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ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance


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((Please note that this event is by invitation only. Only members of ZAFT and SoF are allowed to roleplay here. I will delete any post that should not be here. This thread will only be opened for a week.


On account of the fact that we seemed to be just warming up, this thread will be opened for another week. ))


After tonight, Sandrilene's life will change forever.


Of course, she's in no fairytale, and it's not like her life will change forever just because she found her Prince Charming, but simply, it would be impossible for anyone in ZAFT to not know her after the dinner and dance. And in just 5 minutes, that will happen.


Currently, all that separates Sandrilene and the rest of ZAFT is a curtain. When the cue is given, she will step outside and announce the commencement of the event, as the PLANTs Supreme Council Chairperson.


Sandrilene had been busy getting ready since last week, trying to find a dress. It had been a long time since she been to any formal event, and so some shopping had to be done. Heidi and Haylie were going along (despite their protests) so they needed something nice to.


Sandrilene finally decided on a one piece baby pink evening gown in satin silk and organza. It has  a deep ‘V’ neckline with fully beaded bodice which flows into a multi-layered cascade of soft billowing asymmetrical ruffles. It looked very flattering on her.


For Heidi and Haylie, it was a dress in velvet top with a crisscross halter tie that has a keyhole and a ruched waist, completed with a silk chiffon skirt that has a prolific flare. Heidi was wearing it in black and brown while Haylie black and purple.


The five minutes seems to be an eternity. Sandrilene felt so weird standing there with her dress, her black wavy hair tied up in a bun, wearing three inch white heels. She wished Heidi and Haylie were here backstage with her. But currently they are seated at a table in front, waiting for her to join them.


While heading to backstage just now, before everyone came, Sandrilene saw how everything was arranged on the outside. There were five seats around every table arranged outside, with ample space for people to move around. It was going to be a 10 course dinner, she heard from the waitresses, with 10 to 15 minutes between each course to allow everyone to mingle. In the center there was a huge empty space for people to dance. Sandrilene laughed when she saw the area set aside for dancing. She wondered how many brave souls out there would dare to ask her for a dance.


"Now, let's invite Miss Sandrilene Apfelsine, PLANTs Supreme Council Chairperson to say a few words before we start." Well, that's the cue. A young ZAFT soldier on duty escorted Sandrilene out on stage. Sandrilene smiled and thanked him, and adjusted the mic a little. Thank goodness for all the speeches she had to make to the council. Nothing else would have otherwise prepared her for the sight before her. The whole room was packed with people.


"Good evening everyone, thank you for coming down tonight. I hope you all enjoy yourself!" Sandrilene smiled, and let the emcee take over.


"This marks the beginning of ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance."

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Covering his mouth as he coughed, Asahi was ushered into a giant hall with a grand feel; grand furnishings, architecture and the artistically crafted ceiling. The usher directed his flight squad to a specific table in the hall, near the windowed side of the hall, not before the majority of his team fluttered off, either seeking friends or simply finding conversation. The team leader had also run off, as Asahi sat at his table, quite awkwardly, by himself.

"Ok, screw this." he thought after a minute of looking around. He promptly got up and sauntered over to the bar, at the end of the function hall. His attire was funnily enough, picked by someone else rather than himself; a female member of his flight squad to be exact. However, Asahi admitted he was never good with fashion. His obsidian blazer suited him fine, but he felt his silver silk shirt was a little constricting, as he adjusted his shirt whilst walking over to the bar. The ebony pants were fine, although Asahi considered them just a little too tight. Sitting down at the bar, he noted to his left, was quite an appealing young woman, in a teal dress with matching skirt. She swirled her drink with a straw, as Asahi ordered a drink of his own. Sensibly, it was not alcoholic. "Too early for that" he thought to himself. Clasping his drink, he looked over to the woman. He had never seen her before, and he asked "Excuse me Miss, which flight squad would you be part of?"

The blonde looked up at him, with a slight smile. "Sorry, I'm not part of ZAFT" she held up a small tag, with the words "PRESS" clearly printed.

"Oh, my bad." He felt a little embarrassed, and tried to readjust his glasses, only realizing he had worn neon green contacts for the night. "So where are you from? PLANT Daily?" he continued, even more embarrassed.


They continued with small talk for several more minutes, before landing on the topic of the new PLANT Chairwoman. Asahi had never see her before, or he may have, just that he never noticed her. Their conversation was cut off as the MC for the night came on stage, and addressed the entire congregation.


"Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. Could you please be seated at your assigned tables please. We will begin the formalities in a moment"


Asahi wished the woman a good night, and proceeded back to his table with his drink. Sitting down at his now mostly occupied table, some of his teammates made jokes on his encounter with the blonde at the bar. Before Asahi could make any retort of his own, the MC reappeared, with another message.


