comment "This is so exciting!" She said, humming and looking around as they arrived "Errr.. what about our accomodation though?" Viria tilted her head to one side.. though she was extremely excited to go up against the gym, she also wanted to see the sights somewhat


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"UGH! What is up with the air?" Tasting quite salty to the rich boy, Richter scowled while walking off the cruise ship. He had only ever vacationed to Goldenrod in this region over the years, not stepping foot anywhere else in Johto until now. "Talk about a bad impression." The red haired individual waltzed across the harbor with his backpack in tow, uninterested in the port town. "Let's just find the Gym and get outta here." Not wasting any time, Richter had already signed up for Johto's Pokémon League back home, hoping to blast through each with ease. 

The trainer twirled his shrunken Poké Ball with his fingers as he stared at the Olivine City Gym's sign. "Steel Type? Piece of cake." Without even waiting, Richter burst through the doors of the building. In front of him was a sleek battling area, which gleamed a shiny silver color toward him. "Looks... Futuristic?" He thought, walking forward. The place was completely empty, with not a single person in the stands to watch Richter destroy the Gym Leader. "Uh... HELLOOOOOOO!" He called out, clearly annoyed no one was waiting for him. As he tapped his toe, a light brown haired woman came out from one of the doors across the area?

"Yes? Can I help you?" Richter balked at her question. "What? Why do you think I'm here? I wanna battle your Gym!" The woman's eye widened when she heard this, moving her hair to the side. "Oh! I'm sorry! I'm just surprised someone's here, especially this late. Seems like the Pokémon League challengers are slowing down these days..." Richter yawned as he spoke, causing him to toss his Poké Ball. From the white light came a red furred creature with white stripes and a long snout. "Heatmor!!!" The Pokémon cried out, staring directly to the Gym Leader.

"Well you're ready to fight!" She stated with a giggle. "Let me get my referee! This'll be a 3 on 3 battle, by the way." As she walked to the back door, she quickly stopped and turned. "I'm sorry, I forgot to introduce myself! I'm Jasmine. Get ready to feel the power of Steel Type Pokémon!"

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“Accommodation? Well...” Felicia realized she was off to a great start. She had little clue of what it truly meant to be a Pokémon Trainer, down to the fact that they had no clue as to where they’d even sleep! “Uh... I’m sure there are some hotels, right? Hopefully.” Shuffling her feet, a thought popped into her head. “Maybe we should go to the Pokémon Center and try to get some answers.


”That’s right, the Pokémon League offers free rooms to any travelers.” Nurse Joy had just got done telling the two more about the ins and outs of truly being a Trainer. Thankfully, it seems as if there were plenty of perks. “Well, thank you, Nurse Joy.” Felicia half heartedly smiled as her and Viria were handed keys. The Center was in much better shape than the Cianwood version, sporting more high quality furniture and massive TVs. A high stakes battle from the Hoenn region blared at the two, immediately catching Felicia’s eye. “Two Pokémon... at once?!” While double battles weren’t non existent in the Johto region, they weren’t common. Gripping her Luxury Ball in her hand, she wondered if maybe she should go catch some new Pokémon. “Nah. My Sneasel’s resistance is enough trouble for now. Best to not add more issues onto her.” 

The sun began to set at a quick pace, creating an orange hue in the sky. While their Pokémon munched on some pellets the Center provided, Felicia pressed her cheek on her fist. “To be honest, I’m thinking of going to the Battle Tower tomorrow. Maybe that’s where I can find my goal in life. Plus, it’d give you some training. She looked down at her Sneasel, watching it smile alongside Mako and Spearow. “I just hope I can be a good trainer to Sneasel...” She whispered to Viria.

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"Steelix! Iron Tail!"

A massive metal snake brought its appendage upwards as it glowed, ready to slam down upon Richter's Heatmor. The two battlers each had a single Pokémon left, with Heatmor looking quite injured compared to the giant Steel Type. Richter only smirked once he heard Jasmine's command called out, pointing his finger at the Fire Type. "Dig now!" The shiny tail slammed down on the broken floor, causing more damage to an already demolished battlefield, but didn't connect with its target. "Watch out, Steelix!" Jasmine stated with a sense of urgency. The Steelix looked down at the ground, hoping to see the red and tan creature pop out.


