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Janus Chiaki Matsuo


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Player name: Janus

Character number: 1

Faction: NOVA




Full name: Janus Chiaki Matsuo


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Natural

Occupation: Local restaurant’s lackey (before application to Academy)

Birthplace: Kusanagi

Citizenship: United Emirates of Orb

Personality: Loyal and stubborn tomboy who’s remain absolutely faithful towards Orb’s ideals (under previous cheif representative's rule). She is thought of as the ‘elder brother’ amongst peers when it comes to taking action, but is naive and indecisive with her own decisions. Janus believes in the good of others but is cautious of their inner motives once betrayed. She can be quite sacrificial when she’s attached to something whether it is materialistic of idealistic. Appearance wise, Janus would normally not be approached by strangers due to her rough appearance when in fact she is very respectful and shy (at times). Once you get to know her she can become quite outspoken and caring. Is athletic, thoroughly enjoys music but is unable to play any herself as her parents saw no future in it for her. She externalizes her emotions (particularly anger) when around people she knows well but internalizes everything around others.




Height: 162 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hair Colour and Style: Brown, medium length usually tied back during work (at restaurant). Has an untidy fringe due to her cutting it herself to save money.

Eye Colour: Light brown

Identifying Marks: Wears frameless glasses when reading, and contacts at all other times as she is shortsighted. Amazingly it actually makes her look like a girl when she does wear glasses. No piercing at all (not even ears). Always wears long never tight pants. She hangs her father’s dogtags on the loops where you thread your belt through as a remnant of Elliot’s attempt to become a pilot.

Skin Tone: zzz.jpg

Build: Medium bone structure. I’d say like a tomboy if it weren’t too generic. She is stronger than typical females her age. No signs of masculinity though. She stands tough, and does not appear weak.

Clothing: Normal female clothing basically. She cannot afford brands and such. Makes do with anything practically. Janus hates wearing dresses and such so you’ll always see her in baggy or long pants and clothing with sleeves (never no sleeves). Likes wearing coats and jackets. In regards to colour, she doesn’t wear pink, orange, light green or any ‘bright’ colours. Blues, reds, black, white, army green, rice colour are examples she’d often wear. From the back she can be easily mistaken for a male (just for some humor so please use it )

Handiness: Right handed




Mother: Yukari Matsuo [natural and deceased]

Father: Elliot Matsuo [co-ordinator and deceased]

Siblings: None

Husband/Wife/Girlfriend/Boyfriend: none


Personal History:

Elliot was a technician in Orb. He had a big obsession towards mobile suits and this rubbed off on Janus in her early years. Elliot’s life dream of becoming a Mobile Suit pilot was despised by his family. He was expected to become something of a more academic background so when he joined Orb in attempt to gain pilot status he was shunned. Even when he turned to mechanics (after he failed to become a pilot) he was still not reaccepted by his parents and siblings. Marriage was no exception and neither was Janus’ birth. All ties to his side of the family were cut. Soon after the 2nd war, he retired to creating arcade games with realistic settings and cockpit surroundings. From then on Janus was exposed to endless hours of Elliot showing Janus his work and taking her to the arcades which greatly contributed to her rough and tomboy persona.


Yukari, on the other hand, much preferred Janus to learn to be more or less feminine. Janus leant the basic skills of living but never really excelled at it. Meanwhile, at school Janus was already earning a reputation of being the ‘brother’ amongst the girls. However, she found it much easier to befriend males than females.


As Janus reached her teens, Elliot began to gamble. The addiction grew and the family eventually broke down. Elliot spent the family income on betting, and was seldom at home. When Yukari found out that Elliot had even resorted to borrowing money from mobs to repay his losses she left him with Janus. The separation happened months after Janus turned thirteen. Income became tighter than before and so Janus took up a part time job as the lackey of a local restaurant.


In C.E. 81 Elliot died in a highway car crash near Kusanagi. By then Janus had emotionally detached herself from Elliot. She didn’t hate her father; rather she still greatly respected him for his design and knowledge of mobile suits. Admiration is what it could be called but it’s not quite that either.


Yukari inherited a small fortune in which Elliot had been saving and adding to since Janus’ birth. Having thought Elliot had no longer cared for them past two years broke down and soon began to suffer from depression. Janus remained oblivious to the problem until Yukari's condition reached the point where she could no longer avoid breaking down in front of Janus. Eventually, Yukari was sacked and this forced Janus out to fulltime work. Despite being in the top ranks of school, the guilt Janus weighed on herself rendered her teachers efforts to persuade her from dropping out useless. Her education ended right after entering her final two years of high school. However, she continued to pursue her interests in Mobile Suits with more depth whether in the arcades or just reading up on them.


