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Full Name: Lee Jalahafi
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Handiness: Right-Handed
Hometown: Pewter City
Region: Kanto
Relatives: Jayson - Father, Joyce - Mother
Trainer Class: 

An easygoing man; Lee uses his mind first before he resorts to force to solve a problem.  Moreover, it takes a lot to get Lee upset, and instead tries to find another way to deal with this.  Loyalty is very important to Lee, and has a loyalty that is fierce when it comes to his family and friends, since he will defend them until the end.  One of the most important aspects to him, is his friendship with people and he is even loyal to those who are innocent in these troubled times.  Lee enjoys going to the Opera now and then, attending dinners, and is infallibly elegant when it comes manners.

A charming person, he has a smile that is disarming, and is a well-mannered individual thanks to his parents and grandparents.  He has a sweet caring nature that is the root to his personality, and he draws upon this nature all the time.  Lee is a caregiver, helping those who are in trouble, and being there for those who are being hurt.  He is always out helping those who are in need, both as himself and as The Shadow. This can be a flaw, as he does things for people and usually is taken advantage of, but he does it because he knows the world needs someone who can help those who need it. He is only human and he can feel what people feel and the pain they maybe in.

Lee wears a navy blue long sleeve jacket with a light blue shit under that. a pair of brown khaki's and a pair of simple black shoes. His brown hair is short while his brown eyes are framed by a pair of wire framed glasses that loop over his ears. A brown belt holds up his pants and a pouch is hanging from the belt and wrapped around the right thigh that appears to be a carrying case and a notebook can be seen sticking out of the pouch.

Born in a small village, and raised in an area of Kanto where there is an abundance of forest and mountains, Lee learned how to survive and navigate these areas.  He grew up to loving parents who were in professional careers of their own.  His mother was the local nurse, similar to a nurse Joy, and his father was a teacher at the local high school.  Both of his parents had a Pokemon, his dad had a Bulbasaur and his mother had a Geodude.  As Lee grew up, both of his parents saw that he was unique compared to the other children and after being tested, found out he had some minor psychic ability. However, this ability was not even enough for most to find out about and so it was kept within the family.

His parents think that this is what caused him to venture into the mountains and forest around the village, and while exploring a cave, he came upon a Gastly, which scared him, however, he was able to capture the Gastly, and now known as Shadow, and the two have been together since.  As Lee grew up, the two of them helped each other out and made frequent trips to the mountains for days on end.  From this, Lee learned much about how to navigate and survive in the mountains and the forests for days on end and has learned how to survive in forests. Lee wants to be a Pokemon Researcher like Oak, Elm and the other Professors around the world.

Shadow - A Gastly that Lee has had since he was 9 years old

Notebook, Pokedex

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