Heatmor charged upward out of the ground, slamming into the large creature's head. "Finish it off with Flamethrower!" With no delay, a stream of fire was produced, coming out of the long snout the Pokémon had. "AAAUHH!" The Steelix screeched in pain from the super effective attack, causing its entire body to crash backward onto the floor. Dust and debris flew in all sorts of directions, with Jasmine trying to shield herself. Richter stood tall, taking whatever was thrown at him head on. Once the dust had settled, a flag was waived in the rich boy's favor. 

"Steelix is unable to battle. The challenger Richter is the winner!"

Returning her Steelix, Jasmine sighed, staring at the mess the two had created. "Guess its just apart of the job..." She picked up a few items for the winner. "Congratulations! Here is the Mineral Badge, your token of-" Richter snatched the pin right out of her hand, looking at the bland badge in disgust. "Ew... Talk about an awful design..." His wounded Heatmor stood beside him, also staring at the badge. "Just give me my move and I'll be on my way. TR31- Iron Tail was downloaded into his strange looking Pokédex, not saying a single word as he left the gym for good. Jasmine only watched, tears starting to form at the trainer's hurtful words.


"Your Pokémon are all healed up!" Nurse Joy uttered with a smile. Three Ultra Balls were passed to the redhead as he took them with pride. His Pokémon had done well against their first Johto Gym Leader, but there was no time to waste. Going to the Center's single premium suite, he jumped forward onto the bed. "Johto's gonna be a piece of cake..."

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Viria let out a breath of relief as they got situated in their room, she was impressed with the technology in the pokecenter, she didn't even think it could look that advanced! Though, she still would mention that it couldn't replace their own back at home, she seemed.. especially sentimental about her hometown. She swung her legs as she sat on the bed, smiling as she watched her and her friends pokemon eat and "play".

"The battle tower? Heck yeah, that sounds great!" She said with her signature grin, she was already going on her own little tirade about strategy and what type of pokemon they might go up against- when She heard what Felicia whispered "Huh? Of course you will!" She said, patting her on the head to reassure her "As long as you trust each other and take care of each other.. I know you guys will do great" Viria was confident, as always.. not just about herself either, she really did believe that her friend would be a great trainer as well, and it was obvious with the way she spoke and gestured while trying to hype her up. 

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"Thanks Viria. I hope so..."

Their beds were surprisingly comfy, but Felicia was unsure if it was because of the quality, or the fact that it was a long day for the two. As she pulled up her covers, Sneasel let its arms go wide to stretch, laying at the end of her trainer's feet. Viria and her Pokémon had long since fallen asleep in their bed, with Felicia soon to follow. "I can't let any of these people down. I'll find my path in..." Falling into a deep slumber, the only sound in the room has Sneasel's snoring...

As she opened her eyes, the purple haired girl found herself upon an rocky cliff, mountains deep in the distance. "Wha-what?" Felicia looked around confusingly, wondering where she had ended up. Hearing the flutter of wings, she turned to see a strange creature land near her. The green Pokémon had long white wings with black and red tips, completely unfamiliar to the Cianwood native. 

It has begun. You and your friends will be apart of something much greater than you will anticipate.

The Pokémon didn't speak, but Felicia knew his Flying Type was the one telling her this. "What do you mean?" She asked the creature. "I... I don't understand." The bird responded by flipping its wings, sending itself back in the air.

People. Pokémon. All life has feelings.

"Wait. WAIT!" Felicia held out her hand, almost as if she wanted to reach out and grab the creature, but something seemed to be pulling her back. As she slowly looked down, the trainer woke up in a cold sweat. Sunlight peaked through their room and Sneasel still snored heavily. "I don't get it." She mumbled, getting out of her bedsheets. "It felt... real."


