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Delphine Hawthorne


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Full name: Delphine Hawthorne 

Faction: Orb

Rank: Captain

Age: 36

Sex: Female

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 150

Eyes: brown

Hair: red

Skin: fair

Handiness: right handed


Delphine can be cold at times, always task oriented. Despite her professional demeanor she often harbors doubts about herself and her abilities. She can be a facade of strength but a mess of emotions underneath. 
She can be quite playful with people who she considers close, and even has a reputation as a bit of a flirt outside of duty.

Strengths and weaknesses

Commander  –  Delphine is a natural leader. She is easy to follow, and persuasive in her commands, even if she herself doesn’t fully understand the situation. 

Lack of confidence – in a professional world that competes with coordinators she herself can find herself lacking conviction or harboring self doubt. Though she is good at keeping this part of herself hidden from most, those who know her well enough are able to see when she is feeling uneasy. 

Ambitious  – She is career oriented and has always had aspirations of advancing her military career. She will work protectively of her station and her progress. She is also willing to take questionable risks if it means advancing herself. . 

Natural – Nothing special about her Genes though she does keep herself in excellent physical condition. 


Delphine is very attractive, but often hides her charms behind a military uniform. She will rarely dress up in civilian attire and even then hardly ever in a dress. Her eyes tend to speak volumes as she has what is described as a mischievous smile. 


Delphine grew up in Orb and has lived there her entire life. She could be described as a military brat with both of her parents having served in the military. Even growing up she could be described as a tomboy despite her good looks. She lived a fairly normal childhood even going as far as marrying her highschool sweetheart Frank. 

Despite being married at a young age she was determined to not be tied down with a family and always maintained with her husband that she would be serving in the military like her parents had. This understanding had at times come at odds with her husband, but even so they stayed together. 

As she progressed in her military career she came to work closely with another officer by the name of Nathaniel Barondel. For the longest time he never disclosed to her that he was a coordinator, but ultimately confided in her when he saw how desperately she was trying she to keep up with his pace of growth. 

The two developed a mutual relationship that proved how coordinators and naturals could work together to feed of the others strengths. In many regards it was Nathaniel’s “one step ahead” demeanor that drove Delphine to thrive and push herself. 

Their teamwork culminated as they were assigned to the same special operations team, with Delphine acting as his second in command. The ultimate test was when they were tasked with securing the secret Earth Alliance weapons being developed in Heliopolis. Together they accomplished the mission. Politically Hawthorne was shown in a positive light as the heroic captain of a ship that saved countless civilian lives that day. 

The added pressure of publicity mixed with the political climate weighed heavily on Delphine’s ego. This was compounded when she was assigned to be the permanent captain of the Archangel, a challenge and opportunity she couldn’t pass up. 

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