"Now, let's invite Miss Sandrilene Apfelsine, PLANTs Supreme Council Chairperson to say a few words before we start." A ZAFT soldier lead the chairwoman over to the microphone. She took it in her hand, and spoke.


"Good evening everyone, thank you for coming down tonight. I hope you all enjoy yourself!" Asahi robotically clapped as he gulped. He never expected her be such a fox, especially in her dress for the evening. In his mind however, his conscience smashed his lewd thought with a 100 tonne hammer. Asahi chuckled quietly at himself, and reached for his drink. The night had only begun, there was plenty waiting to happen.

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Landis walked.


It was the first time he had ever been in December City and he contented himself with a little sightseeing on his way to where the event was being held. While he didn't entirely relish the prospect of traveling to other cities all the time, the invitation had been sent. It would be an unwise move not to attend it without valid reason.


Not especially when the Chairwoman herself was in it.


Chairwoman of PLANT, Sandrilene Apfelsine... She was perhaps one of the most enigmatic leaders ever to take the helm, having apparently spoken to little people and showing her face to even less. This was as good a time as any to make herself known more, and for others to make their judgement on a leader they have hardly seen.


He had opted for a red collared shirt with slim vertical black stripes and a slightly loose-fitting yellow silk tie with an unbuttoned jacket of black velvet worn over them. Whatever the occasion, Landis was never much for wearing formal outfits and he was pretty certain he had neither the wit, charisma nor the patience to use those things to charm his way through in a dinner party or a rich acquaintance's wedding dinner.


The Flight Officer had left his hair as it was. Combing it through three times seem to do little to tame his wilder locks and he simply gave up, neither wishing for his hair to look unnaturally spiked nor be tardy. It was with that subtle difference of 'doing as would be the norm' and 'deciding on your own' that caused him to come to such a decision.


Landis handed his invitation for one of the apparent guards to inspect. Returning the curt nod which he decided was strictly civil, he stepped into the where this 'Annual Dinner & Dance' was to be held.


The grand hall stood at an ironically modest height, perhaps with only enough to equal that of a standing mobile suit. It probably was nothing compared to the places he had been to, but the atmopshere and the cosier feeling he felt made up for it's apparent lack in size. Despite that, it was apparent that whoever was in charge of decorating the place did a thorough job. Tapestries of bright red and yellow hung from several places, lined up along the walls. White pillars and columns look not a day older than they should be in the hall and Landis could have sworn that the chairs and tables were new, had it not been for the fact that this was a hall familiar with large gatherings.


Looking around, Landis found several familiar faces, but neglected conversation as he gave each one who noticed him a polite smile. There were but a small crowd, possibly only several dozen at the moment milling about, mingling and interacting at the bar or just on the dance floor while others prefer their conversations with view of the breath-taking, starry night skies. Most were decked out in their finery of high-grade tuxedos and trailing dresses, though some prefer it a little simpler, opting for a look that was a cousin to that of being smart casual. There were also those in who, as he observed, were strictly here on business. He smiled politely at the female who replied with one of her own. She had just left the company of a man in a black jacket sitting at the bar and judging from how she was dressed, she was probably here not just to enjoy herself.

"Now, let's invite Miss Sandrilene Apfelsine, PLANTs Supreme Council Chairperson to say a few words before we start."   He turned towards the surprisingly nondescript stage and watched as a soldier probably no older than him escort a striking woman towards the microphone. She wore an evening gown of an appealing baby pink, nothing too fancy or drab and the many layered ruffles on her dress suited her well, probably because of the fact that she was almost as tall as he, for one, and carried herself with a regality that exuded confidence. Her every step was solid and sure despite wearing three-inch high heels of a pearly white and her black hair was tied back in an elegant bun. Landis blinked, and realised the hall had quietened down, either out of respect or something else entirely.

"Good evening everyone, thank you for coming down tonight. I hope you all enjoy yourself!" Her voice was easy on the ears and her almond-shaped amber eyes only seem to radiate warmth and friendliness, though Landis suspect that her purpose for choosing this time to make her appearance not just to show how friendly she seemed.

Still, she's quite a sight to behold. He smiled and clapped out of civility in additional to his silent praise at how she presented herself. It was only when she handed the microphone back to the emcee did he finally notice that it was beginning to feel crowded.

"This marks the begining of ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance." He moved to his designated table and sat, curious about the very lady standing on the stage. HE hadn't been interested in people ever since tragedy struck in war earlier on, but now...

Perhaps it's a sign I ought to interact more. He grinned to himself, got up and sat at the bar, ordering something light. Something too heavy before meals would down and disgrace him quickly, and Landis was pretty sure he did not want that to happen.


Having quenched his thirst and perhaps part of his self-consciousness in a bundle, he returned to his seat and sat, waiting for whatever that should happen happen.