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“Hey, that’s not legal!” shouted a boy with a blue hat, hopping up and down at the events in front of him. “You can’t just throw your Pokemon!” He stares down a green-haired teen picking up a Metapod who leans it over his shoulder.
“Of course I can.” The trainer winds up for another throw. “Metapod, TACKLE!” The Metapod goes hurling through the air into his opponent's already wounded Ledyba. It hits the Pokemon square in the side and it tumbles several feet before fainting. “Nice shot, Metapod!” The trainer grins at the boy, showing a completely opposite expression compared to the stunned and exasperated look the boy was showing. “Time to pay up, kid.” he says as he opens and closes his hand out in front of him.
The child was in tears, stomping the ground with anger. “You can’t do that! There isn’t anywhere in ANY battling handbook saying you are allowed to assist your Pokemon in battle” he exclaimed getting even angrier with every word.
Picking up his Metapod again, the green ponytailed trainer fired back at the boy “Oh yeah? Do you see anywhere that it says the Pokemon can’t use the trainer as a springboard?” He patted the Metapod, looking over it for scrapes and damage. “Hah, not even a scratch on you! Good job, buddy.”
“Springboard! You threw---it can’t even move--- UGGHH!” Coins suddenly fall to the ground and the child, picking up his Ledyba, points to the Metapod again on it’s trainer’s shoulder, “I bet your Metapod doesn’t even KNOW tackle! Take your stupid money, you cheater!” The sounds of crushed dirt and leaves pound the forest floor as the boy begins running off, the sun noticeably low in the horizon past him.

“Well, this may be enough for a soda, I guess.” the hazel eyed trainer said with a bored expression as he blew the dust off the 140 Pokebucks he collected off the floor. “I need to stop battling kids.” The Metapod on his shoulder buzzes a low hum in agreement “Couldn’t have said it better myself.” 
The trainer picks up his tan backpack, dusts off his black sleeves and white tee and begins heading South, toward the city with the large tower just off the coast in the distance. It doesn’t look like reaching the town by nightfall will be easy, so camping out will be in his future again tonight. He finds a clear spot 40 feet from the main road and makes camp. Night falls quickly and the trainer has a fire built in no time. While building his tent, he asks his Metapod to hold a rope for him by here placing Metapod on the rope as a buggy paperweight, or propping up the side of a wall by leaning Metapod against it. "Thanks again buddy. You know I couldn't do this without you." Another loud, low hum buzzes from the Metapod and it's large, half-circle eyes squint in agreement. 

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  • 2 weeks later...


A vein throbbed in Scooter's head. First a sudden downpour of rain on his camp, soaking everything as he was packing, then an officer told him part of the road was closed so he had to wade through thorns and thistles just to reach the town in time for breakfast. Finally after he reached the Pokemon center, the center's own Nurse Joy asked him if he was making the trip alone or with his parents. He set down his Metapod and bag as he looked for his ID in a rear pocket. After handing it over to the attendant, he hears a crash behind him and a young woman is on the ground near his Metapod, sprawled on the ground one second, then instantly up the next.

A nice warm shower awaited Felicia as the new day began. It amazes her how well kept the Pokémon Center was, considering the fact that she only saw a single Nurse Joy in the entire building. However, her thoughts were answered once she saw a Chansey bring her a fresh towel. “Oh... thanks...” While slightly uncomfortable, Felicia knew that people succeeded with the help of their Pokémon companions. “Just like... that dream.”

Sneasel was back in its Poké Ball, with Felicia walking alone back to the main lobby of the Center. Deep in thought, she wondered about the Battle Tower. Her Pokégear gave her a bit of information, but it wasn’t much to go off of, like who’d they even be fighting. Completely off guard, she tripped over something hard, sending her to the floor. “Ah!” She yelled, only to get up quickly in rage. 

Viria woke up real early- which was surprising, as she didn't really wake up that early without the help or prodding of her mother.. maybe it was the excitement, maybe it was Mako nibbling her hand to wake her up.. or maybe, it was simply time to get going on their adventure! Viria was making a game plan based off of what both her Pokémon could do- but.. well, she wasn't really a tactical mind per se, she wanted some help, so she went to talk to Felicia, who she saw with a trainer "Hmmm?" She approached them with Mako.

