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Reporting for duty


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Hello, I've wandered in from the G-SEED site, though I'm not a resident of their forums. 


A brief description of myself: 

I'm 22, an only child, a U.S. citizen, and am not very good with people.  I chose my username simply because I find the word "vanguard" to be a cool sounding word and I added the "-ian" to play off the word "guardian."  Anything else?... Nope, I think I'll just leave it as that for now.


My familiarity with Gundam SEED: 

I've seen the edited English version on Cartoon Network and am currently watching both the English and Japanese versions of Destiny as they're released on DVD here (I'm buying them).  My top three favorite characters in descending order are Cagalli, Mwu, and Murrue.  My favorite Gundams from SEED are the Duel Assault Shroud, Calamity, and Providence (Note: I hate all of their pilots. ); my favorite massed produced mech is the GuAIZ; and I place the Akatsuki on a special status since my two favorite characters pilot it.


My RP experience:

I haven't had much experience as I've only RPed on one other forum, though it was over the course of a few years off-and-on.  For the longest time I hadn't had any problems there, but in the past year I've caused a bit of trouble in two separate incidents where I accused the RP moderators of misconduct (one of which happened to also be a forum moderator).  In the course of some heated arguments via PM, it was to my dismay that some of the other RPers thought I had been God Modding because I kept trying to get their characters to join my side (I usually played a villain, and to me I thought I was merely playing the part).  None of this was brought to my attention before hand, so I am unsure if my actions were indeed inappropriate in the RP.


Whether I was right or wrong, I hope to put my past behind me and learn how to be a better RPer here.  There are many things I need to learn, but what do know is that I love a good twist in plot, so I try to do the unexpected.  I'm not sure how battles will be done here, but rest assured that I have no problems with losing a fight.  Hopefully, in time I can get to know you all better.

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Hello and welcome to the site! It's always nice to have a fresh start, and Advent Destiny is as good place to do so. Your previous RP experience will surely be of note, and I'm sure we'll be learning as much from you as you will from us.


If you haven't already, take the time to familiarize yourself with the rules and the storyline of the site, to help you get settled in (the links are located in the navigation box at the left of the page). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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Thank you all, and I do plan on familiarizing myself with things before posting a character bio.  I'm one to ask a bunch of questions so you should expect to see me in the help thread some time in the near future.  Right now, I'm trying to read some of the character bios of other members, starting with the admin. and mods.  The reason I do this is to help me with my own character development and plan ahead for future encounters (It's just so exciting to have a clash not only in battle but also in differing personalities, ideals, and wills).  Hopefully, I can get something done before Chirstmas, as I've had a tendency to never get in an RP because I couldn't make up a good character bio.

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