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Maria Niemeyer Neilson


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Player name: Asahi

Character number: 2

Faction: ZAFT



Full name: Maria Niemeyer Neilson

Nickname: Marmalade, Lil’ Ms Prime Minister, Mary

Age: 28 (DOB 12/3/CE57)

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Current Prime Minister of the Oceania Union

Birthplace: Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, Oceania Union

Citizenship: Oceania Union


Maria wears an overly serious façade on the job; a strict but fair politician. Maria’s words chill every opponent, making any and every effort to win a fight. Although Maria can be at times stubborn and ignorant, these moments are rare, and only occur when she is under pressure. On the other hand, whenever relaxed, or without a challenge on hand, Maria has a penchant to act and think on her toes, rather than thoroughly think out a situation. She also likes to act much the comedian, and jokes with anyone she can. A headstrong personality, and a highly sociable voice, Maria has been called on various occasions, “Lil’ Ms Prime Minister”, as perhaps signifying, her approachability, (on a darker note) the lack of faith in her as a PM (by the media; the public however, love her), or the fact that she has not shown her adeptness at mothering, which also links to the lack of faith in her. But, she has legitimately proved herself worthy of leading her nation, by both soundly defeating her opposition, popularity-wise and politically. As a sort of downside to her outgoing personality, she is easily angered, frustrated and stressed out. However, as a leader of a nation, she tries and does her best to hide these undesirable traits from her people.



Height: 164cm

Weight: Maria has been somewhat shy on the subject, but guesses herself to be at a modest 64kg

Hair Colour and Style: Her natural strawberry blonde hair is styled sleek and straight, reaching around chest length, with a short wild fringe at the front

Eye Colour: Naturally a bright, clear hazel. With her short sightedness however, Maria had chosen to wear contacts, both coloured amethyst (or a fancy way to say purple )

Identifying Features/Marks: none

Skin Tone: A very slight tan

Build: Maria possesses a light build, nothing too muscular, but she seems to have the ability to exert immense force momentarily, but not able to keep it up.

Clothing: As a woman, Maria, strangely, has a lack of fashion sense. Of course, on the job, she wears a professional suit; navy blazer, navy shin length skirt, plain white shirt and various coloured ties. Outside of work, there can be no telling what she could wear, although it would be a good guess she’d wear something plain.

Handiness: Mainly right handed, but Maria likes to boast about her limited left-handedness



Mother: Valerie Niemeyer

Father: Othello Neilson (deceased)

Siblings: (adopted step-sister) Caitlin Williams

Significant Other: Wilson Carrieau (deceased)


Personal History

As Maria was born in CE57, her parents lived in the city of Port Moresby, raising their child there. As private commercial engineers, Valerie and Othello were ever willing to sell ideas to make a living. Their break came in CE65 as the Oceania Union required brilliant minds for designing new construction machinery. The couple were recruited and they moved to Sydney to start designs. Maria continued schooling in Sydney, amidst the aggression against coordinators at the time. Her father, an advocate for peace between coordinators and naturals, was tormented by the situation, and took it upon himself to relinquish the anger. Leading a peace movement, he travelled with them, spreading the message of pacifism, rather than war. However, on the same day as the Bloody Valentine incident, he was killed by EA fanatics (discovered to be part of Phantom Pain, a secretive branch of EA) for his “ignorance and blindness” on the matter of coordinators. The impact on his family was far from sad. Maria was broken, and her mother, distraught.


With the anger blown into full-fledged war in CE71, all the two could do was wait it out in Sydney. As a teen, Maria was horrified by the atrocities, but felt helpless from her position. Her prejudice however, lay with the Earth Alliance, as she saw them as the perpetrators of the conflict, the aggressors. Schooling for her continued, despite the countless deaths and bloody fighting around and above the Earth. The period between both wars agitated Maria even more, as the fact that two wars passed within such a short time disgusted her.


For the next few years Maria lived normally, doing what any other young woman did, and learning to make a living. Maria originally intended to become a biomedical engineer, but in CE75, failed to apply in the university course, instead, being placed in a psychology course. It was in that faculty that she met Wilson Carrieau, an exchange student from the Atlantic Federation’s branch of OMNI. Wilson was under the financial subsidisation of OMNI to become an NCO helping re-habilitate traumatised soldiers, when he met Maria. Maria originally disliked the course, but as time passed, she became accustomed to the subject, not to mention Wilson. The boy was charming, quick and cunning, which made her originally dislike those qualities, but she grew to like him for what he was. The two slowly, but surely, started dating, and before she knew it, Maria fell in love with Wilson.

The day of their graduation came, sometime in CE80, both receiving their honours for psychology. It was then, that Wilson decided on a whim, that they get married. This was perhaps the most foolish move for Maria, albeit a joyous one; the couple were married within a month of graduation. Maria took a job working for a local member of parliament in Sydney, serving as a public relations manager, whilst Carrieau earned work experience with a practicing psychologist. Within several months, it became apparent to Maria that Carrieau was having an affair with his employer. Maria confronted Carrieau about the affair, but he struck back – literally. Before he left their home in a rage, Carrieau physically assaulted Maria, leaving her in tears. It was not another hour before she saw him again, in the hospital morgue. After Carrieau had left the house, a truck hit him whilst he was crossing the street. The authorities identified Carrieau’s corpse, and informed Maria of how her husband died on impact.


Whether or not Maria was delighted or saddened, it was hard to tell. What was important was, that at the time, she was already pregnant with Carrieau’s child. Through some sort of miracle, Maria had a miscarriage; the child was never born. Maria took several days to recover, she decided to move apartment, and completely forget about her ordeal. Over the years however, she seemed to have distracted herself from ever thinking about her husband again. For another three years, Maria kept her job as the PR manager, and sometime in CE84, she was promoted to her employer’s job, the local minister of parliament. For the last year, she has campaigned tirelessly to reach the top, become the Prime Minister. And, so that came true, around a month ago. Her policy of peace towards all of the Union’s surrounding nations as well as PLANT and the increased emphasis on education and health has touted her as the most promising Prime Minister yet.




OOC: I know its kinda short I kinda have a block right now. I'll try to add to this later, to make it a more interesting read. But i'd like her to be approved now please

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Ano.... I don't think there's anything that specifically needs adding to this profile, I think it looks great, and Maria could be an intriguing political character to interact with (will be amusing to see how she handles any political debates with EA representatives, assuming she still retains any hate or prejudice towards them). I also have to laugh at Wilson; poetic justice if I ever saw it

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Right. The only thing I see is that the 3rd and 4th paragraph isn't spaced correctly, and as as far as you wanted to make this an interesting read, I suggest that you try to lower the OOC undertones in the profile (some of the others would have wanted you to remove the OOC-ish bits), especially the .>" title="" /> at the end of the 4th paragraph, not that it is anything, but some of the others would look at it in a serious manner.

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Asahi, please be patient with the staff.  I hate to be the one saying this, especially since if I could I would review and approve your profile.  But just like everyone else we do have lives and I'm sure that no one has been purposely neglecting you or your profile.


If it isn't reviewed/approved in another day I'd suggest PMing your faction's moderator and politely asking them to do it.

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