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the next Gundam Seed?


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As far as gundam seed is concerned bandai sort of closed  the time line completely through the 4 special series and especially the last one which shows that earth and zaft live happily ever after through their cooperation. so if they do go back to the CE timeline it'd have to be a long time after seed/destiny finished otherwise their special series won't make sense.


and as daimyo said above me 00 is coming...

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I've been looking around about it for a while now but information's either non-existent or really tight up. I hope for the later. No matter if Fukuda's directing, I'll be looking forward to any CE installment related to Cagalli >X3


If it's going to be released though, rumour says it'll be during the time of 00

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I'll find the link on the GH but Gundam Seed is meant to be the next Mobile Suit Gundam according to one of the VPs. However, they said they are still doing the movie and the standard from Blizzard Entertainment, "We will release it when it is done." which reminds me, i have SC2 updates to look at. I'll wager that it will be released after 00

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