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Ideas I had for 00 Redefine


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Gundam 00 Redefine:

Here are some ideas I had for the RP.

I would’ve likely attempted to finish the entire storyline over the course of “one season”. There wouldn’t have been a five year time skip, but it was possible that the storyline could’ve gone long enough for an in game year or longer.

While these were ideas in my head, all of these could’ve changed because of player involvement. Each of the Gundams would’ve continued to be upgraded per player suggestions.

Edmund was going to be revealed to be Emilio, Sumeragi’s former lover. Tons of character development would’ve been done with them. Albus’ relationships would’ve likely risen with Kinue, Christina, even Chall, etc. A ton of sorry would’ve been up to Judge. Feldt I never had to much of a plan for other than either lightening up or dying at some point.

I did have the idea of Multi ending up being Lyle Dylandy, but I found that too coincidental later, so I changed it to just some rando. Same with Allelujah, who was canonically some deviant in the HRL right before CB found him. He could’ve ran into our team at some point during the story.

Setsuna was killed as a child by Ribbons. That’s the lynch pin in the timeline change. Neil Dylandy on the other hand would’ve been on the AEU piloting a custom Enact. It actually would’ve been yellow, since green was already the original AEU colors.

Not much differences with Graham. Albus’ rival. Would’ve upgraded his flag constantly. His Wingmen probably would’ve died quick. Maybe those Brave pilots in A Wakening might’ve shown up?

Andrei Smirnov would’ve joined the HRL at some point. Would not have gone well for him lol. Soma would’ve been apart of a super soldier team, since that facility would’ve never been found by CB. Their Tieren’s would’ve also been colored and named their fruit names in Chinese. 

At max, MS development would’ve only gone as far as the GNX II. I REALLY wanted to use those GM’s Toshiro drew. The would’ve likely been piloted by Eco, Lichty, and Lasse. Maybe others could be piloted by Haros. I didn’t get far enough to know what to do with the other Fereshte crew assimilated in CB.

I wanted to do more with Michael and Johann in Team Trinity, but didn’t know what. Throne Vier would’ve canon in some way. Alejandro would’ve been betrayed by Ribbons in some way and the Innovates would’ve struck early.

Rai, Tieria, etc would’ve piloted special Thrones while most Innovates would’ve had Throne MP types. The final boss would’ve been Ribbons in a upgraded Throne Varanus. CB and the three world groups (HRL probably would’ve been strongest) would band together to fight them. A multitude of endings could’ve been decided by player involvement. 

I think that’s everything. While I would’ve liked to RP these things, I lost interest and it wasn’t meant to be. I’m glad I at least got to play part of it. 00 is one of my favorite Gundam stories and it was cool to do our own interpretation.



As a bonus, this was Super Soldier Rosk Alliate. He would’ve piloted the Tieren Pingguo, a red version.

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