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He hated going to parties. they were never really his thing to began with. He felt so.. self conscious and aware of his awkward behavior whenever he was in a room filled with so many people. Thats why he tended to stay in the back, watching everyone else, waiting for his move to leave, or to simply sit there and watch everyone else have, what they called "fun". Fun to him would be in pilots chair, working on a mobile suit, or running training simulators, not dressing up like a penguin, and going dancing. But then again, this wasn't something he could pass up given his boss would KILL him if he did. So, reluctantly, Kanon went to the ball for the sake of his future place with SoF, and for his boss.


Dressed in your normal, everyday tuxedo with trimmed hair, and a passive expression slapped on his face, Kanon had, of course, given his invite when asked to and quietly strolled into the dinner room. It a way, it reminded him allot of his high school dance. He remembered he had taken this cute girl with him to the dance, and was pretty happy about it too. But then he actually went inside, and saw how many people had shown up and the gravity of things started to come into focus. She ended up hating the night, and I felt like a total idiot for even showing my face there.


next thing he knew, his eyes had been diverted in the direction of a young woman, greeting everyone and thanking them for coming to the dinner. talk about standing out, she looked beautiful, and already he was hooked. He sat at a table where he thought the boss might find it appropriate to sit, which was on one of the front tables, clapping when everyone else began to a big smile crossing his face. He had no clue how this was going to turn out, and in a way, he was kind of nervous to find out.


((Sorry for the crappy intro T-T Cant think of anything better ))

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What would tonight bring James thought to himself.  He was usually a happy person, very outgoing.  But joining the ZAFT Army was starting to feel like a mistake.  Walking up to the doors stood the guards.  Reaching in his pocket James Flashed the invitation and continued inside.


James wore his only suit.  It was black pants with light grey pin strips, a black button down with a crimson tie, the black jacket matched his pants.  He thought he looked good, but it didn't matter he wasn't trying to impress anyone.


At least they can through a party.  James said as he took in the surroundings.  On stage stood the new Chairwoman.  James had not seen her until now.  Looking around he found his table, there were others from his flight squad sitting down and enjoying themselves.  Taking his seat he gave a quick "yo".


On the tables were several glasses of water, James downed one and continued to listen to the Chairwoman.

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Christoph gave the guard a nod as he made an invitational gesture with his arm, a sign that Christoph was cleared to enter after the inspection of his invitation.


He had chosen his favorite suit for this occasion, a dark grey japan collard suit with broaded black Japanese-dragons on the side of suits jacket and on the back of the left leg. Matching the suit two black mocca hush puppies shoes decorated his feet. Christoph’s brown hair was firmly combed backwards and held in place with wax, it had the classic wet-combed look that you could see in classic mafia movies.


Christoph adjusted his collar as he walked past some socializing ZAFT personnel, cutting trough the big crowd of people that either was making their way to their tables or had got stuck in a conversation in the middle of the corridor that had been made between the tables for easier passing.


“Excuse me passing trough, step a side, thank you.”


His ice blue eyes scanned the room for a table where he could take a seat there wasn’t too many tables with free chairs though, as he noticed a familiar face and a free chair as a bonus Christoph adjusted his course and cut trough the crowd as a knife trough butter.


Landis, I guess he won’t have anything against that ill take a seat by his table and after all he is a very competent Flight Officer and he protected my back in ORB, with that gun waving maniac on the ZAFT shuttle, what an excuse for a soldier.


Christoph was almost at the table after his zig zagging trough the crowd when the announcement of the chairwoman’s appearance and that everyone should take their seats rang trough the speakers in the great ballroom. Christoph gave a nod to Landis and reached out his right hand to great him getting ready to sit down by the table.


“Flight Officer Landis, a pleasure, sir.”

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“Flight Officer Landis, a pleasure, sir.”


Landis slowly turned to his left fully, half-expecting a weedy man with beady eyes giving him a leering smile and extending a bony hand to him, but visibly relaxed and almost laughed out loud when he saw the orange hair, large physique and an all-too-serious facade.


Christoph von Crailsheim.


"....The pleasure...is mine." He replied steadily, giving him a firm and quick handshake. No matter how many times he had to interact with people, Landis was still somewhat uncomfortable with using certain terms and phrases in a polite conversation despite the lessons of social etiquette he had been forced to take when he was but a mere child. Even with his platoon mates during his training stints found it hard to interact with him unless it was a matter regarding the mission itself or something that did not cut close to his personal life.


In his understanding, Christoph was a good man who would make an even finer soldier, but he had little desire to talk unless someone else initiated the conversation. Still, perhaps a tiny bit of small talk would be enough...


"So, what fair wind blows you here?" Noting that a few people have began sitting at the table, some with uncertainty while others already in deep conversation, Landis dropped the bait.

