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Hello all ^.^


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Hello everyone! Just call me Kanon, or Zet as some prefer to call me. I came across this site thanks to a friend of mine who is one of the mods, or admin for ZAFT, and he got me into advent destiny.

I LOVE the gundam series, and honestly, i find something about all of them to like. Right now, i am watching the SEED Destiny series, and am on episode...hhmm... 26 i believe? Very good it is

Id say my favorite gundam series thus far though, is G Gundam or SEED. I'm still not sure which force to join, though I'm leaning more on ZAFT than any of them. I'm still reading up on the different groups and what not just to see, but hopefully, ill get along with every here!

Look forward to rping with you all!!

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DUDE! Bleach is sweet Say, know any good One Piece rps anyone? O_O I havent seen very many despite how seemingly popular it is. If that be the case, then why havent I seen as many rp sites as their are naruto and bleach? O_O Who DOESNT want to be a pirate?

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