Yukari committed suicide in CE 82. The attachment Janus had grown to her mother cause her stumble back, but strict determination along with the socially obligated aid of her father’s family Janus continued to live healthily. One set back of her traumatic experience is that if one were to ever mention the event of Yukari’s suicide she will collapse emotionally as a last resort. First, she would try to avoid talking about the events and causes that led to the suicide, and then if steered back onto the problem Janus would slowly degrade as she is engulfs herself in the anguish. Fortunately, as time progressed Janus has learnt how to managed and avoid turning into bursting tears whilst in public or around strangers.


After Yukari’s death, the Matsuo family provided financial aid. Though that was all they did. They provided all the necessities and never established any contact with her. They sent her to school again after missing ten months of education, but with strict tutoring and help from her former friends, she caught up and regained her position in the top ranks of her school. After graduating, she finished up her job at the local restaurant and enlisted herself in the Orb Military (or FREE Forces… but I like Orb Military more )


Better explain it here than have people ask or suggest later- English is my second language. However I'm actually better at English than my first language haha.

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All characters are worthwhile ones, the only thing that stops a character from making it into the RP is  how much time is put towards the fine tuning of said character (never stop looking for flaws, I was recently notified that my NPC charrie Bian had light blue skin 0_o).


You don't have to make references to the rest of your profile when you write the personality section, as you can be sure that anybody who is interested will already be reading the entire profile to better understand the character.  I would like to know what part of the character history explains why Janus is no good as a musician though.


Appearance wise, you forgot to put down what measuring system is used for janus' weight; is she 50 lbs or 50 kgs (though I expect its kgs).  Also, why does Janus wear dog tags?  Where did she get them from, and what do they mean to her?  Are they just a fashion statement, or do they have sentimental value? (explain this in the character history section).


Don't forget to mention that Elliot is deceased in the family section (just put it down in the brackets with his race), and its assumed that females would put down Boyfriend/Husband for their section, unless the character is bi-sexual or lesbian.  You also need to expand on what happens after Yukari goes into her depression, as it kind of leaves the profile at a cliff-hanger moment.  Also, you don't have to write down the reason why Yukari went into a depression, as its understood by reading the entire profile just why (re-stating the obvious is unnecessary, as we don't need to recap the profile for those who don't want to read it).


Hope it helps

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Not bad so far.


Oh...Kaizer was here.  *reads post*  D'oh.

Kaizer pretty much summed up the same points I was going to point out.  But I believe once you finish your profile, I think you'll be fine.  (And English is your second language? That's a little hard to believe. O_o )


Wife/Girlfriend: Now why would a girl have one?

I couldn't help but 'LMAO' at that.  Obviously the template default had male characters in mind, so you would have to modify that to 'Husband/Boyfriend:' instead. 

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Seems to be an interesting profile so far (we never had that much cross-gender persons here, and my character is cross-gender by name only).


This is what I did for the relationship part:





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ok I just got out another 2-3 paragraphs of the profile and I'm not putting it up until I get more done


So checklist:

1. Significance of dogtags

2. Take out references in Personality

3. Why she isn't a good musician

4. Stop restating the obvious sorry~~~


if there's anything else tell me!

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understood! *salute*


---edit June 19th---

arg damn school work. I have gotten around to editing and adding points that were noted down. BUT this is still in progress I've only managed to add one and a half more paragraphs into the history but yea I will continue once I get more time.

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ok I finished it up but I can't shake the feeling that it feels like I rushed it. Either that or I only had very little left to type out haha.


Ok I changed some of the dates because it felt inconsistent. But otherwise, I've covered the dogtags and why she's not a musician. And I've also taken out the references and have eliminated parts where I think I was restating.


Anyway please critique and I want to join soon!!!!!

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The finished product is really good.


Uh, just a few typos here and there:

Elliot died in a highway car crash in.

Where?  When? o_o


Her education stopped near the end of her second last year.

"Second to last year?"


Other than that, I think you got a good profile here.

But you'll have to wait until Valiant gets his PC working again before he can look at/approve this profile.

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Orb Union Bureau of Citizenry

Kusanagi City, United Emirates of Orb[/align]


This is to certify that Ms. Janus Chiaki Matsuo is a native citizen of the United Emirates of Orb, and is to be accorded with the same rights as all other loyal citizens of the Orb Union.


Furthermore, this citizen is an enlisted soldier in the Federation of Royal Emirates Elite (FREE) Forces, holding the rank of Private, with duties and responsibilities thereof.


Signed and Noted by:

First Lieutenant Demetrius Amherst



(Sure, go right ahead.  If you got further questions, please check our Faction board at Orb Headquarters.)

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