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I look like a moron... Despite being surrounded by ZAFT personnel and their guests, most dressed in stranger clothing than he himself was wearing, Mal couldn't help but allow the thought to reach the surface of his mind like a bubble rising up from the depths of a pool. For the generally casually dressed Coordinator, an open shirt being the most he would agree to even during an anniversary dinner of his parents, the black tuxedo, crimson shirt and overly polished black shoes was... well, it was kind of scarey.


I'd rather be leading a charge against that damn Strike in civies armed with a rubber knife! That, however crazy it might sound, was the truth. He'd visited a store on December City and asked for something formal to wear, vaguely explaining to the shopkeeper what he was after, and then left after having his measurements taken. Half an hour before he was set to leave, the tuxedo had been dropped off at the barracks and he'd had no other choice but to wear it. Couldn't they just let us wear our uniforms?


As the Council Chairperson stepped out onto a stage and addressed those gathered with the aid of a microphone, Mal reached upwards and pushed locks of silvery white hair from his face and tucked them behind his ears. That was another concession he had made, one he hoped someone would appreciate, getting rid of the electric blue hair he normally sported. His tattoo however, the barcode beneath his eye, couldn't be removed quite so easily and so it almost ruined the whole image. Who am I kidding? I just don't look right in this thing!


Protesting in his mind did nothing though, the simple truth was the tuxedo fit Mal like a well-worn leather glove and accentuated his broad shoulders without straining the garment when he crossed his arms over his chest, like he was doing now, and leaned against a wall out of everyones way. His reasoning, though he wouldn't admit it if questioned, was that he was less likely to be looked at if he stayed out of everyones line of sight.


Lost in his own mind, Mal didn't notice the renewed talk of those gathered in the large hall as the Chairperson finished a rather hasty speech, if it could be called such. Even as he pushed himself away from the wall and headed towards a table, graciously accepting a flute of champagne from a waiter who seemed glad to get rid of one of the glasses, the Coordinator assumed that she was still speaking and that he could make his way quickly to a seat without anyone trying to talk to him. Little did he know that the seat he was trying to take was at a table right at the front of the hall, a table with two women sitting at it. The table at which Sandrilene Apfelsine was to sit...

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[align=center]Delfina knew she was late for the gathering. She sat in the backseat of a limousine applying makeup to her face. Although without it, she looked stunning but with her elegant dress, she didn’t want to take any chances. Wrapped around her body was a Grecian style flounce evening dress in rich chiffon color with a jeweled center brooch, and beading throughout the bodice. It fit her body perfectly showing her shoulders, and slender arms


The limousine pulled over to the curbside, where reporters and members of the civilian population waited in awe to see the luxurious outfits of the plant chairmen and women, along with the celebrities that would be at the ceremony. The chauffer crossed out of the driver’s seat, and rushed over to the back doorway opening it quickly.


The lights from the cameras flash brightly, while Delfina emerged from the limousine. Her diamond earrings and jewelry sparkled with each sequential flash. Confusing the crowd, many mistook her for a celebrity, or a politician instead of a Zaft officer. Ignoring the publicity as a good officer should, Delfina walked elegantly to the doorway, where a pair of green suited soldiers opened the door for her. “Welcome to the party, Commander Schneider.”


Disappearing down the hallway, Delfina stared at the large group of soldiers’ chatting amongst themselves with political aides, and prominent people of Plants society. Crossing to the main ballroom, the crowd turned over to the new arrival. Many gasped at the dress, and how well the exotic woman wore it. A waiter crossed over, holding a tray of wine, motioning for her to take one Delfina bowed, and graciously accepted the drink. She paused momentarily, and looked through the large crowd for anyone she knew.


Sitting at a table in the distance chatting with key members of the national defense committee was Aprilus one Chairwoman Ferrinas. She was wearing a Captivating lacy glitter dress with ribbon tie-up back and high-low hemline. The dress was wonderful, with a scoop neck front with spaghetti strap lace-up back. Ashellia was glowing in the distance, and appeared to have a good time with her fellow associates.


Delfina continued along the crowd, and sipped the wine. It was a refreshing beverage, it certainly was a fine vintage wine imported from possibly Orb, or some other terrestrial nation on Earth. She basked in the taste, while eagerly avoiding the large crowds. The orchestra played classic music, while people danced in the center of the large room. She paused and stared at the almost perfect ballroom dancing occurring in front of her eyes.[/align]

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Man, Kyu seriously hated such big parties. Now, normal parties, like with a few friends and such, were totally fine with him, but not this big of one. He barely even knew a fourth of the people here! Still, the chairwoman was here, and it was just about mandatory to come, so of course,e Kyu had to come. And when your going to a large formal party, you have to be dressed for the occasion as well. This, was the other thing Kyu hated about parties.


