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  1. “Hey, that’s not legal!” shouted a boy with a blue hat, hopping up and down at the events in front of him. “You can’t just throw your Pokemon!” He stares down a green-haired teen picking up a Metapod who leans it over his shoulder. “Of course I can.” The trainer winds up for another throw. “Metapod, TACKLE!” The Metapod goes hurling through the air into his opponent's already wounded Ledyba. It hits the Pokemon square in the side and it tumbles several feet before fainting. “Nice shot, Metapod!” The trainer grins at the boy, showing a completely opposite expression compared to the stunned an
  2. Arenal


    Name: Scott “Scooter” Clayson Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hazel Hair: Green, shoulder-length when down Skin: Tanned (he spends most of his time outside) Hometown: Scarlet City (later Diglett Village) Region: Jhoto Relatives: Various in Scarlet City and Diglett Village Trainer Class: Bug Catching Man Personality: Preferring to be called Scooter, he is fairly a responsible person and has a knack for fitting his way into most conversations. He tends to ignore social cues, but Sc
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