” Heatmor! Fire Lash!” Richter let loose a command as the Pokémon created a flaming whip from its snout. Two trainers stood behind the Pokémon Center, using one of the small fields meant for battling. Wrapping around the neck of the Girafarig in front of it, Heatmor pulled its body backward, sending the Psychic type into the air. “Smack it on the ground!” A violent connection with the Girafarig and the dirt occurred, with both trainers watching as the dust settled.

”Return...” The kid, noticing the swirls in his Pokémon’s eyes. Doing the same, Richter left the kid to balk in his defeat. “Come on, Johto! Show me at least one trainer who’d actually put up a good fight!” With the rich boy annoyed at the region, he waltzed into the Center, only to see a purple haired woman trip over... some curved green log? “Geez... This region just keeps getting better and better...”

Annoyed by whatever it was, Felicia looked down to find a Metapod. “Oh...” Feeling embarrassed, she noticed the trainer, or what she assumed was their trainer, up at the counter with Nurse Joy. “I’m sorry kid.” She told the green haired individual. “I was not paying attention whatsoever. I hope I didn’t hurt him.”

The word echoes through the bug-type trainer's head.

Kid. KID. Does she think I'm a kid. No way, she must have meant someone else. Scooter looks around the room. No one on the left, no one on the right. Some newbie trainer near the entrance? No, she definitely DEFINITELY meant me.

Coming back from his introspection, Scooter caught the end of the girl's next sentence. "I hope I didn't hurt him" the purple haired trainer said, and their eyes meet.
"Hurt him? HURT HIM!? HAH!" Scooter said out loud, picking up the Metapod. "You see this, Metapod? She thought she could hurt you!" The bug Pokémon buzzed, eyes looking slightly annoyed. All memory of the slight against his age lost to the pride he has in his Pokémon, the green haired trainer with his Pokémon put out his hand. "I'm just glad YOU weren't hurt. This guy is wanted in 13 towns for obstruction of walkways." He grinned, laughing at his joke. "Names Scooter."

It was a surprising scene for the purple haired trainer, seeing someone as confident in an unmoving cocoon Pokémon like that, but it was heartwarming. “I’m Felicia.” She responded, only to see Viria and Mako the Totodile behind her, both likely having watched her embarrassing tumble. “Oh, hey!” She turned back to her, then back to Scooter. “This is my friend Viria. She’s taking the gym challenge in the region, but we’re actually gonna go to the Battle Tower first.” 

That statement piqued Richter’s interest. “Battle Tower? Is it like Black Tower?” The rich boy thought, joining the trio of trainers to investigate. “Excuse me. Did you say Battle Tower?” Richter asked Felicia this with a strange sense of confidence. The girl looked at the stranger, which was hard not to do considering his vibrant style. “Yeah! I was looking it up on my Pokégear. It said that it just opened, the first one out of Sinnoh. I guess since we’re beginners, we’ll only do three battles, then get a mystery prize!” Felicia got excited at the thought of prizes, but Richter wasn’t impressed. ”Beginners? Get real! I’ll have you know I participated in the Unova League. It’d be a waste of my time to do something like that. See ya.” As he went to leave the Center, he caught a glimpse of Viria along with her starter, scoffing at the little water type as he went outside.

“Geez. He’s more pompous than a Snubbull!” Felicia stated. “Anyways Scooter, we’re heading there now, if you’re interested. Could be fun!” She didn’t know why exactly she felt to offer the bug trainer to come with them, but something was... different about him. Something that reminded her of the feeling she had during her dream...

Viria went up to her friend to help her up, but it looked like she was able to get up without her help, she smiled and nodded as she was introduced to the new person. "Heya!" She said with a smile, looking at the Metapod and seeming pretty... amused by it, like it was cool. "Sounds like a tough cookie" She said, lifting Mako up and then introducing him as her awesome partner and battle buddy. 

