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Re: Height Enhancement


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First of all, This is not a spam thread! Though it really sounds like one.


(Sorry, I just had to do that, hehe...)


Seriously, I'm in desperate need of anything that would make me tall. Some kind of exercise, Tai-Chi moves, electronic device, creams, gels, food supplements, anything! If you guys know anything, please respond to tis post.


I'm doing this because I'm really that desperate. I'm stuck at my current height of 5 feet, 6 plus inches and I'm already pushing past teen-hood. I really plan to get up to at least 5'10", and I'm very much willing to do anything in order to make it happen.


Any suggestions? I'm hoping for your responses guys.


Oh and PS: Help! 



(FYI, all the drama is just to hype-up this otherwise boring thread I've made)

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You could always go and have that lovely surgery I've heard about, the one where they break your legs, stretch the bones apart slightly and allow them to regrow right before doing it all over again... Of course, the pain would be incredible for the few inches you could actually get out of it but why not give it a try?

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The simplest solution to your problem is to just eat. Eat and eat and eat. But not too much fatty foods as you will grow wider not taller. Another would be to sleep longer hours.


Or there you can take growth enhancement medicines like Cherifer (which will make you eat alot) or The kids medicine Growie.


Tatangkad din aku...  Tatangkad rin aku... with Growie... Growie Vitamins!!!

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About 6 feet tall here.  And it's not all too typical for the family.  The only other member of the family (on both my mother and father's side) that was about my height was my grandfather.


I suppose a good amount of milk everyday helps.

(And stretching before and AFTER you exercise.)

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Milk, like liubei says. It really helps. CALCIUM.


Jump a lot. Go play basketball!


And if you are training muscles, which I am not sure if you are , stop, cause I heard they stun growth.


Hang out with short people They make you feel taller


Please don't kill me on the last point, I'm just joking

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And to throw a wrench into the suggestions...


I'm 6'7ish, perhaps a little taller, and eighteen years old. I drink a glass of milk a week, most of the time less, and don't exactly stretch every day. This isn't something that I just decided to give up, I've never done any of the above. Genetics I think you'd call 'em...


You can actually find out if your bones have much more growing to do by having an x-ray taken, I believe the hand is the best, and certain 'black' areas on the x-ray show if your bones have finished growing. It's a rough estimate but if you happen to have an x-ray machine out back it'll tell you if you're going to grow much more.


Besides, it's not like everyone in the world is over six feet tall...

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@Shaftronics: Is that for real? I'm considering doing that 2 months from now (hectic class load)


@Liubei013: I forgot that stretching practice. My aunt used to remind me of doing that always, thanks for reminding me


@Ezekiel Koehler: Whats Ent water?


@Hannahkiki: I'm really not that good in basketball, but I might try skipping. Sorry if you incurred Q and V's wrath (/me grins) 


@Mal Fain: I'd ask a doctor I know to help me out with that.


Has anybody have any more suggestions?

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