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Gender: Male

Eyes: Red

Hair: Red

Skin: Light-Skinned

Handiness: Right-Handed

Hometown: Castelia City

Region: Unova

Relatives: Various

Trainer Class: Rich Boy



Stuck up and loud, Richter makes sure that he can get what he wants with the money and influence he has. However, while he treats the common folk poorly, his Pokémon get to see a kind demeanor from the boy. His strive for success on his own right has changed him recently, giving him a new drive for winning no matter what. 


Dressed for success, Richter always wears a specially made suit and tie. His bright red red is normally a head turner along with his brightly colored eyes. He commonly carries a snooty smirk on his face, along with his own backpack for the very first time.


Born into a wealthy family, Richter lived a pampered life inside a lavish penthouse in Castelia City. Almost since birth, he'd stare outside of the skyscraper, waiting for the day to become a Pokémon Trainer. Eventually, his time came to receive a Pokédex and a starter. but his parents continued to spoil him, giving him butlers and other personnel to accompany him on his journey to collect Unova's Gym Badges. Completely ahead of anyone else, his rich advantage allowed him to beat all 8 gyms with ease, even participating in the Pokémon League.

At some point, he released his starter, although it is unknown why. With an array of Pokémon to choose, he only picked three as he set sights on another region.





(Multiple other Pokémon that are currently unknown) 



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