"Huh?- Viria looked at the new dude to approach them, she was kinda stunned at the bright colours of the outfit and the hair, though she eventually recovered and spoke up "Yeah, Battle tower" She said "Apparently there's a bunch of trainers over there?-" She mentioned, she hummed and then listened to the red haired boy's little tirade, when he left, she huffed and then said "I don't like him as much as you and Scooter over here."

“Stuck up people are the worst.” Felicia gripped her Luxury Ball tightly, watching as he left. She wondered if they’d see him in the future, considering he seemed the type who’d try the gym challenge. “We better get going. Who knows how long of a line there will be!” She didn’t even wait as she grabbed both Viria and Scooter by their arms, excitement rushing through her. In fact, she didn’t even wait for Scooter to accept her offer!

This could be it. Maybe the Battle Tower will be my passion!

Metapod in one hand, the other being dragged through the double doors of the Pokemon center, Scooter was off being dragged to some adventure yet again by a girl he just met. Last time it was a police cadet who’s Growlithe was lost. Before that an older woman with an Onix was asking for help with painting a sign in exchange for a bit of work pay. Heck, even as a kid, his childhood friend would literally drag him everywhere. Returning from his thoughts he catches the end of the purple haired girl’s comment on the red haired boy’s show and disappearance. “Rich kids, yeah?” he said, remembering the nice clothes Mr. Big-mouth red kid was wearing.

Before they left the city, the three went to one of the nearby cafés, getting themselves a nice breakfast before a long day of battling. Thankfully, the road to the Battle Tower wasn’t particularly long, only stopping once they noticed a large gate in front of them. “JOHTO BATTLE TOWER” covered the stained wood in ornate detail, but the tower wasn’t all too... towering. “That’s gotta be only 5 stories tall!” Felicia stated, realizing that plenty of buildings in Goldenrod beat this place by a long shot. 

Following his new companions into the Johto battle tower, Scooter was piecing everything together. “Hold up, we’re going to join the---” but his 3 member group was already falling out into preparations for the upcoming battles.

Trainers and their Pokémon walked around the building, which admittedly had a beautiful park surrounding it. As the trio strolled inside, wood carvings of various unfamiliar Pokémon greeted them. “Are they from Sinnoh?” Felicia uttered curiously, only for the receptionist to speak up. “Why yes, these are some of the Pokémon from the Battle Tower’s native region.” He responded with a smile. “You three must be here for the first time. I’d recommend our beginner’s course. “Three battles with three other trainers. One Pokémon each and you are allowed to switch your Pokémon of choice in between battles.” Felicia nodded as she signed some information. “Yep. That’s what we’re here for.”

“Ohhhhh kay then. I guess we’re doing this!” Taking off this backpack and scratching his chin, the young-looking trainer with the oddball goatee saddled up near a desk, propping Metapod against his leg.

The first one to finish her paperwork, the purple haired trainer was quickly nudged through the door to the left of the receptionist. “Oh uh seeyouguyslaterhopeyouwin.” She tried to get everything out before she was brought to even more doors! Going through one, she was ready for battle.

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The battling room was smaller than Felicia assumed it’d be, but there still was enough leeway for the two Pokémon to battle. The kid across from her didn’t waste any time beginning their battle. “Furret! Come on out.” Tossing the ball, the Normal Type appeared on the wood floor in front of him.

“Sneasel, let’s go!” In no time flat, the Dark Type stood tall, but was still shorter than the tan creature. It was at this moment that Felicia had never actually used Sneasel in battle before, only knowing its moves. “Furret, Quick Attack!” The Normal Type ran at a brisk pace toward her Pokémon, only for Felicia to call out her own command. 

“Ice Shard!”

Glowing blue, Sneasel’s hand hit Furret in the head, slamming down on the poor creature. “Body Slam!” Injured, but not out of the battle, Furret obeyed its command, sending its curvy body on top of the Dark Type. “Snea?” It coughed as the Normal Type laid atop, arms flailing. “Uh... Fury Swipes!” Felicia called out, causing Sneasel to swipe into the sides of the creature. Letting out a howl, Furret eventually let off, only for Sneasel to give it another Ice Shard thanks to Felicia.

