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  1. “Hey, that’s not legal!” shouted a boy with a blue hat, hopping up and down at the events in front of him. “You can’t just throw your Pokemon!” He stares down a green-haired teen picking up a Metapod who leans it over his shoulder. “Of course I can.” The trainer winds up for another throw. “Metapod, TACKLE!” The Metapod goes hurling through the air into his opponent's already wounded Ledyba. It hits the Pokemon square in the side and it tumbles several feet before fainting. “Nice shot, Metapod!” The trainer grins at the boy, showing a completely opposite expression compared to the stunned and exasperated look the boy was showing. “Time to pay up, kid.” he says as he opens and closes his hand out in front of him. The child was in tears, stomping the ground with anger. “You can’t do that! There isn’t anywhere in ANY battling handbook saying you are allowed to assist your Pokemon in battle” he exclaimed getting even angrier with every word. Picking up his Metapod again, the green ponytailed trainer fired back at the boy “Oh yeah? Do you see anywhere that it says the Pokemon can’t use the trainer as a springboard?” He patted the Metapod, looking over it for scrapes and damage. “Hah, not even a scratch on you! Good job, buddy.” “Springboard! You threw---it can’t even move--- UGGHH!” Coins suddenly fall to the ground and the child, picking up his Ledyba, points to the Metapod again on it’s trainer’s shoulder, “I bet your Metapod doesn’t even KNOW tackle! Take your stupid money, you cheater!” The sounds of crushed dirt and leaves pound the forest floor as the boy begins running off, the sun noticeably low in the horizon past him. “Well, this may be enough for a soda, I guess.” the hazel eyed trainer said with a bored expression as he blew the dust off the 140 Pokebucks he collected off the floor. “I need to stop battling kids.” The Metapod on his shoulder buzzes a low hum in agreement “Couldn’t have said it better myself.” The trainer picks up his tan backpack, dusts off his black sleeves and white tee and begins heading South, toward the city with the large tower just off the coast in the distance. It doesn’t look like reaching the town by nightfall will be easy, so camping out will be in his future again tonight. He finds a clear spot 40 feet from the main road and makes camp. Night falls quickly and the trainer has a fire built in no time. While building his tent, he asks his Metapod to hold a rope for him by here placing Metapod on the rope as a buggy paperweight, or propping up the side of a wall by leaning Metapod against it. "Thanks again buddy. You know I couldn't do this without you." Another loud, low hum buzzes from the Metapod and it's large, half-circle eyes squint in agreement.
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    Name: Scott “Scooter” Clayson Gender: Male Eyes: Brown Hazel Hair: Green, shoulder-length when down Skin: Tanned (he spends most of his time outside) Hometown: Scarlet City (later Diglett Village) Region: Jhoto Relatives: Various in Scarlet City and Diglett Village Trainer Class: Bug Catching Man Personality: Preferring to be called Scooter, he is fairly a responsible person and has a knack for fitting his way into most conversations. He tends to ignore social cues, but Scooter often finds a way to get others to relate to him. As long as the topic of bug pokemon doesn’t come up, Scooter is just a normal person who likes conversation. He’s down to earth and likes to fix things himself rather than paying someone else to do it. This gives him the ability to repair things with a toolset he keeps on hand. He’s uninterested in anything other than platonic relationships as he already has a crush on someone from back home. Scooter also has a habit of inserting his Metapod into unusual situations whenever possible. Using it to prop up his tent, hold a door open, prop up a tire, as a paperweight, you name it. Metapod seems to enjoy all the activity so no one can really complain. He is also salty when people mistake his age thanks to his appearance and can pout when he’s mistaken as a kid. Appearance: Shorter than most people his age, Scooter is only 5’3”. He tries to grow a beard but all he has is a decent goatee. Without this facial hair he’s often mistaken as a teenager so he tries to keep this image whenever possible. Scooter often wears a black long sleeve shirt under a white tee and a grey vest, depending on the weather. He wears brown pants and black hiking boots. His backpack is tan with multiple zipper pouches and drawings all over it. Scooter’s forest green hair is often tied back in a ponytail and a pink scrunchy. History: Scooter is from a family of well off ground-type pokemon trainers. Originally from Scarlet City, he has cousins in Diglett Village that he moved in with after leaving home at 12. When Scooter was a child, he disliked getting dirty, or even going outside. This changed when he met his cousin Maggy who dragged him outside after he moved in with her family (after a major change in family leadership). He was convinced to leave the cleanliness of the indoors because his cousin was cute and had a way to make him feel like his opinions mattered, as well as being really excited to show him her village. After enough time, Scooter found the outdoors exciting, in particular the bug pokemon around the village. From a bookworm to earthworm, Scooter found his calling amongst the forest creatures. It was during this time he befriended a Caterpie who after about a year evolved into a Metapod. It’s remained a Metapod since, and hasn’t evolved beyond that for years. Scooter is determined that Metapod will evolve when it’s ready, but everyone else but Maggy tells him to give it up. Scooter is determined to prove them wrong. He set off from Diglett Village to travel the world to help Metapod grow, as well as to learn more about gadgets and discover new bug type pokemon.
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