Formal clothes, were like poison to him, because every time your in formal clothes, it makes people think you have to be polite, and by the book and such, and it just overall didn't make Kyu feel right. Still, mandatory was mandatory, and Kyu had dressed for the occasion. It was nothing flashy, just a simple tuxedo, or a white long sleeved shirt, as well as some black shoes. Kyu didn't exactly want to stick out, especially since he was kind of late.


He quietly approached the large building where this was taking place, and quietly and carefully slipped himself in the door, try to remain unnoticed by anyone else in the room. Usually, he would have announced his entrance with neon lights and fireworks, but he really didn't think making himself look like a moron in front of this many people, would do him much good, if any. Actually, it would probably make everyone think he was a moron for the rest of his life.


He quickly strode over to a nearby table and sat down, with a heavy sigh, half out of relief, and half out awkwardness. He was relieved that he had managed to slip in unnoticed by anyone, but he felt slightly awkward in this large room, an Orchestra playing, people dancing in the center of the floor, everyone wearing such fine outfits. He felt, like an ant in the room, about to be squashed by the great foot of embarrassment. Still, he could only just sigh and let it play out.


From his position, he decided to focus on the chairwoman a the front, deciding to occupy himself by actually listening to whatever she had to say, than just sit around and feel like a lump. Afterall, anything was better than just sitting around and doing nothing, right?

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He had only been iwth ZAFT a short time but already Michael found himself wearing a smart suit to a ZAFT banquet.

Whilst he took a drink from his glass he looked at the girls in dresses as they passed by trying to find one he may dance with later.

"Not a bad place" he said to himself as he took his seat

With the speches and welcoming over he went over to get some food.

"I'm not even a fully certified pilot yet, man does this feel weird" he thought

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"This marks the beginning of ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance."


After the emcee said those words, Sandrilene made her way down the stage.


Honestly, time seemed to be crawling when she was waiting behind the curtain, but once she stepped out of it, time seems to be travelling so fast.


Now that the wretched introduction had been over and done with, Sandrilene slowly made her way back to the table where Heidi and Haylie is waiting her.


The whole room seemed to be packed, with mostly males, which is not surprisingly since that most of ZAFT recruits are mainly male. She spotted Senator Ferrinas in the distance, and Sandrilene made a mental note to talk to her later. She also scanned the room for Commander Schneider, but she fail to spot her in the crowd. "Now, that's one person I must find," she thought.


Deep in thought, Sandrilene nearly collided with a guy near her table, presumably a ZAFT soldier. He had silvery white hair, and there's a barcode tattoo beneath his left eye. Sandrilene nearly laughed out loud when she saw the tattoo, but she managed to stifle it so that it sounded like a cough. Before she can anything however, Heidi had already jumped out of her seat, and said, "Sir, I believe you are at the wrong table."


Sandrilene said, "Heidi, relax, I'm sure he just lost his way around here." She smiled and said, "Sandrilene Apfelsine here, and your name is?"

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Christoph adjusted his dark grey decorated suit with black Japanese dragons and sat down in the chair that faced Landis, he removed some strains of his brown hair that had found its way in front of his ice blue eyes. Christoph put both his hands on the table and folded his fingers together.


Christoph softly smiled at Landis comment that surely was an attempt to loosen up the stiff and serious personality that took up most of Christoph’s awaken time, although not seen to often smiling and laughing on duty Christoph enjoyed good company and socializing when he was off duty.


“I never turn down an invitation when invited, that’s disrespectful. Of course if I am needed elsewhere for duty ill politely turn the invitation down. But for tonight I am all duty free.”


Christoph scanned the great ballroom; there sure were a lot of cadets and other military personnel he could recognize from his academy years, his gaze stopped on the new chairwoman for a few seconds, registering her looks and appearance to make sure he could respectfully greet her if chance was given.


“May I ask what brings you here sir?”


Christoph grabbed a bottle of sparkling water and forced it open with his right hand with brute force the bottle popped open with a fizzing sound and a faint scent of strawberry danced its way into his nostrils, as he started to pour the sparkling intensified and he could catch the scent of even more strawberries filling the air.


The now full glass with inviting condense in its side left small puddles of water around it as the sparkling water bubbled and splashed mini water drops all around the glass.

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“I never turn down an invitation when invited, that’s disrespectful. Of course if I am needed elsewhere for duty ill politely turn the invitation down. But for tonight I am all duty free.”


Ahh, of course. The ever duty-conscious soldier. he returned the curve on his lips which seemed to have the effect of dispelling the aura of seriousness about him with a wry one of his own. In that aspect, he would almost be the same, had he not been also somewhat curious as to what the Dinner and Dance was about. It was held annually, of course, but it was his first time here after all.


“May I ask what brings you here sir?” Landis never really liked honorifics when talking with someone his own age, but for Christoph he supposed it would actually sound more appropriate if he used them instead.