Almost like an uppercut, Furret fell to the ground, swirls in its eyes. “Aw man...” the trainer sighed, returning his Pokemon back. Felicia on the other hand was shocked. She hasn’t expected to defeat a Pokémon so quickly, let alone on her first battle. The kid waddled out his door, looking defeated, only for a prissy girl to take his place.

“A Sneasel, eh? That what you’ll be sticking with?” She stated to Felicia, hands on her hips. With no other options, Felicia only nodded. “Alright then. Marill! Sing for me!” The blue ball appeared, calling out its name. With both trainers ready, Felicia called the first move. “Fury Swipes!” Sneasel ran with its arms behind its back to the Water Type, but was stopped by a screeching noise.


Using Echoed Voice, the cries got louder as Felicia clasped her ears. “AH! Sneasel!” The Pokémon also held its ears tight, only for the creature to stop, instead creating an Uproar of tunes. “Listen to my beautiful Marill sing!” The lady called out loudly for everyone to hear. “Yeah... just great...” Felicia thought, only to watch Sneasel grunt in agony. Bringing its hand forward, a purple glow now appeared from it. “What the?” Felicia uttered as Sneasel jumped forward, smacking the Marill below its mouth. Coughing, the lady attempted to get her Pokémon to continue battling, but to no avail. 

With no orders, Sneasel continued to hit the Marill in the jugular. “Sneasel, wait. Listen to me!” Felicia called out, but it was too late. Marill fainted to the floor, causing the lady to burst into tears. “Y-You’re mean!” The lady recalled her Water Type and ran out. Felicia stood tall as she watched her Sneasel’s hand return to normal. “What move was that?” She asked to no one, looking through her Poké Gear. Eventually she found what she was looking for.

Throat Chop.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Viria hummed a song as she went into the battle room, she looked around and though impressed, remarked that the gym back at home was a lot.. cooler, though she guessed it was the way it was to eliminate any unfair advantages for certain typings, she was excited to battle, and when her opponent came up, she sized up the guy, around her age, she nodded and then held her two pokeballs behind her back, waiting to see what pokemon she'd have to battle

And it almost was bad, a grass type a Oddish, luckily.. she had more than just her trusted partner, She tossed out the second pokeball "Let's go, Spearow!" She said, her feathered friend crooed out as it was let loose. "Aerial ace!" She called out immediately, not wanting to give her opponent any room to think about their move, though the opponent trainer got his pokemon to dodge the attack, making it so spearow had to pull up hard as to avoid crashing into the ground too hard "Uh-oh-" Viria said, cut off by her opponent giving their next order 

"Razor leaf, oddish!" He said, pointing at the spearow, the oddish jumped up and then spun its head, shooting out razor sharp leaves toward the flying type 

"G-get above it Spearow!" Viria said, Her pokemon quickly flapped its wings, and avoided the brunt of attack.. though, she got clipped by it "Hit them back with another aerial ace!" She called out, this cycle would repeat.. and though she won, her spearow wasn't exactly in tip top condition.. Viria smiled and congratulated the flying type, before thanking her opponent- at which point her next opponent would come up "A-Already?" She was surprised, showing she didnt exactly pay the most attention earlier when Felicia explained the mechanics to her.. never the less she steeled herself and recalled spearow, this time she didn't have a choice "Alright, Mako.. Let's do it!" She said

Her opponent, another guy but this time a little older than her.. He let out his Sableye, Viria was wowed by the pokemon- which she hasnt seen before "Whoa.. so cool.." She said, looking over it, though this momentary distraction let her opponent take the first move- Shadow sneak!

"Ah! Mako move-" Though it was too late, Mako had already taken the attack, but was still standing.. she let out a breath "Alright! Let's get back at him.. Use Bite Mako!" 

Mako nodded, and with a growl he leapt forward with his maw ready to chomp down on his opponent! 

"Let's win this!"

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