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Hitomi Matsuko


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Player name: Fireminerva

Character number: 001



Full name: Hitomi Matsuko

Nickname: (None)

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Race: (Natural or Coordinator) Coordinator

Occupation: Diplomatic Envoy/Military Intelligence Adviser

Birthplace: Januarius City PLANT

Citizenship: PLANT

Personality: Hitomi is almost always professional in every situation.  She presents herself as a bureaucrat of the highest level who observes all forms of law and rule and who places order above all else in the universe.  But in reality Hitomi is a very sweet and caring woman who pours out her heart into others.  It's true that she is strict and that she expects the rules which are laid out to be followed but she reasons that without rules the world would descend into anarchy and that the rules are broad enough to work within their parameters.  Hitomi is also semi-outgoing and will engage others if she finds them to be approachable.




Height: 5'8

Weight: 135lbs

Hair Colour and Style: Dark purple which is cut short except for two long bangs that hang down in the front.

Eye Colour: Burgundy

Identifying Marks: None

Skin Tone: White, lightly tanned though when she isn't outside frequently her skin becomes white and fair.

Build: Hitomi has a very light build giving off the impression that she is of normal strength.  However this is simply not true. Hitomi is an excellent long distance runner and takes pride in keeping her body in good physical shape.  In addition to her running Hitomi has also been toned and formed by the martial art she studies.

Clothing: More often than not Hitomi is working and so she is often found wearing a fashionable but plain business suit, she has stockpiled quite a few of these in varying colors.  Off the job Hitomi's clothing is dictated by her mood and the activity she is engaged in and can range from anything between a traditional martial arts uniform to lounge wear in her house.

Handiness: (Left-handed, Right-handed or Ambidextrous) Left-handed







Mother: Marina Matsuko

Father: Kaito Matsuko

Siblings: None

Husband/Boyfriend: None


Personal History: Hitomi is the only child born into the prominent Matsuko family who have residences throughout the PLANTs but traditional live in Januarius City.  Both of her parents are of Japanese decent, though her mother is a quarter German, and Hitomi was brought up to honor her heritage.  As a young girl Hitomi lived at home but during the daytime she attended many exclusive schools intended to prepare her for a life of dignity and honor.  Though she never stayed in one school for more than two years Hitomi achieved high marks in everything she did and further distinguished herself by excelling at long distance running.  On a bit of a side note she also spent a bit of her time in school in the performing arts, singing in two choirs and playing the saxophone.


Upon graduation she attended a high end university in Martius city and focused all of her studies on human biology with the hope of some day becoming a doctor.  With the arrival of the first Bloody Valentine war all that changed.  Fortunate enough to not be called up for military service Hitomi spent a great deal of her time during the war as a nurse in Januarius city hospital, treating injured soldiers and civilians alike.  Her specialization in biology allowed her a bit more freedom than most nurses and enabled her to quickly rise up until she had a small ward operating beneath her.  In her time spent at the hospital Hitomi found her passion for management and operational bureaucracy.


After the war ended Hitomi returned to her university and began to pursue political studies, hoping to one day work within the PLANT government.  The year passed uneventfully but once again her life was interupted by war.  At that point in time Hitomi assumed that she would once again end up working at a hospital as a nurse but fate had other plans.  As fate would have it one of her professors recommended her for a job as a civilian analyst in PLANTs intelligence bureau.  There she once again did well, though there was no promotion this time.


For Hitomi both wars left a strong impression on her, many of her friends had left the university to go off and fight and less than half of them returned.  With the loss of so many laying in plain sight before her Hitomi secretly promised herself that PLANT and ZAFT would always have the best information she could provide to aide its glorious soldiers in all of their struggles.


After the resolution of the second war Hitomi returned to her university and graduated near the top of her class.  After that she immediately transfered into a graduate program and finished in two years with a degree in foreign affairs.


For the last eight years she has constantly and consistently applied herself and has rose up through the ranks within her department.  With a floor of analysts under her Hitomi's deparment reviews everything from siege preparation to mobile suit repairs.


Throughout her whole life Hitomi has never married and, with a handful of exceptions, she has never dated.  She lives alone in a modest house which she purchased using the money left to her after her parents died.  Though she is rich Hitomi never thinks about money and sees it as a means to an end rather than the end itself.

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