"The same reason as yours, I believe, though I wouldn't pass up the chance to take a look at our enigmatic Chairwoman and..." He trailed off and glanced about as if looking for something. The instant they swept towards the dance floor, his eyes hit the jackpot. "And to take a look at how people act in such an occasion." He finished with a smile, tearing his gaze away from Delfina Schneider. "I gather that would be the new type of sparkling juice you just opened, von Crailsheim." the wine swirled smoothly about in his wine glass before he downed half of it, swirling it about in his mouth as a process of wine tasting.


"Good stuff." He placed it back onto the table and watched as the first cohort of waiters swept in elegantly, holding trays of sumptuous-looking appetizers. "Why don't you try it?"

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Asahi hated being left out. He sat at his table as the majority of his flight crew talked animatedly. Being a tad bit bored, he looked around the ballroom, its size was stunning. Asahi noticed a few familiar faces from the academy, scattered around the room. Many of the ZAFT personnel were extremely well dressed for the occasion, some bold fashion dotted around the hall, but generally formal. Some even took to the dance floor, waltzing in ironically, a loose formation. Taking a sip from his drink that he brought from the bar, he picked out two things which caught is attention. One was the bright, attention grabbing female figure of the deputy of ZAFT, Delfina Schnider. Asahi accidently snorted his drink, as he laughed on the inside. Ms Schnider's dress was extremely fitting for the occasion, but he had never seen her wearing such an elegant outfit. The second occurance which caught his eye was Christoph von Crailshelm and the brown haired man Asahi had seen at the Twilight bar. Crailshelm seemed to be relaxed, as Asahi remembered the orderly soldier from basic training. He guessed it was safe to talk to him, although it would be somewhat rude to interrupt his conversation with his friend.

Asahi left his seat, drink in hand, and started to walk over to Crailshelm's table; close to full, but to his luck, a spare seat next to Crailshelm's friend. He gulped, and braced himself; one of his eyes itched from his contact lense. He walked up to Crailshelm, presented himself, and said:

"Excuse me, Christoph. I don't mean to interrupt, but I'm wondering if you remember me?"

He let off a simple, innocent smile (He temporarily hated himself for such a smile) and extended his hand in slight anticipation of Christoph shaking it, although he highly doubted he would. Asahi wondered at the same time, if Christoph really would remember him. It had been awhile since basic training.

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OOC: FOund a PC in the hotel


IC:James sat as his table and nibbled on the table's bread.  Looking around most of the ZAFT members were talking, they looked like they were having a good time.  Leaning back he used the chair to crack his back bones.


Standing up he looked for the bar.  Making his way through the people he took a seet and looked at the bartender. 


"Let me get a Vodka, and a little strawberry flavor."

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Christoph was just about to answer Landis question as a familiar man reached out his hand in a sign of greetings. Christoph let go of the glass of water, it felt cold as ice against his bare hands mixed with a tickling feeling from the sparkling water as its bubbles landed on his hand.


Christoph reached out his hand and greeted the man with a firm and strong shake with his hand.


“Christoph von Crailsheim, I am sorry, I mean no disrespect but your name eludes me at the moment although I recognize your face.”


Christoph bowed in respect right after he had greeted the man to show that he meant no disrespect for the newcomer, it was just that he had a lot on his mind and plenty of new names to remember as a new pilot in ZAFT.


Christoph made an inviting gesture towards the unseated chair beside Landis with his right hand.


“This is honorable Flight Officer Landis; I am sure that you are more then welcome to join us.” Christoph tried to introduce Landis with a tone of respect to make sure both the newcomer and Landis recognized the respect he had for higher ranking officers, all ZAFT personnel even, he always tried to make sure he met everyone with the respect they deserved if not proven otherwise.


A faint strict smile almost none noticeable could be seen running over his lips as his blue eyes kept constant eye contact with the newcomer, just before he took a seat in his chair that made a faint sound as it fought his weight, he quickly adjusted his suit that had been somewhat wrinkled as he had greeted the man that had approached him.


Christoph kept a strict body posture as he sat by the table, he had been well thought on how to behave at a dinner table, his well kept dark grey suit and correct body posture making sure that his arms wasn’t on the table more then necessary showed that he was quite experienced in formal dinners.

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"Excuse me, Christoph. I don't mean to interrupt, but I'm wondering if you remember me?"


He turned to look at the very person who had interrupted their conversation and mentally sighed a breath of relief. It was not as though he did not like Christoph, despite his slight discomfort towards the latter's tendency to be overly serious in certain occasions, but more of being aware of the fact that he was running out of topics to talk about. Socialising had never been one of his stronger traits, and it would seem he needed more practice in that field even though he appeared more confident than that at times.


