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Re: Hello! back again!

Emi Yoshikuni

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Yuppy 'ello to everyone, and as from seed i am still the same Emi Yoshikuni *waves hand* hope we start soon, i will... eventually.... start my profile, friday the 13 coming up this week    :(" title="Angry" /> so maybe next week? just for good lucks sake 


well it was nice seeing everyone agian....



Sincerly, Emi Yoshikuni

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I really don't get what people have against having a Coordinator in the EA or a natural in ZAFT; with the several billion people that live in the SEED universe, I would think it possible that there could be some naturals that would want to live in the PLANTs, and some Coordinators that would side with the Earth alliance of their own accord.


Also, YAY!!!! Emi's on the new site! Konban wa onee-chan! 

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