He was a young man, presumably in his 20s at least. The simple smile seemed earnest, but Landis was not entirely sure it was all that was contained within it. It was natural for a person unsure of another's memory about him to be nervous even in the slightest. He was dressed well enough. Nothing too flashy, but chic enough to show that he had not fallen behind too much on the latest fashion trends.


This is honorable Flight Officer Landis; I am sure that you are more then welcome to join us.”

Instead of scowling or ignoring the young man, Landis smiled politely. "I believe you will find plenty of people around here far more honorable and capable than I." He gestured to the seat next to him. "Please be seated and introduce yourself, friend."

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[align=center]Delfina stood at the edge of the dance floor sipping from a glass of wine. She stood there with a smile across her face savoring the party as best she could. Her entire body was a litter more relaxed compared to the escapade on Earth. A sizable amount of people were dancing in the middle performing the waltz. Before she could take another sip from her glass a young man walked beside her. He was slightly younger then she was, and was possibly one of the many politicians sons’. “May I have this dance milady?” Said the young man in a gallant tone.


Shocked slightly at the boldness of the young man, Delfina held out her hand and let out a ladylike nod. Like most of the others, Delfina was used to parties of this variety. Her gestures were right on and precise. A few people chat on the side about the youth, and his dance partner. In an instant the youth took hold of the commander’s hand and tugged her over to dance floor. “What is your name?” Asked the young man once more. Delfina let out a playful smile, and responded in an innocent tone. “I’m Delfina Schneider; it’s a pleasure to meet you.”


The young man placed one of his hands in Delfina’s palm, and the other on her hip. In the fray of the other dancers, both Delfina and the young man started to waltz like the others. Although compared to the others who were older in age, both of them danced like professionals. The orchestra continued to play, while the others socialized on the side continue to compliment the dancers.[/align]

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“Christoph von Crailsheim, I am sorry, I mean no disrespect but your name eludes me at the moment although I recognize your face.”

Asahi smiled, and chuckled to himself on the inside. Christoph's hand shake was as firm as ever, much as he had imagined it to be. The man had not changed, externally that was.

"No disrespect taken my friend. It has been awhile since basic training." Christoph promtly rose from his seat and gave an extended bow. It really was too much for Asahi; he was never used to formalities, and a formality of Christoph's was off the scale. Asahi looked at Landis and shrugged his shoulders with a dumbfounded expression, as Christoph finished his bow. He extended a hand to the seat next to Landis, and added "This is honorable Flight Officer Landis; I am sure that you are more then welcome to join us"


Asahi nodded, and was about to reply to Christoph, when Landis added himself "I believe you will find plenty of people around here far more honorable and capable than I. Please be seated and introduce yourself, friend." Something clicked in Asahi's mind, Landis' voice finally matched with his name and appearance inside his head. "Landis! From the academy! Ah, I finally remembered you-" He hesitated, as he sat down; he almost used the word "dude", but continued "I'm sure I saw you a while ago in the Twilight Bar". He put his glass down on the table, and cleared his throat; Christoph did ask that he introduce himself.

"Sorry about the confusion. I'm Asahi Okina, um, I mean, Flight Officer Asahi Okina." he grinned at the end at his slip-up. Asahi wasn't too good with saying his own name, and all the more unnerving during such a formal occasion. He looked at both Landis and Christoph's attire, both were well dressed and looked prepared for the night.

"Hopefully, gentlemen, tonight will go along without incident." he took his glass again, and sipped another portion.

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"Landis! From the academy! Ah, I finally remembered you-" Something seemed to have cut the newcomer off, though it was more of his own volition than an outstanding distraction in the form of glittery dresses and beautiful faces. Landis remained silent, realising that an interruption would only prove to make him more nervous than he seemed on the surface.


"I'm sure I saw you a while ago in the Twilight Bar". Nothing seemed to change as he sat down, however, though Landis still harboured the suspicion that the newcomer was still feeling a little out of sorts. Not that it would matter. Usually people would settle in quickly as soon as they got the fact that they were at least recognized by a person whom they feared did not.


"Sorry about the confusion. I'm Asahi Okina, um, I mean, Flight Officer Asahi Okina." Picking up his wine glass and sipping, the man now known as Asahi Okina to him sipped. "Hopefully, gentlemen, tonight will go along without incident."


Pretty good... It was a suave reaction to him, whether Asahi realised it himself or not and a pretty good move to regain composure. Landis grinned uncharacteristically. Perhaps if he had interacted with this man a little more, he might actually come to like him.


"No need for formalities, not especially outside of duty." He took a bit of the reddish brown liquid in his mouth and swirled it about, tasting the very essence of the wine before letting it slide down his throat like silk upon a polished floor. Hearing a few excited murmurs, he turned to look in the direction of what had seemed to captivate the woman behind him so.


It was Commander Delfina Schneider, dancing with a brave young soul who had actually dared to ask for her hand. Their partnership was practically seamless as the duo waltzed upon the dance floor, dazzling all who had them in their sights.


He grinned at Asahi again. "Perhaps without incident, but it would probably be a most interesting night whenever that woman's around."

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Delfina let out a casual smile, as the dance came to an end. The young man that was dancing with her looked up with a red face. He looked flustered that he actually danced with a beautiful girl that was his age. Delfina wasn't the type to push a person aside, much like the others girls that she went to school with. "I have a wonderful time, good sir." She curtsied to the young man, and walked toward an empty table picking up her dress as if she were royalty.


After taking a seat at an half empty table Delfina let out a sigh of relief. It had been so long since she had worn heels, and the pain was unbearable. She let out a smile, and decided to pull them off for a little while to let her feet "cool" down. She stared casually at the others trying to figure out who was a soldier or politician.

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James finally had enough in him, getting up he looked at his reflection in anything he could find.  I look good  He said as he put a spoon down.  Turning around James stared at the dance floor.  Fixing his jacket he walked up to a group of young girls, who were sitting at a tabel.


"Hello ladies, my name is James and I happen to be a pilot."He said in a cool voice.  But then something came to mind and he paused.  Scratching his head he smilied.


This was "The ZAFT Annual dinner."  Most people here were pilots.  Trying to recover from his mistake he sat down between them.  Two girls walked away, must of been the smell of Vodka.


"So ladies...anyone from Aprilius?"  James said as he stared at the girls trying to strike a conversation.  Another two left the table.  He was left with three girls.


"Well, I am from Jan, along with my friend. And this is young lady is from Feb."  The girl closest to James said.  This told alot about her.  She was the closest to him and didn't mind the smell.


Smiling James nodded and stared at them, he was smashed.  He had charm and was smooth.  But it was hard when you are loaded.  Opening his mouth, his jaw hung a bit.


"Names?" James said, staring a the girls again.  Two of the girls excused themselves to the bar.  But that one girl still stayed.  The night went on and James and this girl (who had yet to tell him her name) talked.  Eventually the  girls returned from the bar.  James actually found some fun out of this event.

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"Perhaps without incident, but it would probably be a most interesting night whenever that woman's around."

Asahi laughed Landis' comment, "Couldn't agree more, Ms Schneider's always got something up her sleeve that'll always shock and suprise." As the dance came to an end, her partner (whom he didn't recognize) had a face as red as a flustered schoolgirl. Lucky he didn't have a drink, Asahi would've snorted it as he let a small chuckle to himself after seeing her partner.

Taking some time to calm down, and sipping his drink, he looked up over at Christoph. He had stayed silent for awhile now, and Asahi remembered something he wanted to ask him.

"Uh, so, Christoph. You were down at Orb during the parade right? My commander was quite paranoid about security tonight, which in turn, kinda makes me nervous." he added afterwards "I also hear that some mercenaries were invited, Soldiers of Fire, I think. Makes me even more nervous...."

Whilst waiting for Christoph and Landis' reply, Asahi quickly swept the hall with his eyes again. He noticed someone else he saw recently, but didn't get a chance to speak to at the time; James Zaiku. But Asahi noticed he was actually quite busy, talking up women. Asahi would've slapped himself on the forehead if it wasn't for the formal presence of the event.

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Christoph took a sip from the sparkling water, the water felt cool as it poured down his throat he removed the glass from his now moist lips, he put down the glass with a faint thump against the table.

He ice blue eyes focused fully on Asahi Okina as he was cuaght quite offguard by the rather unexpected question, he removed a stripe of hair from his face.


”Yes I had the honor to be chosen to attend at the orb parade, I only wish the trip would have been more successful, although now maybe naturals understand that coordinators are human also after the sudden illness of our ZAFT representative. I am sure only good will come of our visit to ORB.”


Christoph cleared his throat silently as wiped some imaginary dust of his chest with his right hand, in fact he just wanted to feel the contours of his brothers EA insignia he had in his inner pocket. If only Fredrich could see me now, he would have been proud I am sure.


Christoph´s eyes scanned Asahi Okina continuously as he spoke, “Security is always a concern to take seriously you never know what can happen, especially when we might have foreign guests from Soldiers of Fire, ZAFT have a good relationship with these mercenaries, although I am not the one to call for mercenaries to protect my back when the heat is on. Who know, maybe they got a better offer from the opposition under the table, but I am sure that ZAFT have contracts and if they are broken Soldiers of Fire will be in a world of trouble.”


Christoph looked around the room to see if he noticed some familiar face from the “famous” Soldiers of Fire, he did respect the mercenaries for their abilities to get the job done at any price but he had some trust issues with them, after all they did not fight or work for freedom, they fight for money and money only.

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